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How to Use Twitter Monitoring for Marketing, Sales, PR, Branding & Support

Twitter has become an absolute must to implement social media strategy.

What’s important to note here is that conversations and images endorsed by Twitter can become a huge asset if you monitor them using the right twitter tracking tool.

Why Opt for Twitter Monitoring

Find experts of your domain using Twitter search (and follow them)

Twitter is a booming platform that hosts numerous specialists. The buzzing network allows you to benefit from a stream of opinions from enthusiasts, professionals, researchers, and lots more.

All you have to do is enter your query on Twitter’s search engine and you will be introduced to a number of professionals  with whom you can connect with.

We recommend following accounts that are in line with your interests. You can also integrate them into your Twitter lists.

Identify Twitter Trends and Express your opinion

Twitter can be used as a real-time tool for hunting what’s trending and what’s not.

You can use it as a valuable tool for assessing trends that are related to your brand and industry. Monitoring Trending Topics will allow you to identify what’s been causing a stir among Twitter users.

Also take note that Twitter works as a real-time web media commentary. For example, if there is a political event or a show going on-air, people will use Twitter to express their opinions.

Track  Your Competitor Activities

If you plan on making big bucks, you need to keep an eye on the competition. Thanks to Twitter, you can easily monitor your competitor’s Twitter account and their latest products.

You can also explore your competitor’s follower list and take notice of the tactics they are using to drive their audience.

[bctt tweet=”Add your competitors in a private Twitter list. Check Twitter list  daily to monitor them” username=”socialertdotnet”]

How to Use Twitter Monitoring

Social Media Marketers

#1 Track Your Followers And Engagement

As a social media marketer, tracking the growth of followers on Twitter allows you to determine how your audience is interacting with your activities.

Use Twitter analytics dashboard to view information related to your twitter activity. You can also scroll down to see a summary of your previous activities as well.

By getting this performance overview, you can understand how your account is growing.

  • Tweet Count Helps to compare how much you tweet
  • Tweet Impression helps to know how people are interacting with your tweets
  • Profile visit count is a measure of how many people view your profile after engaging with your tweets
  • Mention count reflects your popularity among your audience
  • Follower growth is always a good sign since people will follow when they like your content

#2 Monitor Twitter Trending Topics And Find Opportunities For Marketing

As a social media marketer, a large part of your job involves following trends on social media. You can easily do this by using the trending hashtags linked to your domain.

In this example, look at how canon is using popular and trending hashtags to promote their brand. Marketing on  trending hashtags helps to reach the right audience.

Socialert helps to search twitter trending history as well where you can find the desired twitter data

Content Marketers

#3 Track reach with URL shorteners

Use URL shortener tools to keep a track on the links you post on your brand’s Twitter account. These tools will allow you to monitor how many people have clicked on the shortened link while tracking the location of your audience.

We, at SociAlert, use buffer URL shortener to share a link of our blog posts. This not only minimizes the number of characters used in the Tweet but also allows us to learn more about our audience.

#4 Find new publishing opportunities

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to boost your readership, then consider tracking down publishing opportunities on Twitter.

Type hashtags, such as #Guestblogging or #bloggerswanted, and voila! You’ll find a number of business and opportunities to collaborate with others. Take an initiative and don’t forget to do your own research.

Brand Managers

#5. Find relevant Influencers to market your brand

As a brand manager, your job is to propel your brand forward and the best way to do so is by finding influencers and potential brand ambassadors that can help you expand your reach.

You can start by monitoring conversations on Twitter, mentioning your brands and industry keywords.This can be done by using Twitter search.

After finding relevant influencers on Twitter, you can maintain a lasting relationship with them.

You can identify and  Target influencers with a large Twitter following that are aligned with your industry. Also, you can use tools like ninja outreach to find and target influencers.

#6 Analyze Branded Hashtag Campaigns of Your Brand and Competitors

Use Twitter to analyze branded hashtags campaigns of your brand and competitors. This will help you determine if your hashtag campaign has been a hit or not. It will also determine if you have achieved your purpose in time.

