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Striking Twitter Stats for all Marketers in 2021

Social media is fast becoming the go-to place for entertainment, education, and business. If you manage a brand, you probably know that your brand reputation can be marred with a single tweet.

Yes, Twitter is that powerful!

The thing is, people tend to underestimate the power of social media — and, by extension, the power of Twitter.

Well, your doubts end here.

In this article, you will discover some striking Twitter stats.

Fret not! If you are a marketer, you can use these stats to your advantage.

Let’s face it, the New Year ushers in lots of opportunities and challenges. But if you properly position yourself and your brand, you would pretty much avoid most pitfalls and take advantage of every goody the year has to offer.

As a marketer looking to dominate in the Twitter world, here are some striking Twitter stats for 2021.

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Twitter Stats

Twitter Historical Statistics

#1. First Tweet 

March 21, 2006 -Was the date of the first Tweet that was ever sent. The sender was Jack Dorsey.

#2. Twitter Founders

Launched in July 2006 Twitter was invented in March 2006 by Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone.

#3. Twitter Hashtag Creation

August 2007 -The hashtag made its first appearance by @chrismessina.

#4. Twitter As News Medium

When a US Airways flight crashed into the NYC’s Hudson River on January 15, 2009, an image posted on Twitter hit the news before even traditional media picked up on it. This gave way to the importance of Twitter in the media and news industry.

#5. Twitter Purchased Vine

October 2012 -Vine was purchased by Twitter. Twitter then released Vine as a standalone application in January 2013. Vine was very successful but the decision to close it down took place in October 2016.

#6. Twitter Partnership With Yandex

February 2012 -Twitter partnered with Yandex a Russian search engine.

#7. Twitter Public Issue Opened

November 2013 -Shares were sold publicly and cost $26 when the market closed the cost was $44.

#8. Twitter Launched Periscope

March 2015 -The live-streaming app Periscope was purchased by Twitter.

General Twitter Statistics

#9. Monetizable Active Users

Twitter has about 187 million monetizable daily active users. Imagine what this figure could do for your business.

Monetizable active users, by definition, are folks who see Ads.

The fun part…

The figure has shot up to 17% since 2018 third quarter.

The best part, the Twitter user base is growing rapidly, and if you join the train, you would pretty much cash out big.

#10. 20 percent of daily users are Americans

If you sell to the US audience, then you are in luck.


Because 20 percent of Twitter’s daily users are Americans. About 69 million Americans use the social platform.

Folks whose large chunks of their audience are from other regions of the world need not worry.

The thing is, you are pretty much sure of generating massive results regardless of where your audiences are from.

#11. Twitter’s US user base growth rate

Twitter is not a static platform — it’s growing at a reasonable rate!

In 2020, the US user base was predicted to grow at 0.3 percent.

(Image Source)

That’s pretty impressive for a platform where folks publish their thoughts.

The best part…

Twitter is committed to producing quality products that both the user and advertisers would love.

#12. Twitter familiarity

A large chunk (92 percent) of the US population is aware of the Twitter platform, even if they don’t use it.

Nowadays, folks who want to bypass the traditional media channels opt for social media channels like Twitter.

Furthermore, people who do lots of thinking and communication tend to express their opinions using Twitter.

All in all, Twitter is a great place to see lots of educational and entertaining content — and that’s why it’s quite popular among folks in the US.

#13. The number of accounts and average minutes spent per session.

You probably know that Twitter is a huge platform.

But how big is it?

Well, it’s quite massive, and it’s shown with a large number of accounts on the platform.

With over 1.3 billion accounts on Twitter, you are pretty sure of going into something big.

Granted, some of these are ghost accounts. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that real people created these accounts in the first place.

Also, some folks may have multiple accounts on the platform.

Yes, that’s true. But you would agree that a platform with billions of accounts is pretty much something big.

Moving on, folks spend quality time on the platform. Businesspersons tend to spend lots of minutes (or hours) on the platform, whilst students and regular people like you also spend good time on the platform.

Generally, the average minutes spent per session is 3.39 minutes.

Twitter Users Statistics

#14. 10 percent of top users in the US are women who publish political tweets

A staggering 65 percent of Twitter’s top 10 percent of users are women. And a whopping 69 percent of these figures publish political tweets.

What’s more interesting, a good chunk of these folks (about 61 percent) is democrats.

Therefore, if your customer avatars are folks who are into politics, you know who to target.

#15. The majority of  Twitter users are younger.

You probably guessed that right — a vast number of  Twitter users are younger, more educated, and generate more income than the general population.

Also, US Twitter users are quite similar to the general population in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender.

The thing is, marketers who would be using Twitter for Ad placement are better off targeting the younger population.

#16. Number of US Adults who use Twitter

A moderate 22 percent of the US adult population uses Twitter. This is quite impressive, considering that the US adult population is benched around 200 million.

Interestingly, this figure has stayed up for some time. The only time there was a slight drop was in 2016. At that time, about 24 percent of the US adult population were active on Twitter.

Twitter was not the only social media platform that experienced a slight drop. Facebook experienced a drop (79 percent to 69 percent of the US adult population) between 2016 and 2019.

Instagram experienced a slight upward trajectory — from 32 percent in 2016 to 37 percent in 2019.

#17. Users in the US are more likely to be Democrats.

Here’s the thing, most folks use social media as a source of education and entertainment, but Twitter is more politically polarized than other social media platforms.

Several theories explain the political polarization of Twitter — one of which is the number of world leaders who use the platform.

