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How To Boost Twitter Engagement For Your Brand

As one of the leading social media platforms today, Twitter is one of the ideal places to grow your audience, boost your brand’s visibility, and build a solid reputation online.

To achieve all these objectives, you’d need to have a staggering number of followers on the platform.

Having a massive number of followers is not enough! 

Your followers have to be actively engaged on your Tweets — unless you are okay with some vanity metrics that are of no tangible value.

If you are reading this, you probably have a massive number of followers on Twitter, and you’ve tried getting them engaged on your tweets.

Maybe you’ve run a Twitter contest and tried hashtag marketing without experiencing any results.

Well, it’s all fine!

In a nutshell, amplifying your Twitter engagement all boils down to creating solid content.

Great content is more likely to be retweeted and shared organically. This will, in turn, help you reach more audiences and increase your reach on the web.

You see, amplifying your Twitter engagement isn’t rocket science. And in this article, you will discover a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Before diving into ways of amplifying your engagement on twitter, you’ve got to understand what engagement is.

What Is Twitter Engagement?

When you make a post on Twitter, and someone takes an action (engages) on the post, that’s engagement on twitter.

Customers can interact with your post by favoriting your tweet, retweeting your tweet, responding to your tweet, clicking your link(which may also be seen as a CTR), or mentioning you on a separate tweet.

Enough said!

How To Boost Engagement On Twitter

#1. Understand your audience before posting tweets

You probably know that everyone is not your audience, and everyone would probably not be a good fit for your business.

To hit a home run, you should understand who your audience is, and come up with content to suit their needs.

One way of understanding your audience is by analyzing your Twitter audience using twitter analytics

When you fully understand your audience, you would…

  • Know precisely how your customers think
  • Pinpoint your brand’s weaknesses and strength
  • Know your audience thoughts about your competition
  • Come up with lots of campaign ideas.

That’s not all…

You could use the information to come up with targeted keywords and hashtags. This way, your next Twitter hashtag contest or campaign would generate more engagement for your brand.

One more thing…

To understand your audience, you’ve got to know how to listen.

Here’s how to do just that.

(A) Social listening strategy using twitter search and twitter monitoring tools

You can either opt with the regular Twitter Advanced search or go with a third-party platform like Socialert

The beauty of this tool is that it lets you narrow down your search. It’s much more like a regular search with a twist.

The Twitter Advanced search helps you eliminate lots of noise on the platform, especially if you search for popular phrases or generic terms including or excluding specific accounts.

Even you can filter on kind of Tweet Engagement


What’s more, you can save up to twenty-five searches per account.

Some of the saved searches could include

  • branded hashtags
  • competitor hashtags
  • industry influencers
  • competitor Twitter handles
  • popular blog posts of your competitor blog
  • brand keywords and handles.

Super cool, right?

To get started, you’ve got to create a list of search terms. Revisit these terms every week and follow up on the conversation.

(B) Use third-party platforms like Socialert.

The benefit of using tools like Socialert is that you not only get to follow targeted keywords or hashtags, but you also get to receive in-depth reports on how your brand is performing on Twitter.

Some of the detailed reports you would get from socialert include

  • Reports of industry influencers
  • Reports of related hashtags you can use in your marketing
  • Weekday and time analysis of when your users are mostly active.

#2. Interact with your followers and relevant audience

First things first, you need to understand that your brand has a tone and a voice.

Your brand’s voice is the core of its personality — its identity, while the tone is your brand’s mood. Your brand’s tone may change from time to time, and it’s dependent on the customer you are responding to.

The brand’s voice is quite different — it’s the mission statement, and it does not change. It’s how your brand is to be represented at all times. But the variation of the tone is mostly dependent on the context.

You can interact with your followers by reaching out to them — retweet and give out likes at regular intervals.

Here’s the thing; publishing tweets every now and then and expecting the likes and retweets to keep flooding in is quite alright.

But if you want to up your game and begin to generate juicy engagement, you’ve got to reach out from your end and engage users on twitter.

Here are a couple of ways to engage with your twitter followers.

  • Respond to, and retweet your user’s content
  • Retweet your follower’s tweets that matches your brand voice
  • Respond when someone tweets to you
  • Interact when someone uses your branded hashtag
  • Ask for retweets from followers who generally do so.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Another benefit of interacting with your audience’s tweets and replies is that your conversation would gain more visibility.

If a relevant twitter influencer shares your content you get more engagement. check this tweet from Neal Schaffer for one of socialert blog which generated enough retweets.

You can take it a step further by engaging with posts that do not mention your brand. This strategy can only be used on tweets that are relevant to your brand.

Check this tweet where socialert team engaged and we got one conversion as well

One more thing…

You should know when to sell and when not to sell.

Twitter is a social media platform. And most folks are there for relevant conversation.

Therefore, your goal should be to have a conversation with your followers — and publishing promotional tweets won’t cut it every time!

