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Twitter Mentions: How to Find, Track And Analyze

Following and tracking your social media mentions is very important.

Do you know how many Twitter mentions your accounts are getting per day?

How are you keeping track of those mentions?

These are two very important things to ask because they are vital to identify those who may become customers in the future and to measure reputation. Sometimes the number of social media mentions can be daunting. But if the mentions are tracked the right way there are a lot of perks and benefits. Tracking social media mentions should be performed daily as a marketer.

Twitter Mentions Explained

Although there really is only one type of Twitter mention, Twitter users use this term to explain different things. In other words, it is used as a blanket term by many. So, we will show what a Twitter mention consists of. And, we will also show other variations that users call mentions.

#1. Reply mention: A reply mention is actually what is states. This is when a user replies to a Tweet that directed at them by username.


#2. @Username: When used in the middle of a text this is known as a mention. you’ll receive a notification from Twitter that someone has mentioned you


#3. Hashtags: Hashtags are not really mentions – but many consider them to be. When the business name is the hashtag it is considered a mention. Example: The hashtag being #SocialertDotnet would be viewed as a mention. 

#4. Text mentions: These are like #3 but without the # symbol. These are just mentioning or including a person, brand, or business related to your brand.

Twitter Mentions- What to Track?

Twitter mentions are public texts or tweets that a user or business receives from another user. So, if you wanted to ask a brand something publicly you would write the username in the tweet and the user would get a notification. A reply and mention are two different things. A reply is a response to the original message that the mention was included in. It is important to track both Twitter mentions and replies. It is very important to know what users are saying about your brand or business in both mentions and replies. 

It is also important to keep track of how many times the mentions are retweeted because they add Twitter impressions to the hashtags. The reply can only be viewed by followers of both the original accounts but if the Tweet gets retweeted the influence grows.

Check this tweet from Neal Schaffer who is well known #socialmedia influencer

It is important to keep track of this information because Twitter campaigns may become popular or to identify highly influential users that are discussing your brand or business.

Twitter Data: Who Can See It?

While we are discussing Twitter data it is important to keep a few things in mind. There is a big difference between replies and mentions. Mentions will always have the name of the account in the actual Tweet and can be viewed by everyone. A reply to a Tweet cannot be seen except by those who are replying and the initial sender or user. For another user to see the reply they would have to be following both accounts. 

A new problem that has evolved in the most current social media arena is the troll or trolls. These are individuals that mention a specific account multiple times per hour or day. A troll will do this to disrupt the account being mentioned and will be taunting the account owner or holder. Remember, mentions can be viewed by everyone across the Twitter platform.

It is important to know how to report a Twitter user and account. Go to the troll’s profile and click on the menu at the bottom. This is where the account can be reported and blocked. The sooner the troll is blocked the easier it will be to keep track of mentions that are viable.

Twitter Mentions- How to Track

#1. Go into your Twitter account and make sure that it is set to receive notifications when you or your brand are mentioned. Notifications can be received from email, the web or on your cell phone. All you must do is install the Twitter app. Just log into your Twitter account and head to the settings for notifications and turn the feature on. 

#2. Search for mentions of your company or brand in the search area. This will then bring up all the public mentions pertaining to your business. If you want to view the most current tweets just click on the “Latest” tab. 

#3. Twitter Advanced Search- The advanced search feature allows special searches to be created using certain dates, people, places, and terms. A user can save up to 25 searches.

Tracking Twitter Mentions Using Social Media Analytic Tools

There are many tools available to help keep track of twitter mentions and more. You will want to choose a platform that is affordable and gives specific up-to-date information. 

One of the available tool in the market is Socialert. Gone are the days of spending hours having to decipher Twitter analytics using basic searches. It is now possible to get all the information in one place and in a matter of minutes. If you are a professional marketer or business owner, you know how valuable time is. Instead of having to use many different twitter tracking tools you want something that is all under one roof and easy to understand. You want the analytics to be current and easy to keep track of. 

You can track mentions of the account handle, brand name and branded keywords/hashtags using socialert twitter tracking features. Even you can analyze any twitter account handle using socialert

Here is a snapshot of twitter tracking for twitter handle keyword socialertdotnet. The report includes a lot of twitter stats including

  • Users, Reach, And Impressions on tweets containing the keyword
  • the influencers who got most retweets on tweets containing keyword
  • Tweets which get most retweets


Social media analytics tools are well worth the investment and time. It is also important to remember that even the best tools should not take the place of interaction with potential customers. Social interaction is still the leader when it comes to growing your account on Twitter and other social media platforms.

How to Get More Twitter Mentions

If the world was perfect, fans and clients would use the @mention anytime they decided to share the content that belongs to you or mention your business on Twitter. Instead, they just use your account name without @ OR even business name in their tweets.

Getting a mention with @ in the tweets will make your business more visible and can help you pull in new followers.

The world is not perfect so here are a few things you can do to get more Twitter mentions.

#1. Use Hashtags Hashtags have long been used to track subjects on Twitter and other social media platforms. The use of hashtags will help those with the same interests find your content and tweets. If you use hashtags more people will find your content and the possibility of mentioning your twitter handle would be higher. check this guide on how to use hashtags on twitter 


#2. Be Social Yes, be social and start conversations with people. Many forget that social media is used to be social. Starting new conversations brings in mentions and even new followers.

Instead of waiting for someone to start conversations who may need your help, start them yourself! It can give you direct sales.

#3. Social Buttons on Website   Make your website social friendly. Add social media buttons that are easy to find. You can add that your twitter handle is added along with the text being shared.

#4. Engage when others tweet. Ask questions or make a comment in other user tweets. Again, as stated above all you have to do is get involved.

#5. Be Quick: When a customer or client has a question and tweets you make sure you answer them in a timely manner. No one likes to be ignored when they have a question or concern.

Common Twitter Mention Mistakes to Avoid

Tracking the number of mentions that your company gets on Twitter is easy. The problem is that Twitter works in real-time. If you are only checking your Twitter mentions once-a-day – it isn’t enough.

#1. Tracking Twitter mentions quickly –When a client or business mentions your name or business on Twitter you want to be able to answer it quickly. No one wants to wait days or weeks for an answer. Be sure to check your Twitter account periodically so that you don’t miss anything.

#2. Check Misspellings – There are times when the mentions of your business or brand are being misspelled. You will want to check for variations.

#3. Only tracking @mentions – Do not track just the mentions of your business that are tweeted out. You will want to track your business name, brand, and hashtags. This is a really good way to make sure that you are not missing anything.

Twitter Mentions: Finally

Using the above tips would help you to take control of the conversation and stop missing out on opportunities to interact with your audience. Use the Socialert Twitter tracking tool to make sure that you never miss an opportunity to track twitter handle, branded keywords and hashtags.

If you have any tips for twitter mentions? Tweet us on @socialertdotnet !

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