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How To Steal Customers From Your Competitors With Twitter


We all use social media to generate leads, create brand presence, and perform plenty of other tasks. Though, if you are smart, then you can also use twitter platform and twitter analysis tools to steal customers from your competitors.


Instead of simply watching your competitors grow on Twitter, you can take a step ahead and acquire more leads by tracking their Twitter activities.

All you need to do is tap their followers and their loyal audience. Afterward, you can introduce them to your products or services.

Want to know how to steal your competitor’s leads? Read this informative post and start using Twitter like never before.

How to Identify your competitors?

Needless to say, you can’t generate leads without knowing who your competitors are. In order to identify competitors you may:

#1. Google Search your industry-specific keywords

#2. Search Social Media Networks like Twitter and Quora using those keywords

However, I prefer to use ahrefs to identify competitors. Popular brands like Uber, Netflix, Shopify, TripAdvisor, etc. already use it to do the same.

It provides an in-depth analysis of any domain. Simply specify your domain or provide keywords to know your competitors.

I recommend having at least 5-8 competitors to start with. Make a dedicated document and grab their Twitter handles to keep things handy.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Twitter Account

After maintaining a list of your competitors, you need to visit their accounts and understand their marketing strategy. When you visit their profile, try to look for these things:

  • twitter follower count they have and whom they are following?
  • What is the frequency at which they post their content?
  • On average, how many retweets and likes their posts get?
  • Who are their commonly connected influencers and experts?
  • Do they focus on specific hashtags and keywords?
  • What are their active marketing campaigns?
  • How did their existing campaigns perform?
  • What is their overall content strategy?
  • What is the tone and nature of their Twitter account?

For instance, if you run a lead generation company you may consider Socedo as one of your competitors.  To start with, you should carefully study their account. With just a single look, I can see they have a prominent following on Twitter and post multiple updates in a day.

They are more focused on updating visually appealing content around social media automation. Also, almost all of their tweets have an attached photo, video, or GIF. Furthermore, they also post 2-3 tweets every hour.

Their pinned tweet has a good number of retweets, which is around building a social media audience.

Though, if you manually track your competitors, then it might take forever.

Therefore, I recommend using a Twitter tracker to automate things and get more in-depth results. I have explained it in the next section.

How a Twitter Tracker can Automate Things for you

By taking the assistance of Socialert or any other Twitter tracker, you can get extensive details regarding any account.

This automated Twitter account tracker will let you know how your competitors use the social media platform.

Socialert can track any Twitter account, hashtag, or keyword and perform twitter follower audit as well. It has a user-friendly interface that will provide all the respective information so that you can save your time.

Here are a few ways this twitter tracking app can help you track your competitors.

Get their account metrics and frequency of posting content

To start with, you just need to enter their Twitter handle. It will provide all the crucial details related to their handle.

Later, you can use the native filters to extract details related to a certain time duration.

These metrics will help you determine the overall reach of their content on Twitter. Furthermore, you can know the frequency at which they post their content as well as retweet content of their audience.

Steal customers from your competitors

The timeline graph will let you know when they post frequently on Twitter. Surprisingly, they post more in the mornings, according to the US time zone. This timeline graph reveals that they post 4-6 tweets in morning instead of 2 tweets per hour they post generally. This can help us understand that their engagement is more in the morning when their audience is more active.

At the same time, you can also know their top followers along with their location (countries) as well.

This will let you explore the people who are constantly in touch with your competitors. They might be interested in their product or marketing their products for sure since they have a high number of followers. In next section I will explain how you can utilise their followers.

Steal customers from your competitors

Extract their top content (tweets, URLs, keywords, and users they mention)

Every reputed brand has certain keywords that they like to promote on Twitter. Similarly, your competitors would also be having a list of keywords and hashtags that they focus on. Socialert will automatically dig all the vital keywords and hashtags that are being used by your competitors.

