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How To Measure Twitter Impressions and Reach

If you are a Twitter marketer promoting hashtags and accounts for the brand you are concerned about Twitter KPI’s like Twitter impressions and reach. Tracking Twitter impressions using socialert gives you an idea of how many times your tweets have been seen.

impressions count on twitter distinct your brand presence from your competitors. If you want to grow your brand then you will certainly care about the count of tweet views. If your brand has a good number of impressions on tweets then there are chances that you will also get more link clicks, sales as well.

In this article first, we will understand impressions and reach first. We would also explain that how you can measure impressions and reach on twitter, and other metrics using socialert. These metrics may be related to your account, branded hashtag, or even any public Twitter account you want to track.

Twitter Impressions VS Twitter Reach

Let’s first understand what does impressions mean on twitter

Impressions are the number of times your tweet or tweets are seen. The only Twitter account owner can view impressions of the particular tweet or all tweets.

If you want to calculate impressions on tweets with a particular hashtag you can find potential impressions, not actual impressions. We will discuss it in more detail later in the post.

Twitter reach refers to the count of Twitter users who have seen your tweets. The only Twitter account owner can check the number of details expands in the stats of a tweet which can be considered as tweet reach.

However, hashtag reach for Twitter is considered as the sum of the number of followers of users who have tweeted using the hashtag. It is a potential Twitter reach. If you want to know actual Twitter reach we would need data from different user’s accounts which is not possible.

So Impressions is a broader term than Twitter reach. A good ratio of Twitter impressions VS reach means you are getting good engagement on tweets.

How are impressions measured on twitter? 

Now check how you can find impressions for any of the tweet or tweet activity for the given time duration.

If you will access your Twitter profile there is an analytics icon on each tweet that shows impression on this tweet. Detail expands can be considered as tweet reach as well.

Total Impressions on Twitter are total views this tweet has been seen. This includes

  1. The number of times tweets appeared on your followers’ timelines.
  2. Count of views tweet appeared in the search result when someone engaged on the tweet by reply/retweet/like.

However, if you want to know what are twitter impressions for your Twitter activity you can check twitter analytics dashboard where you would find impressions on tweets for a certain time period.

So, you can check the number of impressions on the specified date range. The twitter graph also shows when you have more impressions on tweets.

Measure Twitter hashtag Impressions

If you are running a hashtag campaign you would certainly be interested in metrics link tweet count by users, reach and impression by users, and overall tweets.

Since these are potential matrices you can figure them out manually in case you have fewer tweets and less count of Twitter users.

If you have 2,000 followers and you do 3 tweets using a hashtag, that hashtag will get 6,000 potential impressions because of your tweets. If we will count all user’s tweets the same way, we would get impressions of these hashtag tweets.

How To Calculate Twitter reach and Impressions For hashtag campaign manually

You can simply create an excel sheet where you can write Twitter handle, follower count, number of tweets including retweets, impressions (number of tweets multiplied by follower count)on the hashtag.

The Sum of reach of all user followers is twitter reach for hashtag campaign whereas the sum of impressions for all users is impressions for the overall campaign.

How To Calculate Twitter reach and impressions using a tool

However, doing it manually is tedious. Socialert is twitter impressions calculator which calculate reach and impression on hashtag campaign in real-time as well generates twitter historical reports

You just need to enter a hashtag in socialert tracker and check twitter report at end of the campaign.

Socialert twitter reach analytics for hashtags provides not only twitter hashtag metrics like reach and impressions but also count of hashtags, links, and images in hashtag tweets.

Here is a graph for impressions VS reach provided by socialert

We also rank hashtag influencers as well with Twitter impression count in a visual report.

If you want to calculate potential reach and impressions by all users you can download twitter data using export.

Exported Twitter data report has reach and impressions for every user who participated in the hashtag campaign.

Since you know how to calculate twitter reach and impressions it is time to know how many twitter impression is good.

What is a good impression rate on twitter?  

Now you know the difference in Twitter impressions for your Twitter account as well Twitter hashtag impressions, now we shall discuss how to get more impressions on them.

#1. Tweet Impressions

If you have 20-25 % impressions as compared to your follower count it means your audience like the content you publish. It also means that almost all that followers saw your tweets and they are active on Twitter as well.

It is not necessary that the impressions include the count of  Twitter followers. They can also be people who are not your follower but saw your tweet because of retweets and hashtags used in those tweets.

#2. Hashtag Impressions

As we discussed hashtag impressions are the potential number of views of hashtag tweets. It means they are the sum of followers on each tweet made. If it is a number in 1000 means a maximum of 1000 views is generated on your hashtags.

In order to make your campaign successful merely, 300-500 tweets shall have 100k impressions. If Twitter influencers post tweets using hashtag you have a higher impression rate.

How to get more impressions on twitter

If you want to increase twitter impressions on tweets or hashtag campaign you can follow these general ideas.

#1. Engage with relevant brand and influencers

#2. Tweet about the topics your audience love

#3. Use relevant hashtags so you get engagement by no followers.

#4. Ask for retweets to industry influencers.


However, impressions VS reach is important for social media marketers. It is important to measure them using tools like socialert if you are in the social media industry.

If you analyze Twitter data with socialert and measure the reach of your hashtags you can improve that in your next campaigns. We provide sample twitter reach and impressions for the last 100 tweets. In the pro report, you can check more Twitter metrics as well.

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