Questions that you need to ask yourself when you are setting up your campaign includes:

  • Was my campaign well received?
  • What is the evolution of messages over time? Are there tweeting peaks which can be observed for each new campaign?
  • Where are the users most responsive to my campaign: TV, radio, press, or the web?
  • What are the dominant feelings surrounding my campaign?
  • Are my Hashtags being relayed or have users created others?

Measuring the impact of Hashtags related to important events or campaign is informative.

For example, it’s valuable to figure out reach and impressions of  #SingWithLG hashtag.

Sales and Marketing

#7 Detect Business Opportunities using Twitter Search

Twitter is a great place to explore new business opportunities and deals. Browse through tweets of influencers and prominent people related to your industry. This will help you identify leads and connect with important people.

For this, it is significant to monitor your brand’s mentions, the product’s mentions, and keywords related to your business.

[fancy_box]To eliminate noise (Tweets that are not relevant), try using keywords, such as “I’m looking for” and “help me” to identify new prospects.[/fancy_box]

#8 Monitor competitors and unravel their marketing strategy

It is important you keep up with your competitors on social media.

As explained above, you can set up private lists on Twitter to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Don’t worry! You’ll be the only person who can see a private list.

However, with the help of a Twitter monitoring tool like socialert, you can achieve the following:

  • You can monitor mentions of your competitors to know with whom they interact with
  • Monitor  competitor blogs using tools like Buzzsumo to know their top performing content
  • Analyze their followers using moz followerwonk and identify the influencers they are associated with

Public Relations

#9 Strengthen Crisis Communication

Has a customer been writing terrible reviews about your brand? Aside from trying to convince them to take down their bad review, you’ll need to analyze the crisis. How is this affecting your sales and has it gained attention by other followers?

Use Twitter to keep a track of your mentions and take control of the situation before it goes out of your hands.

When Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad came out, thousands of people Tweeted – and they weren’t happy. People took to Twitter to express their disappointment and anger. Eventually, Pepsi released an apology on (you guessed it right)  — Twitter. Their statement was posted to handle the crisis they were facing.

#10 Discover News & Resources for PR updates

Twitter is a lot more than just an ordinary social media website – it’s where news breaks out and people share what they consider is important and interesting.  Because of its short format and ease of retweets, Twitter is the ideal place to make something go viral.

Following are some of the major news sources and influencers on Twitter that will give you a head’s up of what’s happening in the industry.

Follow these leading Twitter accounts if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening around you. This will make it easier for you to track vital links and monitor your interaction with people on different social media platforms.

[bctt tweet=” Follow @ProfNet and @HelpaReporter. Both accounts share urgent source queries from reporters.” username=”socialertdotnet”]

Customer Support

 #11 Answer direct questions immediately via Twitter handle

Twitter is one of the best ways to monitor what customers are saying about your brand by tracking mentions. Many small businesses track their brand mentions by checking their notifications on a daily basis.

However If you manage a big brand, try to integrate your Twitter handle with customer support tools to respond to direct queries.

See how Domino’s Pizza handled a bad review and made an effort to reach out to the customer

This will show your customers that you value their feedback and are willing to make improvements.

[bctt tweet=”Retweet positive feedback posted by your clients on your Twitter account so you followers would be aware of it.” username=”socialertdotnet”]

#12 Track brand name and misspellings to track customer query

Direct tweets, mentions and direct DMs are good for providing customer support. However, your best bets are to track mentions of your brand keywords and possible misspellings as well.

Browse through various tweets to see if your customers have any questions or queries regarding your products and services. 

No, you’re not wasting your time. You’re answering a customer’s query just like you would if they were to step inside your physical store.

Take inspiration from Starbucks. The brand uses Twitter not only to advertise their products but to engage with their customers too.

Starbucks frequently tracks mentions and replies back to its customer’s questions and queries.

To ensure that the brand is always able to respond to its customers in a timely manner, Nike has its own customer service account on Twitter.


Your Turn

So, there you have it! Twitter monitoring can revolutionize your business and can help all kinds of digital marketing professionals in several ways. We’d love to help your brand grow as well. So if you want to monitor hashtags or do a content analysis, feel free to give SociAlert a try.

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