To get the most out of your content, you’ve got to follow the 80/20 rule. That is, 20% of your content should be promotional, while 80% should be regular content.

#3. Use eye-catchy visuals and videos

It’s no secret that visuals generate more engagement on twitter than texts. And you can use this to your advantage.

Since most folks access Twitter with their mobile devices, visual tweets would take a good portion of their screen.

The more visible your tweets are, the more likely your customers would engage with them.

Fun fact: Tweets with the GIF element tend to have more engagement (about 55%) than tweets without it.

Visual tweets can come in any form — you could use graphics or merely post pictures or videos of your team members showing how to use your product or service.

You can take the game of visuals to a whole new level with twitter video marketing. Take a look at what Pepsi just did here with video marketing.

#4. Make Tweets at the best times

Twitter is a time-sensitive platform!

To be seen, you’ve got to master your timing and know when most of your followers are online.

Yes, it may seem like everyone is online, but the truth is — your content would be easily seen at some time of the day.

Depending on your customer’s time zone, 5 pm and 6 pm are known to be the time with the highest activity on the platform.

One more thing…

You can also analyze your and your competitors twitter handle with socialert to know which weekday and hour slot gives better engagement to your brand.

The above report is for @socialertdotnet and clearly stats that Tuesday 4PM  to 5 PM is the best time to post tweets.

#5 Take advantage of trending hashtags and topics.

Let’s face it; there is always a viral topic on Twitter every day.

That’s great news! And if you’ve got a good content (and influencer) marketing strategy, you’d pretty much generate many results from these trendy issues.

To jump right into trendy issues, you should click on show more which is found under the what’s happening icon.


As the brand owner, your job is to go through the list and figure out if any of the twitter trending hashtags are relevant to your brand. If there are any, join the conversation to gain more engagement.

Here is one  example

#6. Participate and host Twitter chats 

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to join or host a live Twitter chat.

This way, you get to have a question and answer session, clarifying every doubt or question in the minds of your audience.

All you need is to set out a suitable time and start the conversation with a compelling hashtag.

Madalyn hosts #twittersmarter Twitter chat every week around social media topics.

She also shared some tips about how to increase twitter engagement in this tweet

Agorapulse a popular social media management tool also hosts twitter chat every week to generate engagement.


#7. Curate Content From relevant websites

Are you only tweeting your own content?

Sharing the content of others is one of the best ways to show that you also value the work of others as well.

We at socialert curate content from authority websites as well social media influencers on our twitter feed which helps us to engage our audience.

Here are few content curation tips from Anthony Gaenzle who is Head of Marketing at Granite Creative

  • Post regularly, and go beyond simply posting your website’s content. Share content from other sites within your space with your followers, and make sure to mention those sites when you post.
  • Ask questions. People love to offer their input. So, by asking questions you generate conversations that lead to clicks, comments, likes, and retweets, which Twitter loves, meaning your content will reach further.
  • Make sure you are also interacting with other users’ posts. The more you actually engage, as opposed to just posting and hoping for the best, the more your Twitter profile will thrive, and the traffic to your blog or website will follow.

Now you know how to amplify your twitter engagement, let’s take it a step further by letting you know the benefits of Twitter engagement.

Benefits of engaging users on twitter

Twitter is much more than a regular social media platform — it’s a marketing channel, and when used rightly, you’d pretty much grow your brand visibility and gain more engagement.

Here are some benefits of engaging twitter audience

#1. Audience base

With over 330 million monthly active users on the platform, you are sure to gain significant growth and visibility on the platform.

If you are searching for more customers or looking for more audience base, then Twitter is the right platform to focus on.


By a mere tap on the mobile screen, followers across the globe would retweet your post.

If your posts are consistently shared on the platform, you will gain more exposure quickly.

Sometimes, likes and replies show up on your fan’s follower’s feeds like the screenshot shown below.

You see, the reach is almost limitless. 

Furthermore, some folks share Twitter screenshots on other social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

With Twitter, you are sure of massive brand exposure.

#3. Build brand-customer relationship

You can quickly discover Tweets and mentions of your brand on the platform. This way, you get to connect with your customers and build a healthy relationship with them.

You also get to tackle issues and resolve complaints.

Here’s the thing; customers like to feel valued and appreciated. And you can do just that by merely responding to them on the platform.

Conclusion — amplify your Twitter engagement the right way.

Amplifying your Twitter engagement is not rocket science. Simple practices like the ones in this guide would go a long way.

By simply understanding your audience, interacting with your followers, using eye-catchy visuals, and taking advantage of trendy issues, you’d build more engagement on the platform.

Also, you can take it a step further by knowing the right time to publish your posts.

Now you know how to amplify your Twitter engagement, you should sign up on Socialert for the Twitter analytics tool to measure engagement about your account and hashtags.


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