You can also know about their top URLs to further study their CTAs (call to action) and how they create a marketing funnel using Twitter.

There is a dedicated word cloud for the top keywords that you can find on your dashboard.

Undoubtedly, one of its most vital benefits of is extracting details about all the users mentioned by your competitors. Every firm would like to connect with new users or strengthen their relationship with existing customers. The tool will let you extract details for every kind of user who is related to the competitor firm.

After scrolling a little, you can also explore the top hashtags and follower top profile keywords.

Steal customers from your competitors

Top profile keywords will help you to know about their actual audience. In this case, individuals related to social media marketing is related to our target brand.

Export your data to explore more metrics

Even though you would get all the vital information related to your competitor’s Twitter account on your dashboard, you can even export this data in a CSV (Excel) format as well. All you need to do is go to your settings and click on the Export icon. This will automatically extract all the details and save a CSV file on your system.

Later, you can simply open the Excel file to get an in-depth knowledge of their followers. The file will have different tabs like tweets, top followers, mentions, and more. You can just visit any tab to know about thousands of followers related to your competitors. In this way, you can reach out to them without any trouble. Besides users, you can also know about leading influencers your competitors are associated with.

What should be your next move?

Now when you have all the crucial information related to your competitor’s followers and their content strategy, you can follow these suggestions:

  • You can follow their top followers and influencers. Start commenting on their tweets and share their content. Later, you can offer them your products for a free trial.
  • You can start sharing content using their hashtags to reach out to your target audience. Also, post your content at the same time they are active to grab more followers.
  • Build  relationship with users they are mentioning by following them and sharing their content. This can help you grab prospective leads.
  • Top profile keywords can give you an idea about their customers, marketers, influencers, and more. This will further help you to specify your target audience.

Monitoring Competitor’s Handle and Keywords to Find Leads

A twitter analysis will let you identify their unhappy customers and leads for sure. In this way, you can easily make a tactical move. Identify your prospective leads and the existing customers of your competitors. Later, you can introduce them to your services or products.

To lure them, you can always give them the kind of introductory deals that they can’t say no to.

Let’s learn this from an example. A while back, the renowned Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan was having some issues with his Vodafone network. Before Vodafone could provide some assistance, Reliance Jio offered him a new connection with instant approval.

Steal customers from your competitors

If you can also be as responsive as Jio, then we can easily steal customers from our competitors as well.

You just need to monitor their brand handle as well brand-specific keywords on social media and grab the opportunity as it comes.

How To Further Perform Social Media Listening For Lead Generation

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, then you should know what their audience is talking about. Besides tracking any Twitter account, you can also perform social media listening.

This includes tracking competitor’s hashtags or keywords on a real-time basis. Simply provide any hashtag or keyword that is related to your competitors and get instant results on your Socialert dashboard.

You can perform social media listening to get more leads in the following way:

  • Track your competitors and industry-specific keywords to know what your prospective audience is talking about.
  • By adding words like “recommend”, “buy”, “looking for”, etc. with certain industry and product related keywords, you can know more about the prospective leads of your competitors.

  • Additionally, if you wish to identify the unhappy customers of your competitors, then use words like “problem”, “issues”, “need”, etc. with certain keywords. After identifying their unhappy customers, you can reach out to them and steal them from your competitors.

  • I also recommend following users who frequently reply, retweet, or comment on your competitor’s content. Also, look for users who ask questions to your competitors. Try to make a Twitter list to monitor them easily.

By using twitter tracker, you can know as soon as your competitor’s Twitter handle is mentioned. Furthermore, by including keywords like “not working” or “need assistance”, you can discover their existing customers who are facing issues with their services.

Not just Twitter, Socialert can also be used to track hashtags on Instagram. You can also extract comprehensive analytics related to any Facebook page as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement these suggestions to steal customers from your competitors. If you also like to share your experience or have a query regarding the blog, then feel free to drop a comment below.

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