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8 Excellent Uses of Twitter Hashtags in TV commercials


There was a time when hashtags were only limited to Twitter. But now they have taken the world by storm with all the major social media platforms supporting hashtags.

In fact, even TV commercials have been using hashtags to garner attention for their broadcast campaign on the Twitter.

By using a hashtag in a TV commercial, brands are able to:

– Take the campaign to social media

– See how the audience is responding to the commercial in real-time

– Create a longer running campaign

But just adding a hashtag at the end of a TV commercial is not enough. Brands should be able to stir conversation and drive engagement.

In this article, we will be discussing 8 brands that used Twitter hashtags in TV commercials:

#1 Vodafone – #MakeMostofNow

How Vodafone started promotion of the hashtag campaign

#1- Vodafone released a series of promos following an old couple who were sharing their adventures with their kids on their smartphones, with the help of Vodafone Internet. At the end of every promo, you see the hashtag #MakeMostofNow. The promos were released during live IPL cricket matches to get the most traction.

#2- To make the hashtag even more engaging, Vodafone released a custom emoji with their hashtag a week after the first promo. Over the last few weeks, Vodafone India has been continuously using the hashtag along with other trending hashtags to get maximum engagement.

#3- Since the promos were being broadcasted during cricket matches, Vodafone also used the trending match hashtags and discussed the developments in the game which got the most attention of the followers.


How the hashtag campaign started on on Twitter

#1- The first promo was released on the day IPL started and on the same day, Vodafone launched the Twitter campaign with the same hashtag as well.


As you can see, Vodafone tagged all the participating teams to get maximum engagement, which they did. In fact, this is one of their most liked and retweeted tweet of the campaign.

#2- The ad also generated a lot of organic traction has Vodafone merged their campaign hashtag with the trending hashtags.

Also, a large number of influencers and active users who used the hashtag several times in the day as Vodafone tweeted about match updates. Clearly, the main intention behind the campaign was more visibility.

Here is Twitter Analytics of  Hashtag

The hashtag report from May 5 to June 2 shows that the hashtag received over 117 million impressions and reached over 18 million users. The hashtag also trended on May 7 which was because Vodafone had hired a social media agency to get users to tweet the hashtags.

The tweet count graph reveals two peaks, one on 7 May and another on 14 May. These are the days when the hashtag trended in the top 10.

Even with the IPL session over, Vodafone is still using the hashtag and getting engagement.


LG – #SingwithLG


How LG started the hashtag campaign

#1- LG created a campaign in collaboration with Smule app and Nick Jonas where the company urged people to use the Smule app to sing along to their famous Nick Jonas song. Winners of the contest were promised LG smartphones, and one winner would get to meet Nick Jonas himself.

The same hashtag was also used last when LG did a similar collaboration with Shawn Mendes. Seeing the results from the last campaign, LG carried it on in 2017 as well.

LG also involved influencers

#1- After the TV campaign, the videos were also shared by Nick Jonas with his 11 million followers; it obviously got the most engagement with 899 retweets and 3.7k likes.

#2- Even nick requested for more videos after some time.

#3- As the influencer uploaded his video, other users started uploading and sharing their videos as well. The main intention behind the campaign was for people to use the Smule app and upload videos, the trending hashtag clearly came as a bonus.

Here is Twitter Analytics of  Hashtag

Since the start of the campaign till June 10, the hashtag received over 13 million impressions and a reach of 11 million. The hashtag is still being used by a number of Twitter handles to share their contest entries.

The tweet count graph depicts three peaks – The first two are when the influencer, Nick Jonas, tweeted about the contest, and the last one is when the contest winner was announced.

#3. AirBnB

How AirBnB started the hashtag campaign

This year, AirBnB decided to use their Superbowl ad slot to promote diversity and acceptance. The hashtag used in the commercial was simple and straightforward – #weaccept.

Why hashtag campaign by AirBnB received initial traction

The advert was telecasted in February 2017, and there were a number of reasons why it gained popularity and positive response:

#1- The ad was telecasted just a few days after President Trump ordered an immigration ban

#2- The campaign was followed by AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky’s tweet that the company would spend $4 million over the course of 4 years to provide short-term housing for immigrants and disaster hit people.

How people started participating

#1- Since AirBnB’s new campaign supporting diversity and acceptance came during a very politically charged environment, it quickly gained momentum on Twitter as well from people who did not appreciate the immigration ban by the new president.

The first tweet by the brand with #weaccept received 37k retweets and 84k likes.

#2- By the looks of it, AirBnB does not involve any influencer marketing or take advantage of a social media agency for promotion since people posted real photos and it gained traction slowly and steadily.

Here is Twitter Analytics of  Hashtag

In the course of 4 months, the hashtag has received over 3.5 million impressions and a reach of 2.4 million.

In fact, as you can see in this chart, most of those impressions were possible because 79% of the tweets using the hashtag were retweeted.


#4. Amazon India – #Mombeagirlagain

How Amazon India started the campaign

In late August 2016, Amazon India launched a number of TV commercials depicting how much mothers do for their kids every day. Encouraging the kids to do the same for their mothers. While the advertisements gained a lot of attention on TV, each of the videos also went viral on YouTube with 2-3 million views. And of course, each one of them ended with the hashtag #Mombeagirlagain.

