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How To Run Twitter Influencer Campaign

Have you been hoping to get more targeted followers on your brand’s social media page but nothing seems to be working? Influencer marketing can be the answer to that problem.

By working with an influencer on a hashtag marketing campaign, social media marketers don’t just bring in more followers, but more users start noticing their brand. After all, when you collaborate with an influencer who is a domain expert or has a large following, people take their recommendations and expert views even in buying decisions.

In simple terms, a social media influencer is anyone who has an influence on social media. The form of influence can greatly vary, and no two influencers are the same.

While celebrities were the main source of influencer marketing back in the day. Now there is a new generation of online ‘celebrities’ who might not be in the newspapers for their movies or music, but they are all over social media because of their large following and  Credibility.

Twitter users are looking for more genuine and witty content. So when brands collaborate with influencers, they take a more personal approach to twitter marketing and that is why influencer marketing has helped out so many brands.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign on Twitter:

Find the right influencer For your domain

#1. Define your target audience

You can only find the right influencers for your brand, if you know your target audience. That is why, the very first thing you need to do to kick start your influencer marketing campaign (or as a matter of fact any marketing campaign) is to define your target audience.

Set an age range, gender, and other demographics, for your audience and decide who is your ideal customer. Once you have that metric with you, it’s time to move forward.

#2. Find influencers who also have the same audience

Now, that you have your target audience with you, it’s time to search for influencers who also have the same target audience as you. Of course, searching for the demographics of any other user’s profile can be a rather strenuous and time consuming job, and that is why you need social analytics tools to help you with that.

Here are some of the social analytics tools that can help you find relevant influencers in every category.

All you have to do is track the domain keywords  and you will get a whole list of influencers to choose from.

#3. Finalize influencers

With the list of influencers, it’s now time to shortlist them based on their following and domain expertise.

Since we have found influencers via tool, we  can also follow a manual process to finalize them

  • Browse Their Twitter profiles, hashtags and popular tweets.
  • Search keywords relevant to your campaign and see their activity.
  • Search keywords related to your brand to see who is referenced and popular.

You should rank the influencers according to who is more suitable for your brand, and then contact them according to the ranking. This way, even if the deal falls through with one influencer, you will have others to rely on.

Start contacting influencers one by one

#4. Contact and connect with the influencer

Just as brands are conscious about their image, influencers are too. While it might seem effortless, but most influencers spend a lot of time thinking what kind of content should go on their profile and what shouldn’t. That is why, when it comes to sponsorship, most popular influencers are very critical and they don’t jump at every opportunity that comes their way.

So, as a brand, your first goal should be to connect with the influencer and let them know that you like their content. You could also send gifts/free services to the influencer initially without asking anything in return, which will obviously make the influencers feel great about your brand.

For instance, Asus India sends festival greetings to a number of influencers with a small greeting card. There is no campaign hashtag in the cards and the brand also doesn’t just urge users to share it on social media, but of course, seeing Asus’s great gesture, many influencers took to Twitter to share the gift pack.

#5. Make them a win-win offer which they can’t refuse

Connecting with influencers is one thing but convincing them to be a part of an influencer campaign is a whole different story. You first have to persuade the influencer that your brand is a great and relevant match for their followers, and then, of course, decide on the campaign budget.

But instead of deciding a fixed payout, offer the influencer free products or services from your brand. More often than not, influencers will agree to work with you in exchange for free stuff, though you have to know to offer them the ‘right’ amount of free stuff.

If their expert domain is the same as your company products or services, then they will be more than happy to take the free stuff, test out the quality and get familiar with it.

Asus India also sent its newly launched mobile phone Zenfone Max to a number of influencers and asked them to tweet out a picture of the phone with the hashtag #LiveUnplugged at a specific time. With a free smartphone on the table, influencers did not ask for any monetary benefits along with it.


Start your new Twitter campaign with Influencers

#6. Determine the type of campaign

Before going forward, decide the main goal of your influencer campaign. This has to be done to make sure all your efforts to connect with an influencer and get them to talk about your brand don’t go in vain.

For instance, if your main goal is to drive sales on your website, then creating a campaign where the influencer asks their followers to RT a tweet mentioning your brand wouldn’t really help, even if it drives your engagement.

The better way to go would be to ask the influencer to talk about a certain product and provide a link where their followers can buy that product.

Here are some goals you can set up for your influencer marketing campaign:

#A. Drive traffic to your website

If your main goal is to drive traffic to your brand’s website or a certain URL, then create a campaign that only focuses on the link. Of course, there should be a hashtag along with it which would make it easy for you to listen and analyze tweets about the campaign.

