How To Conduct Twitter Audit

Nowadays, every business or brand is in a race to gain maximum influence through Twitter. Twitter can give one the platform to showcase the unique solutions they offer in the market. But, attaining the desired reach is still a dream underachieved for many!

So how can you achieve your Twitter targets? 

With a simple Twitter Audit!

This article will guide you throughout the process of conducting a Twitter audit for your personal or business account. But let’s start with the basics first… 

How To Conduct Twitter Audit

What is Twitter Audit?

A Twitter audit is an inspection of your personal or business account. A Twitter audit gives you complete information about your Twitter history and activity. If you are looking for a detailed analysis of your brand’s Twitter profile, this audit will give you a complete account report within seconds. 

Maintaining a productive Twitter account takes more than tweeting regularly. You need to understand if your account is up to date with Twitter trends. An audit gives you a detailed report of what’s working and what’s not working for your account. This review also includes checking how your tweets are working with your goals by analyzing your follower base. 

Why Twitter Audit is Important

Many successful brands conduct regular Twitter Audits to plan a Twitter strategy for their business. A constant analysis of various approaches helps brands to make crucial decisions and execute the plans. The Twitter audit enables you to see how your business account is performing to understand if your marketing or awareness strategy moves in the right direction. It also helps you track and monitor your tweet’s engagement and gradual growth. 

What Tools Are Needed To Audit Your Twitter Account?

#1. Twitter Analytics 

Even though Twitter Analytics is always the first choice of any user or brand, it provides only the most basic metric’s audit to the users such as activity, followers, and cards. This information might be enough to get a generalistic overview of your account but does not help you draw an effective strategy for your business account.

#2. Socialert

Today there are many excellent Twitter auditing tools available online. Socialert is one such leading tool available in the market that helps you with an end-to-end audit of your Twitter account. It provides user and business accounts with a detailed analysis with crucial metrics such as tweet analytics, timelines, engagement, Twitter followers, following, top hashtags, keywords, links, and users.

You can easily use this Twitter analytics tool to access crucial information about your account performance with detailed metrics. All you need to do is go to socialert.net, select the account option, and enter the desired account name that you want to audit. Once you click on ‘Try Now’, you will land on your dashboard in a few seconds with every detail you need for your Twitter Strategy.

#3. BuzzSumo

If you want to in to get details about twitter influencers and users who share your content buzzsumo is the perfect tool. it helps to know who is sharing your content and what topics are being shared more.

#4. TwitterAudit

Twitter Audit is the easiest way to analyse your audience. With the help of this tool, you can easily identify how many followers of yours account are fake and how many of them are real. 

To use this tool you just enter the Twitter handle and hit the Audit button. This tool is also helpful to know the account you are auditing is real or fake and you can block these fake followers.

#5. FollowerAudit:

FollowerAudit is fake Twitters follower audit tool with the help of this you can identify fake, inactive, and spam followers of your or any other public Twitter

This tool can track the Twitter follower growth of any public account and provide instant notifications on gaining or losing each follower.

Key features of FollowerAudit, 

  • Conduct a fake follower audit        
  • Identify unfollowers
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Track follower growth

How to conduct a Twitter audit?

There are five main aspects of a Twitter audit that includes auditing your account tweets,  activity, audience/followers, profile, and influencer/brand advocates. We will explore all these metrics step-by-step for your detailed understanding of the Twitter audit process.

Analyze your Tweets

If you will check the tweets tab in the Twitter analytics dashboard you would find quite a lot of information about the tweets. you can check the tweet activity of your account and check Twitter graphs for metrics including

You can even download twitter analytics using the export option day wise and tweet wisely

The second option to audit the tweets is socialert. It is better than twitter analytics If you want to do an audit of any other twitter account as well.

The very first step of your Twitter audit process is to analyze your tweets. Select the period from when you want to analyze your tweet performance. You can select the calendar option to filter your tweets.

You will get your tweet report for the selected time duration. The tweet analytics will involve crucial metrics such as tweet count, hashtags, retweets, replies, favorites, URLs, and mentions. You can get a brief idea about your tweet’s performance based on these statistics.

