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How to Find Influencers on Twitter

According to the Digital 2019 report by ‘ We Are Social’, 3.4 billion people actively use social media, .i.e. 45% of the world’s population in 2019. Inevitably these social media followers look up Twitter influencers on the platform to guide them with their decision-making.

That’s why brands are moving towards influencer marketing as Twitter influencers can create new trends in the market and encourage their followers to buy their products and services. But how to find influencers on Twitter?

You can easily use  Twitter to find influencers. If you are ready to hunt one, then this article is for you!

In this article, we will answer all your questions and explore some of the simple ways for finding the influencer on Twitter.

So, let’s start with the basics first!

How To Find Twitter Influencers

What is a Twitter influencer?

A Twitter influencer is an individual or personality who has the ability and power to affect the lifestyle, opinion, and decisions of others through his/her social media presence, authority, knowledge, position, and followers. A Twitter influencer has a distinct niche or domain of expertise, knowledge, or influence where he/she actively engages and brings a significant change.

Twitter influencers are the famous personalities who have actively built a reputation in their niche. They maintain a proactive social life by posting regularly on Twitter. Due to their large number of enthusiastic and engaging followers, Twitter influencers can change people’s opinions with their views.

However, the influencers are not merely looked onto as a popular marketing tool but also social media branding and promotion assets. Hence, brands are always eager to collaborate and run marketing campaigns with well-known twitter influencers in their domain to achieve their marketing goals.

Why your brand needs twitter influencers?

According to research conducted by Linqia – The State Of Influencer Marketing 51% of marketers say that they acquire better customers through influencer marketing. They can generate 2x more sales than the paid advertising method. Also, customers acquired through influencers can reflect 37% of higher customer retention in your business.

Hence, there are many reasons why your brand needs twitter influencers. Let’s check out a few such reasons below:

  • Customers usually trust the reviews/feedback of known personality more than words of the brand.
  • The content created by Twitter influencers performs much better than any branding content.
  • An influencer can maintain an unbiased third-party image to advocate for a brand.
  • People find the Twitter influencer’s posts trustworthy over the brand’s marketing campaign.
  • Influencers give your brand access to a larger and loyal audience segment that can bring high engagement.
  • They are capable of driving the customer towards the brand and get higher traffic.
  • Influencers build brand awareness in a passive way that shows better results.
  • Twitter influencers practice a direct form of advertising where they speak directly to the audience.

The list mentioned above is by no means exhaustive. But it gives you a broad idea of why you need to find Twitter influencers for your brand.

Why is hashtag important in branding and finding influencers?

A hashtag is nothing but a single word or keyword phrase preceded by a hash. It’s used below or within the post on social media platforms to help those interested in your niche or domain find it easily. Hence, by using the precise hashtags, Twitter influencers reach out to the right audience and followers to promote your products and services in targeted locations, demographics, and interests.

Twitter algorithms use hashtags to find relevant posts for the users when they add specific hashtags in their preferences. Hashtags allow social media algorithms to segregate the massive pile of online content for a particular user. This might sound too simple and obvious, but that’s the whole point!

You might have yourself used hashtags for many of your Twitter posts to increase twitter reach, but now you know the algorithm.

For, e.g., If an influencer posts a picture of a flower on Twitter for marketing, he will use hashtags like #flower #flowerstagram, #flowerphotography, etc. This approach will allow him to reach out and connect with users who are interested in flowers.

You can check this blog about using hashtags on Twitter as well

How to identify influencers on Twitter?

Many businesses need a Twitter influencer to bring brand awareness to their business. Hashtags can play a very significant role in finding influencers on Twitter.

Let’s understand how to find Twitter influencers using hashtags on Twitter.

How to identify influencers using hashtags on Twitter?

#1. Twitter Search

If you are using keywords like # influencer or #twitterinfluencer and start searching, you will most likely get hundreds of results where a hundred or so brands are trying to claim the same title. That is not something that you would want to happen. So how do you find the influencers using hashtags on Twitter?

Use the Twitter search bar at the top of the page to enter relevant and precise hashtags. You need to search for the most targeting hashtags relating to the type of influencer you are searching for. Type those hashtags in the search bar and start your search.

For, e.g., Using the #samsungunpacker Twitter hashtag, you can identify influencers who talk about Samsung, .i.e. phone companies.

