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How to Count Tweets For Hashtags And Users

Twitter Marketers promote hashtags, brand Twitter account, and keywords. During their Twitter campaign, they are interested in

  • How many tweets their hashtag has.
  • Count tweets by the user in a hashtag campaign
  • Twitter Follower count growth of the promoted brand account
  • Twitter Mentions Count of Brand Handle

These twitter metrics explain if the Twitter campaign was a hit or not.

Twitter does not provide any tools that count the number of tweets on hashtag or follower growth for data that you don’t own.

Since doing it manually would be tedious the need arises for a twitter counter tool that can show such metrics.

We would cover a lot of metrics in the blog. If you are in hurry and want to count the number of tweets you can try socialert here first.

What Twitter Counter Tool Can Do

  • hashtag counter to count hashtags in tweets
  • count number of tweets by a given Twitter account in a hashtag campaign
  • count tweets with keyword
  • Twitter mention counter for any Twitter handle
  • Twitter follower count for any public Twitter account

Now let’s learn how we will do that one by one.

#1. Hashtag Counter

If you are running a branded hashtag campaign you need to justify your marketing efforts by

  1. Number of tweets on the hashtag
  2. Number of tweets by accounts on a hashtag campaign
  3. Retweet count on hashtag tweets
  4. Other metrics like users which you can check here.

Now when you are running a hashtag campaign on twitter, you need to know about your campaign like tweet count by users, users most retweeted in the campaign. Tools like socialert track hashtag campaign in real-time as well able to compile historical twitter data in campaigns to provide you, tweet count, retweet count, replies done by users in report.

Apart from general metrics you can check the number of tweets as well count of hashtags in tweets, image count in tweets, links count in hashtags, reach, and impressions on hashtags in tweets.

Since this is not possible to do manually socialert hashtag tracker helps a lot to

  1. Brands running their hashtag campaign like #justdoit by Nike
  2. Events having hashtag like #smmw20
  3. Track tweet chats like #twittersmarter
  4. Track tv hashtags like #republictv

#2. Tweet counter by user

If you are running a hashtag campaign and you have hired influencers or twitter users to post tweets you need to know the following metrics

  1. Tweet count by users on the hashtag.
  2. Retweets received by users on their tweets.
  3. Twitter mention counter to track mentions of user handles.

If you will do search hashtags and search tweets by date on twitter you would get these tweets.

You can also use the since and till search operator to filter the hashtag data by a particular user. However, this takes time. It would also not give you the number of retweets done by this user. You need to do hit and try with Twitter search operators. Also doing this for every user in a hashtag campaign is time taking task.

Socialert analyzes top users by tweet count as well top users by retweet count.

You can even export hashtag tweets to excel and check the user’s sheet which provides you exported excel having tweet count along with retweets and replies posted by users.

Hashtag reach and impressions by users are also important. When you would add them all you would get reach and impressions for complete hashtag campaign.

#3. Count Tweets with Keyword

If you are promoting branded keyword phrase for any brand and Twitter keyword trends on Twitter It is the same as trending hashtag on twitter.

You may need to know the same metrics as we did in step 1 for hashtags. You can use socialert same way to track keywords on Twitter.

#4. Twitter mention counter for any twitter handle

If you are a brand manager you may be interested in counting the number of twitter mention for your brand handle. You may need it for

  1. Customer service
  2. Check twitter users interested in your brand
  3. Users sharing brand content on twitter.

We have published a separate blog on tracking twitter mentions check here –  What are twitter mentions and how to track twitter mentions

In the next section, we will learn about socialert tweet count feature and how to use it.

#5. Twitter Follower Count Tracker for any twitter handle

You can check your follower growth on Twitter but it does not show you how your follower count grows with time.

You can download twitter data for the account you own from twitter

It includes your tweets as well as twitter follower history data in excel.

However, if you are looking for historical twitter follower data for any other public account you need a twitter follower tracking tool like socialert.

You can track twitter follower data in real-time as well able to compile historical twitter follower data. You can use socialert to

  • find the most-followed followers on twitter of your and other public accounts.
  • how to see someone’s verified followers twitter
  • track someone else’s twitter followers

Also, when you would download twitter followers to excel using socialert exported twitter followers in excel have the following data.

You can use filters and formulas in an excel sheet to know quickly.

  • The total number of followers in a given date range.
  • Count of twitter followers by country
  • Sort and rank followers on basis of follower count and profile keywords.
  • how to see when someone started following someone on twitter

This kind of Twitter follower data helps a lot in twitter marketing for your brand

The next section will help you to understand twitter counter metrics socialert provides.

Twitter Counter and Twitter Trends count basic report with Socialert

Socialert is helpful in counting tweets for hashtags, Twitter account, and brand mentions. In trial user, you can open the home page and choose the option you need. The next screen will show you tweet count and other metrics.

#1. Twitter Count Metrics for Hashtag, Keywords, and Twitter Mentions

Let’s look at some basic metrics related to twitter count. The first chart shows your twitter counter metrics

#1. Total Tweets – Number of tweets including retweets and replies.

#2. Total Users – Count tweets by users including retweet, replies

#3. Total Reach – Number of followers of unique users who tweeted

#4. Total Impression – Number of Max possible views of tweets

#5. Total hashtags – Count of hashtags in all tweets

#6. Total Links – Count of links used in all tweets

#7. Total Images – Count of images used in all tweets.

#2. Tweet Count Metrics for Any Twitter Account

Socialert is helpful in analyzing any Twitter account as well followers of any twitter account. You can select the account option on the home page and search for the relevant user on the home page.

When you analyze any Twitter account with socialert here are twitter analytics for other accounts including  tweet count metrics for twitter user profile.

Here is a summary of Twitter user analytics

#1. Tweets – Number of tweets posted excluding retweet and reply count.

#2. Hashtags – Count the number of hashtags posted on tweets including retweet, replies

#3. Retweets And Replies – Number of retweets and replies by this user.

#4. Retweeted Count – Number of retweets made by other users on their tweets. Very useful to check the influence of any twitter account

#5. Favorites– Count of favorites on all tweets

#6. Links – Count of links used in all tweets

#7. Mentions – Count of Twitter handles used in their tweets.

You can also track Twitter followers in the follower section where you can download the Twitter follower list as described above.


If you run twitter analytics with socialert you will get a lot of metrics apart from tweet count. You will discover the total number of users that use the hashtag, hashtag reach, and impressions as well.  We also provide top tweets, top influencers, top followers as well.

These twitter metrics will help you to shape your next campaign better.

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