When you export tweets using socialert you get the data including hashtags, mentions, and retweet count for each tweet.

The Analytics tool allows you to scan all your tweets collectively on a single platform. These statistics help you find any significant patterns and trends in your tweets. You can utilize this tweet information to improve your Twitter performance in the following marketing cycle. 

What is the benefit of  auditing tweets and Twitter metrics
  • Which type of tweets has received the most engagement .i.e., likes, comments, and retweets?
  • What is the content of your top tweets, .i.e., video, images, and text?
  • Which tone is working best for your audience?
  • Are your hashtags working for your tweet? 
  • Which hashtags are performing best for maximum reach?
  • Are your tweets performing as per your goals?
  • Do you need to change or improve your future strategy?
  • You can check tweets that have almost NIL engagement and not related to your domain. You can delete them as well.

The biggest advantage of using Socialert for your Twitter account analysis is the convenience to download all your dashboard metrics in the form of an excel sheet. You can easily review your report anytime in offline mode.

Review your Twitter account activity

Now that you understand the performance of your account tweets, you need to review your account’s activity so far.

In the socialert report, you can select the period between which you desire to draw analysis. Twitter Activity status helps you understand how well you’ve been executing your Twitter strategy.

The twitter activity tracker tells you what’s working and what isn’t for your account. This detailed report helps you change your Twitter strategy by giving you all the information in the form of a spreadsheet to showcase which of your tweets get the highest reach, impressions, replies, retweets, and likes.

Don’t forget to analyze the hashtags are you adding to your tweets. Check if these hashtags are working for you to get a better reach. The twitter audit report will show you the top hashtags that have worked best for your tweet. Use these hashtags to increase your reach, and keep experimenting with a few more hashtags to discover a better lot.

What answers you get after auditing Twitter activity
  • How often do you tweet over a period?
  • What are your general tweet post timings?
  • Do you need to increase the frequency of your tweets?
  • Do you need to change the timing of your tweets?
  • Are you receiving the desired level of reach and engagement of your tweets?
  • Which hashtags will give you more Twitter engagement.

By reviewing your monthly or quarterly activity together, you can start finding a positive or negative pattern in your Twitter approach. Keep following the past activities that have brought you good results even in the future and phase out the things that have bear you no fruits.

You can refer to Twitter Analytics for an activity audit. However, you can also use more efficient tools such as Socialert to get a detailed report.

Audit your Twitter Followers & Audience 

The next important step is a Twitter follower audit to audit your Twitter audience. Your audience could be your followers or engaging users or even target customers. Getting a good understanding of your audience helps you shoot better tweet content by considering their field of interest. At first, You need to understand what demographic groups of people are following you and engage with your tweets.

You can start a Twitter follower audit using the Native Twitter analytics dashboard where you can see just view your top follower who followers your last 28 days period.  Also, check users who mentioned you in their tweet and got maximum twitter engagement.

Twitter analytics have removed the audience tab recently so you can not view more  Twitter follower analytics there.

You can do an audit of Twitter followers and audience using socialert. Their user analytics feature helps you understand the top-mentioned users, most retweeted and replied users. With this feature, you can get a brief idea of your audience and their top interests. A proper insight into your audience allows you to formulate your future content strategy. 

The user who has the most retweeted tweets of your account is your audience who matters for your brand.

You can even check top followers in the Twitter follower audit report. It would help you to know the kind of tweets that are liked by your audience.

You can also download Twitter users in excel who retweets more on your tweets with retweet count ranking

Analyze your demographics

You can use socialert to find the demographics of your audience and make sure they line up with your target audience.
See our follower country is the United States

Audit who you’re following

This the most important thing to audit who you are following. Are they relevant to your organisation or brand?

If not, you should unfollow the accounts that don’t make sense for your brand.

Be sure not to use a bot to audit your account. Twitter bots, also known as zombies Twitter doesn’t like the use of bots, so you should unfollow irrelevant accounts manually.

