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How To Find And Analyze Twitter Historical Data

Twitter is an open social media network where people post a lot of tweets every day. All this data is open to everyone since 98 % of old tweets are public to everyone.

This information is useful for other people who look for it. It may be news, hashtag data, events data, or political discussion.

People looking for old tweets use Twitter search to view those old tweets. You can search for these historical tweets using Twitter search operators on basis of date, accounts, keywords, and more.

It helps people a lot with marketing, leads, research, and more. But if you want to grab more useful information you need to move a step ahead and analyze this data. Twitter does not provide any inbuilt solution.

Especially, marketers who run branded hashtag campaigns need to analyze historical hashtag data to find the relevant information from these twitter archives. They need to find influencers, top tweets, and other information to make decisions for their brand.

In the next section, we will learn how to find useful old tweets and analyze them using tools.

Twitter Historical Data

How to search old tweets on Twitter and analyze them

If you want to search its tweets archive, you can access those old tweets easily and free.

Here are the Twitter search operators provided by Twitter itself to search the old tweets.

For example, if you want to find tweet by date range 1 Jan 2021  to 10 Jan 2021 for hashtag #twittertips you will use #twittertips since:2021-01-01 until:2021-01-10

However, If you want to analyze or download all those old tweets you would need a Twitter tool like socialert.

You can either set up a real-time hashtag tracker in the tool to track the tweets. If you fail to do so you need to analyze hashtag data historically using socialert hashtag historical reports

What Twitter Metrics Twitter Historical Report Include and how it is useful 

If you buy old twitter data reports using socialert you will get a lot of stats. Our historical Twitter data reports may have one of the following use cases.

#1. The brand needs to analyze a branded hashtag campaign and you did not track that in real-time. Now you need historical hashtag data analysis for the same.

#2. Managers of brands need to check who mentioned your brand Twitter handle in tweets. Since this is huge data you would need to analyze historical tweets for the Twitter handle.

#3. By analyzing your brand Twitter account to know what kind of topics your audience likes most. Which is the most retweeted tweet or most liked tweet. You may need to download those old tweets as well. In this case, you need to take a historical Twitter account analytics plan.

#4. New Brands want to know what their competitors are doing. You need to know their past tweets that created engagement or you may need to find their conversation with some other person and analyze that too.

If you are looking for Twitter account history or lookup historical hashtag data socialert is the one-stop solution.

Now we will check Twitter metrics in socialert reports and how it would benefit your business.

How To Analyze Any Twitter Account And Download Tweets

At first, I assume you are a brand and you want to look up old tweets of your established competitor to know their marketing strategy. Twitter is the only platform that has open data.

You can open their Twitter account and check the kind of tweets they are posting, you would be interested in

  1. Followers who follow them and engage in their content
  2. Most retweeted tweets of their account.
  3. Users they mention in their tweets.
  4. Hashtags used in tweets to target the right audience.
  5. When their tweet gets the most engagement
  6. Check the history of Twitter followers who joined when
  7. What content and links they shared In tweets.
  8. Search their old tweets for the given date range.

It is not possible to do it manually. Tools like socialert help here. You need to buy old tweets and followers list excel from socialert.

Here are metrics when you analyze any Twitter account history.

At first, we show basic information for Twitter users including their profile description, tweet count, followers, following count. We also show the number of retweets, replies, and original tweets from their last 100 tweets in the free report. Also, the number of their tweets are retweeted. The number of hashtags and Twitter handles they mentioned are also shown. The number of tweets retweeted is useful twitter metrics to know if they get enough engagement or not.

If we move on to the next set of Twitter metrics for their old tweets you would find the number of posts v/s engagement. You may search tweets by date using the filters analytics option on the home page and then download all tweets of the particular user account.

The next set of graphs includes top tweets for the account you are checking old tweets. Top tweets are the most retweeted tweets for any given public account.

These tweets would help to understand the kind of topics and tweets which are popular among the audience.

The next Twitter account analytics graph shows when tweets get maximum engagement on a particular weekday and hour slot.

When you are analyzing historical tweets for any account you would need to know what keywords and hashtags are present in old tweets. Socialert historical data analysis also shows what content they have shared with the count.

Twitter account analytics report also provides historical Twitter follower data as well which we shall discuss in another blog post on tracking Twitter followers.

In the next section we need to know Twitter’s historical hashtag data report and metrics it provides.

How To Analyze Historical Hashtag Data And Download Old Tweets

I assume that you are a brand or marketer who has a branded hashtag for the brand. You usually run the campaign and want to analyze historical hashtag data so you can prepare for the next hashtag campaign.

You can search the Twitter archive for the given hashtag and see tweets to find

  1. Most retweeted tweets in the campaign.
  2. Hashtag reach and impressions to know the potential reach of the brand.
  3. Search Twitter user tweets who are influencers or very active during the campaign.
  4. Download Tweets and other Twitter data for hashtags
  5. Which old tweets generated engagement
  6. historical data analysis.
  7. Influencers who had good impressions on tweets
  8. Hashtags, URLs, keywords used in the archive of tweets.

If you will search all tweets in Twitter history it is difficult to find these metrics manually. Tools like socialert help here to find these stats so you can make your next campaign successful.

It would be beneficial to search these old tweets and analyze them further to decide

  1. Which influencers are important?
  2. What topics your audience is interested in.
  3. When you get maximum engagement or when your audience is active
  4. What secondary hashtags your audience use
  5. Which users are active during the campaign.
  6. Who gets the most retweeted tweets during the campaign.
  7. The sentiment of the old tweets

Here are the metrics in the historical twitter search report for any hashtag.

#1. You would know the number of users, hashtags, links, and image count used in the Twitter archive where the hashtag is present. 

#2. Date and time slot where hashtag had maximum and minimum tweets including retweets and replies. 

#3. Check when old tweets have maximum reach and impressions.

#4. Influencers who generated maximum reach, impressions, and retweets during the hashtag campaign.

#5. Search Twitter users in terms of tweet count and retweet count.

#6. Find old tweets that are most retweeted and generated the most impressions.

#7. Hashtags, keywords, URLs, and links used in old tweets.

#8, Retweeters, Most mentioned users ranking, Most retweeted users ranking in the old tweet history of the hashtag data.

How To Get Historical Twitter Data For Keywords and Twitter Handle Mentions 

Apart from analyzing any public account and hashtag, you can use socialert to analyze any keyword or search tweets mentioning the particular user in tweets. It is helpful for your branding. tracking mentions of your brand is very helpful for branding.

The above stats would be generated and helpful to know people who mention a particular brand.

What can I do with old tweets?

When you buy historical Twitter data using socialert, you will be able to check Twitter stats as explained above. Now here are the benefits of analyzing historical hashtag data.

Brand Strategy 

By analyzing old tweets you can decide the kind of tweets you should post

Comparing periodical data

Suppose you run any event every year then analyzing past tweets for the event you would be able to figure out what can make the event more successful.

Improving brand campaign

You can improve the next hashtag campaign. You can find users who get more retweets, relatable things to tweet in the upcoming hashtag campaign.

These are just a few reasons behind analyzing old tweets is a valuable decision. You may have another reason. The only you need to be sure of is that we can help you analyze any tweet from any time.


This is not practical to browse tweet archive for historical Twitter data to find useful information.

If you need stats for old tweets whether they belong to a hashtag campaign, Twitter account, or even mentions of a Twitter account you can try socialert historical data reports

You can order twitter data for hashtags or any Twitter account using the form on that page.

Let us know more about your experience on old tweets analysis in the comments.


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