How hashtag campaign started getting organic traction

#1- What’s worth noting is that this campaign wasn’t launched around Mother’s day, when Twitter is crowded with contests and hashtags aiming at mothers. Instead, Amazon chose a time when its hashtag could get maximum attention since it would be the only hashtag about mothers.

When Amazon India shared the video on their Twitter handle along with #Mombeagirlagain, it received instant attention with 475 retweets and 1.4k likes.

#2- The campaign worked because Amazon urged their followers to post real pictures on their Twitter. Since it was a rather heart-warming campaign, it gained traction organically.

#3- A week after the ads went live on Twitter and TV, Amazon India launched a Twitter contest with the same hashtag asking people to share their favorite picture of their mother, using the same hashtag.

Here is Twitter Analytics of  Hashtag

Up until May 2017, over 625 users have used the hashtag with 4.3 million impressions and a reach of 2.9 million.


#5. OLX – #OLXBreakupChallenge

How OLX started the campaign

OLX, a classified ads portal where people put used items on sale, launched this TV commercial encouraging people to ‘break up’ with items that they haven’t used for more than six months. Right as the commercial went on TV, OLX started tweeting about it as well.

How their Twitter campaign worked

#1- The campaign was started in the first week of March and continued to use the hashtag until April 30. The ad video went viral on YouTube as well with 2.6 million views.

#2- To get even more attention on Twitter, OLX also collaborated with influencers and asktweetsed them to tweet with the same hashtag.


More users tweeted because of influencer tweets and virality very soon .

Impact of the hashtag campaign on Twitter

OLX ran a paid campaign, and thanks to several influencers and active users, the hashtag trended on 28 March with over 2400 tweets. It again trended on 29th March with around 1300 tweets.

Since it was a contest organized by OLX and there were prizes for the winners, much like LG, the incentives helped get more users engaged in the contest.

In the last three months, the hashtag has received over 54 million impressions and reached over 6.3 million users.

6. Calvin Klein – #MyCalvins


How was the campaign implemented

When Calvin Klein launched their Spring 2016 collection, they decided to make their digital campaign mainstream by collaborating with some of the biggest international names and incorporating hashtags in every commercial.

Why hashtag campaign got traction

The same video commercials were then posted by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and many more on Twitter and Instagram.

Posted by celebrities – more user engagement

Impact of the campaign on Twitter

As expected, the campaign went completely viral so much so that the first commercial was released in January 2015, and the hashtag is still garnering attention because of Justin Bieber’s old tweets.

Since the start of the campaign in January, the hashtag has had over 651 million twitter impressions, and it has been used in over 247 tweets.

The main reason why the hashtag still continues to be used is that Calvin Klein regularly runs influencer campaigns with top social media celebrities to garner more traction.

7. OPPO- #HelloMetal

How OPPO started the hashtag campaign

For the launch of their new phone, OPPO F1, which has a complete metal body, OPPO decided to launch a series of commercials ending with a hashtag #HelloMetal. There were two commercials launched, one just showcasing the phone, and another fun one which described why metal is better than plastic.

How OPPO promoted the buy link on Twitter

Shortly after the commercial was released, Oppo took to Twitter and used the same hashtag to share the pre-order link on the phone with their followers.

The hashtag was then used for the next two months by the company to share more updates about their new phone model.

check user tweets for the hashtag here.

How the campaign got traction

#1- The campaign was started on January 15, 2016, with the first tweet from Oppo receiving over 43 retweets and 86 links. After that, the company tweeted several times about their new phone which was yet to be launched, along with the pre-order link.

#2- In fact, the hashtag report reveals that the top URL shared with the hashtag was the link to pre-order the phone, which would have provided Oppo’s followers a direct way to buy the newly launched phone. Apart from #HelloMetal, the hashtag #OppoF1 was also used along with most tweets.

Here is Twitter Analytics of  Hashtag

Since the start of the campaign, the hashtag received over 2.8 million impressions and reached over 386k users.

#8. Forever 21 – #DeclareYourStyle

How Forever 21 started the campaign

#1- To celebrate back to school fashion, Forever 21 launched #declareyourstyle campaign in the summer of 2013. Soon after the commercial went live, the brand started using the hashtag on social media to garner more attention. There was also an Instagram contest announced, details of which were shared on Twitter as well.

#2- Over the next few weeks, Forever 21 continued to tweet out the hashtag, which gained a lot of engagement from its followers.

How campaign worked on Twitter

Forever 21 might have been running a contest on Instagram, but the brand made sure to share every update on Twitter to take advantage of the traction on the microblogging site. The URL to Forever 21’s Instagram page for shared more than 100 times which automatically increased traffic to their Instagram page and gained more engagement there.

The brand also used images from Instagram and posted them directly on Twitter with the same hashtag to remind their followers that the contest was still running.

Since the start of the campaign, the hashtag received over 29 million impressions and reached over 3.7 million users.


The easy integration of hashtags on TV commercials and their impact on Twitter proves that it has become crucial for marketers to integrate digital marketing strategies even with the most sophisticated TV campaigns. Providing a hashtag on TV ads also helps brands analyze how the commercial is being perceived by the audience.

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