You can draw below conclusions from these twitter metrics

#1. Plan your tweets according to your audience’s interests. Identify the top interests of your target audience or potential customers. You can create your content keeping those interests in mind.

#2. You might even find Twitter followers who share your content. build a relationship with them and share your new content so it gets shared with their audience.

#3. Identify users who replied to you frequently mention you in their tweets. these people respect you and your brand. Share them neew updates so you get more exposure.

#4. Check users who are your recent and top followers. follow them back and provide them new updates as well.

Apart from this, the Twitter Analytics tool also provides insights into customer behaviors and buying styles. This is valuable data that you can use to target these people for lead generation and conversion. 

Twitter Profile Audit

The third step in the process is to audit your overall Twitter profile. However, unlike the above steps,you have to conduct this process manually. The online tools cannot help you personalize or customize your profile; hence you need to invest significant time to improve your account profile.

Develop a habit to check your profile periodically and update all the crucial information without fail. You can start by writing your bio with creativity and all essential details. Fill in the profile details considering your brand image and message. 

You will have to update the profile essentials such as contact details, profile picture, essential service details. Use a clear, impressive profile picture for your personal Twitter account and company logo for the business account. However, don’t change your bio very often, if not required.

Check the Twitter profile of Madalyn Sklar who updates her Twitter profile on a regular basis

You can also use Twitter’s “Moments” feature to update your audience with the latest daily happenings of your brand. This feature allows you to promote your brand and create awareness without even posting a tweet. Use this feature to regularly engage your audience by highlighting your best tweets and success stories. 

Another crucial aspect that you need to update frequently is the pinned tweet. These tweets are the ones that your profile visitors will see when you come to your profile for more information. Select your best tweets to be pinned for the audience to check out the best content of your brand. 

Some of the crucial points during the twitter profile audit

#1. Make sure your cover photo is 1500×500 pixels while your profile photo should be any square of at least 400×400 pixels

#2. your cover photo should be creative enough to describe your brand. Showcase a branded graphic or photo that represents you or your brand.

#3. Your bio may be good enough, but revise it to make sure that all details are correct and relevant to what you do.

#4. Update your pinned tweet from time to time to get engagement on new tweets.

Audit your Twitter Influencers

Your Twitter account followers are your biggest asset. Now, you have to make sure you are directing your followers the correct way to get the desired results.

You can use Buzzsumo to find  Twitter influencers who share your content on Twitter. you can follow them and share your content when you publish it.

Socialert also finds your top Twitter influencers and top active users who mention your brand handle and hashtags on twitter. This list helps you target your most dedicated and engaging followers subtly.

This list of influencers or followers makes it much easier for you to understand your top engaging audience. These users have the most impressions on your hashtag tweets, most retweeted by the audience, and help you achieve maximum reach.

Now that you know the user names of this loyal audience, you can tweet their interests to gain more engagement in return.

You can also find users who are actively engaged with your brand handle and hashtags in the active user’s section. you can add them to some list since they are happy to post about your brand.

You can find out who are your top mentioners to track down their profiles for more information about their field and background. This quick check will help you with a clearer picture for designing a better Twitter strategy.

How Twitter Influencers audit helps your brand?

#1. you can find new people who influence your content naturally. connect with them and appreciate them.

#2. If you hired an influencer you can measure if they meet your expectation or not.

#3. Influencers who are mentioned most are appreciated by the audience. let them know about it and ask them to share more content.

#4. Active users and retweeters may not influence but they are eager to share anything about the brand.  identify them and appericiate them.

How to access your Twitter audit report with Socialert?

Once you have scanned through all the crucial information of your competitor’s account, it’s time to act towards this report. But how to access this report? Socialert has made it extremely easy and convenient for you to view this report anytime by merely downloading it.

You can export your report into an excel file for you to review it in offline mode. There is an ‘Export To Excel’ option at the top right corner of your dashboard. Click on that option to get the report for your reference. 


We hope this detailed guide has enlightened you to carry out your Twitter account audit without any hassles. However, if you still have questions, take a quick tour through the Socialert tool to get some quick light on your audit journey.

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