You’ll see the series of timelines of different tweets for any particular hashtag. The Twitter algorithm works to display the top search results by default. However, you can also sort the hashtags by adding filters such as the latest Tweets, people, photos, videos, etc.

You can find relevant hashtags for the influencer, scroll through the list and find the most impressive influencers in your business domain.

You can also lookup industry-specific phrases and keywords that will show up in people’s profiles, bios, and search old tweets. This should give you a better idea of who is talking about your market and how influential they are on Twitter.

If you are looking for twitter search history for these hashtags socialert report can help as well.

#2. Twitter influencers search using hashtag analysis 

When you search hashtags on Twitter you can find influencers but it is not possible to find twitter impressions and decide which influencer would be right for your brand.

In such cases, you can use hashtag analytics tools like socialert which can analyze

#1. Branded hashtag campaign of competitors

#2. Generic hashtags of your industry like #marketingtwitter

#3. Track tweet chat hashtags of your domain

#4. Find Twitter influencers by topic and keyword analysis

By analyzing such hashtags and topics, you can find influencer ranking and impressions generated by them.

How to find top Twitter influencers using account tracking

#1. Track Twitter Influencer by tracking Twitter accounts.

If you know your direct competitors there is a high possibility, they hire twitter influencers to promote their brand.

Such twitter influencers generally

  1. Retweet their tweets.
  2. Brands retweet tweets of influencers (tweet about the brand).
  3. An influencer is a top follower of the brand mentioning them in tweets.

If you find and analyze competitor Twitter accounts as well influencer Twitter account of your domain  you would certainly find users who are most retweeted, most mentioned in the tweets

You can also download Twitter followers in excel using socialert to find a Twitter influencer who might be the right fit for your brand.

The above 3 techniques are good enough to find Twitter influencers who can be of help to your brand.

How to select twitter influencers in your brand niche?

First of all, you need to build a complete list of Twitter influencers you might think will be a good fit for your brand. Then you can use some key indicator metrics to check the influencer’s presence on Twitter, such as follower’s engagement, tweets, retweets, and likes. Also, you can scan through their profile to analyze the popularity of the influencer.

Based on the above checks, you can lower down your list to a few impressive twitter influencers. Now to make the right decision on your influencer selection, try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the age and location of the influencer?
  • What methods are they using for posting?
  • How active are they on social media?
  • What are the influencer’s followers count?
  • How much twitter engagement are they able to grab?
  • Do they have any experience in your line of business?

Answer all these questions for the shortlisted influencer and find the correct influencers who will target your audience and promote your brand.

How to reach out to Twitter influencers?

A further important consideration in the search for Twitter influencers for your brand is how to get in touch with them. Do you have a dedicated channel for discussing with influencers? If not, use Twitter to list and connect with influencers you want to initiate talk with.

Another idea is to use an influencer marketing network. These networks will provide you with a list of people with whom you can chat, which can prove helpful in terms of getting the word out about your brand’s willingness to get engaged with an influencer.

To maximize your results, try joining other Twitter communities and exchanging links with other people. Find people with similar interests and ask them to exchange links with you so that both of you can benefit from a mutual interest.

How to measure the impressions of an influencer in a hashtag campaign?

You cannot analyze every hashtag campaign post of your shortlisted influencer manually. That’s when Socialert comes to the rescue! This hashtag tracking and analytics tool will help you track all tweets and posts of a specific hashtag.

You can easily measure the following influencer metrics

  • Influencer reach and impressions.
  • track influencer performance in terms of retweet, tweets, replies
  • track influencer engagement with brand audience
  • track influencer followers

This hashtag analytics platform will provide you with all the vital results in a twitter graphic and numerical format regarding post likes, users, comments, and engagement for a given hashtag of the influencer. Now, you can easily track the influencer’s top-performing posts based on their reach, likes, engagement, and number of followers.

Using the right tool to get concrete data for measuring influencer’s results will give you an edge to make the right decision for your brand marketing.

Summing up

If you follow the above suggestions, it can be reasonably easy to find influencers on Twitter. It would be best to approach influencer marketing with the correct strategy and tools to benefit your company’s image and goals. If you do these things, you’ll find the best results possible irrespective of the increasingly competitive market!

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