For instance, Boomerang a classic cartoon streaming service for kids collaborated with parent bloggers and influencers and asked them to tweet out the link to their streaming service. If you notice carefully you will see that the the influencers did not even tag the brand and only used a hashtag with the link.

#B. Increase engagement with comments and retweets

If your engagement rate has gone depressingly low, then collaborating with an influencer can serve as a breath of fresh air for your Twitter page. But you have to remember that Twitter users aren’t ready to retweet just about anything unlike what users do on Facebook with the ‘like’ button.

The smart way to do this would be give a leverage to the influencer’s followers – Something that will make them want to retweet.

For instance, this influencer asked its follower to RT ‘if’ they were excited about the event. 


Though the best way to get more retweets or comments is by organizing a sweepstakes, where the users stand a chance to win something when they RT a tweet or follow a certain account.

This is exactly what Reliant Energy did. They collaborated with House of Houston and offered free James Harden jerseys. To be eligible to win, users had to RT the tweet and follow Reliant Energy’s Twitter page.

#C. Gain more app users

If your main goal is to gain more users for your app, then you not only need to provide the right link but you also have to provide a reason for people to use the app.

For instance, Smule in partnership with LG collaborated with Nick Jonas for a sing along contest. In return, winners would get LG phones and one grand winner will get to meet Nick Jonas. To be eligible for the contest, users had to download the Smule app and sing along to a song.

#D. More sales on your ecommerce website

The best way to increase sales on your ecommerce website is by offering discounts and coupon codes. You can choose to provide each influencer a customized coupon code for their followers or a common gift card for everyone.

Best Buy, for instance, collaborated with a number influencers for their new Samsung S8 campaign and lured in users by providing different offers. If you will notice carefully, you will find that every influencer showcased a different offer and the same picture of S8.


#7. Come up with a unique and relevant hashtag

With a unique hashtag for the influencer marketing campaigns, it becomes easy to track the campaign and see how the influencer’s followers are responding to it.

You are also able to see the impressions and engagement that the hashtag has received as a whole. This is especially helpful when you are collaborating with a number of influencers at the same time.

The hashtag picked should not just be relevant to your brand, but it should be relevant to the campaign that you are trying to push and your motive behind it.

For instance, Garden Lights, a brand which sells vegan, low calorie, and gluten free food products used the hashtag #HookedonVeggies and connected with a number of food and parent bloggers to showcase their vegan desserts. All the influencer tweets tagged the brand’s Twitter page and added a link to the brand’s About us page as well.

In the just 4 days (from April 25th to 28th), the hashtag has been used by more than 250 users and has been seen by more than 5.8 million users.

Similarly, Häagen Dazs, the ice cream company also recently launched a hashtag campaign called #JOURNEYTOÄAH. The idea was to let the followers know about the newly launched ice cream flavours.

With 181 users using the hashtag, it has been seen by over 4 million users.

[fancy_box]  How To Use Hashtags:  Here is an excellent post about how to use hashtags on Social Media  Marketing[/fancy_box]

#8. Decide who will create the content

This is a very important point which is often neglected by campaign managers. While some brands might want to go out of their way and tell the influencers exactly what they should post, it might not sit well with influencers.

Also, it might come off as blatant advertising when the influencer’s followers read the post. To add a personal touch, it’s better to give the influencer:

  • an outline
  • Some idea about the message you are trying to get across
  • Basic requirements like the link and hashtag they need to add

You can also ask them to send the tweet for a final review before it is posted.  

#9. FTC compliance

Most companies ignore the FTC compliance rules, but that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. According to FTC, if an influencer is being compensated by a brand in any form, then they have to mention that explicitly.

This can be done by putting a #ad in the tweet. In fact, if you scroll up, you will notice that all the tweets added above have the hashtag #ad.

The FTC works under US jurisdiction. But even if your company is located outside the US, it is always better to follow FTC compliance if you have any business in any form in the US or you plan to do business in the US in future.  

Track campaign hashtag

#10. Track the results for the campaign hashtag

Now that your campaign is live on Twitter, it’s time to track the results to see how the campaign did with the influencer’s followers and how it impacted your brand. If you have used a unique hashtag for the campaign, then the best way would be to use a hashtag tracking tool to track the campaign:

In conclusion

As the internet creates more online celebrities, the influencer marketing efforts will only increase by brands around the world. The best way to make your campaign a success is to select your influencer carefully and after much needed research, and let them create content for the campaign with a little input from your end.



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