In the US, 36 percent of users identify as democrats, whilst 21 percent of US Twitter users identify as Republican.

The figure says it all — US Twitter users are more likely to be democrats than republicans.

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#18. Number of adults by age groups who use Twitter

In the US, Gen Z uses social media platforms like Twitter more than other age groups.

The reason is pretty straightforward — folks of this age bracket were born during the social media era. Therefore, they are more likely to flow with the fun and thrill that comes with social media.

The thing is, Gen Z is much likely to be using other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Social platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp are less popular with Gen Z.

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Twitter Usage Statistics

#19. A large chunk of tweets from the US come from a small group.

Aside from institutional accounts like organizations and businesses, the median average user tweets two times per day, whilst a prolific user tweets about 138 times.

Interestingly, 80 percent of all tweets from the US come from about 10 percent of the users.

Yes, you read that right!

(Image Source)

#20. Average followers on active accounts

Consistency breeds results, and it’s displayed in the Twitter world.

By now, you probably know folks who grow a large Twitter following are those who post consistently. But posting consistently does not do the magic — you’ve got to publish quality posts.

The more active your account is, the more likely you are to gain more followers.

More active accounts are likely to have 70x more favorites and 6x more accounts followed.

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#21. Twitter as a news source

Globally, you would see that 56 percent of users use Twitter as a news source.

Social media accounts have grown beyond entertainment and educational sources — it’s a reliable news source.

12 percent of Americans use Twitter as a news source.

Now that might sound low. But considering that 22 percent of Americans are on Twitter, about 71 percent of these folks on Twitter use it to read the news.

That’s quite impressive, right?

Also, 42 percent of Americans on Twitter use it to discuss political issues.

#22. The number of accounts kept private.

Private accounts are not common on Twitter, but they are there.

About 13 percent of Americans using Twitter keep their account private. They also tend to tweet more and favorite more tweets than an average Twitter user.


Ad/Marketing Statistics

#23. Time spent on ads

Sponsored posts or ads are primarily designed for marketing purposes. And Twitter users typically spend 24 percent more time on such posts.

This figure is quite useful for folks who use Twitter as their primary influencer marketing channel.

#24. Ads with video

Humans are visual creatures, and if you want to gain more engagement, then compelling visual content is the way to go.

Things get even more interesting on Twitter. Twitter ads with video are budget-friendly — it’s 50 percent cheaper in cost-per-engagement.

If you want to save ad budget, ads with video are the way to go.

#25. Time users spend on ads.

Ads can be run on various social media platforms. But on Twitter, users spend 26 percent more time on ads.

That’s pretty encouraging — after all, the higher the time spent on ads, the more likely you are to experience better conversion, which will, in turn, lead to a better return on investment.

#26. Ad engagement

Here is a cool stat that may tickle your fancy — Twitter ad engagement is 23 percent.

Yes, you read that right!

That’s not all…

The cost per engagement (CPE) on the platform is 12 percent.

The best part…

Twitter is working on improving the audience growth and click-through rates of these figures.

What does it mean for a marketer?

Investing in Twitter ads isn’t a bad idea. From the figures above, you are sure of generating more eyeballs. And if your ad copy is good, you would likely boost your ad conversion rate on the platform.

Other Statistics

#27. Scheduling software

Churning lots of tweets per month can hardly be achieved manually. You’ve got to automate the process, and that’s where scheduling software comes into play.

The top 10 percent of users on Twitter use scheduling software. They automate their tweets, and 15 percent of the remaining 90 percent of users also use scheduling software.

Let’s face it, churning out 138 tweets per month is no easy feat. You’d need an automated system to get it done.

Twitter Hashtags Statistics

A hashtag is not a fancy symbol used across social media — It’s an effective marketing symbol. If properly utilized, you can use it to grow your brand on Twitter.

#28. Trending Hashtags

In 2018, some of the leading Twitter hashtags consisted of #influencermarketing, #deeplearning, #womenintech, #crypto, and #fridayfeeling. (Source: Hubspot)

#29. Tweets with hashtags engage 2X

Those Tweets that made use of hashtags have proven to result in as much as a huge 1,065% more engagement than those Tweets that did not make use of them. This is a huge difference and can make or break a business marketing campaign.

#30. Using one hashtag per tweet is better 

Tweets with one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than those with two hashtags.To get the best out of hashtags, you’ve got to use one or two hashtag(s) per post. More hashtags will likely lead to a decline in engagement.

Twitter Financial Statistics

#31. Mobile Ads Revenue

Mobile advertising-income consisted of 88% of the total advertising revenue.

#32. Total Ads Revenue

The total advertising revenue was $727 million, which was a 21% year-over-year increase.

#33. Twitter Net Revenue

For the Q2 2019 total revenue, Twitter reached $841 million. This was an increase of over 18%.

Twitter Video Statistics

#34. Twitter Video Views

An average of 2 billion videos is viewed each day on Twitter. Video has certainly found its home on Twitter. Video viewing is the third reason why people use the Twitter platform. Video viewing comes in after photos and news.

#35. Twitter Video Ads

Video advertisements on Twitter are twice as unforgettable as the other advertisements on the app.

#36. Twitter Ads Are memorable

When advertisements are in the Twitter feed they are twice as memorable.

#37. Mobile Ads have higher recall rate

Mobile advertisements on Twitter have a 20% higher recall rate than when used on other video platforms.


Twitter is here to stay. Whether you are a veteran marketer or a newbie, these stats would help launch better campaigns in 2021.

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Now you know the various Twitter stats, which of the numbers is more intriguing to you?

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