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How to Track Brand Mentions on Social Media and Spark Your Brand

With over 3 billion users worldwide and its vast medium of digital interactions, social media platforms are truly one of the best tools that business owners can take advantage of. As such, recognizing the number of people who have access to the internet alone makes several entrepreneurs realize that these channels are indeed crucial to promote their brand.

Without a doubt, brand awareness is essential if you have the desire to expand your business. After all, the more that people know about a brand, the more of its product will sell.

Although it sounds easy because of its always-on assurance, maintaining such needs hard work and determination. Also, even though we know how social media platforms can help in promoting a brand profoundly, many of us don’t know how to start the engagement.

So, if you want to find out more about sparking brand mentions, particularly on social media, then you must take a read below.

Defining Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are references to a company or brand in which people post them on social media posts or blogs using their brand name, social media handle or hashtags.

This effect makes it easier for shoppers to decide which product to buy because it allows them to know about the reputation of the brand. In brief, brand mentions are the digital impression of business because when we talk about evaluation, customer feedback is always right.

Monitoring Brand Mentions

Since one of the pillars of use case is that they define the interaction, it is imperative to track such. You can track brand mentions by searching brand-related keywords on twitter, Instagram and Facebook search.

However, one of the best ways to track brand mentions is to obtain a reliable keyword analysis and hashtag tracking tool like Socialert which can help you analyze and aggregate social media data.

Socialert helps marketers analyze and monitor their social media campaigns. The tracking tool presents extensive analytics support about keyword and hashtag tracking.

For example, users can determine the thoughts related to the keyword or hashtag. From calculating your hashtags’ reach to distinguishing related key users, the interface comes with several analytics features.

Moreover, tools like Socialerts helps you track brand mentions on Twitter and Instagram in just a simple search.

Aside from that, analyzing the data provides you with more insights about the brand. This report includes all the required information concerning hashtag reach, top tweets, and more.


How Brand can Generate and Handle Mentions

Brand mentions can occur in many ways. You can think of a mention as a support for your brand. For instance, a Facebook user might mention your brand in a shared post. That is a brand mention.

Once you get your product on social media, people will likely talk about it, especially when an industry influencer who is in the same domain talks about your brand. This effect, in turn, will generate a sound around your brand. As a result, you will get many social media shares and even sales. That is what a brand mention can do for your company.

Check how oreo has collaborated with industry influencer to create the buzz about their cookies.

As digital platforms have contributed to raising the challenges in marketing a brand, here are ways you can use social media to your advantage.

Study and Improve Your Brand Profile

Each platform on social media serves a different type of audience. For example, active users on Facebook may not show any interest in Instagram, Twitter, or other social media channels. Therefore, to ensure that you are interacting with the right audience, you need to assess and study every social platform to determine your specific target audience.

When we talk about optimizing social media profiles, you must understand that there’s a crucial connection between social media’s algorithms and search engine algorithms. For that reason, it is significant for you to optimize your content upon its creation while understanding the algorithms and the on-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of search engines.

Furthermore, each feature of your profile in social media is modifiable for better optimization and visibility. On the one hand, learning the most critical functions in social media will never be easy because you will need to understand every essential detail of all its elements.

So, if you want to find out the tactics that work in boosting your visibility and reach on social media platforms, here are some that you must follow.

  • An identifiable brand logo
  • An easy username to remembering
  • The accessibility of your website’s external links
  • Pay attention to the call to actions, and keywords, and images you use
  • Descriptions must have SEO-optimized keywords
  • Keywords must be seamless and sound natural

One of the best examples is McDonalds’s twitter profile which you can check here 


Create Marketing Personas

Marketing personas will vary between different social media platforms; for example, Tiktok users are younger than that of Facebook. This scenario is genuine, and if you apply the same content on both channels, chances are it won’t produce the same results. So, to achieve the best outcome for your marketing efforts, you need to create various personas.

Begin with the business’ customer base and draft them according to the social platforms you use. Establishing these personas per social platform will help you reduce your content plans and may even set your voice according to the target audience. To attain these outcomes, here are the steps you must follow.

  • Create several marketing personas and choose social media platforms that suit
  • Produce content that matches with the personas
  • Check your networks’ diverse demographics or generate listening queries, particularly if you have to know more about your audience.

For example, Denny’s is a brand famous for humor on Instagram and  Twitter.

However, on the Facebook page they follow a totally different approach. Publishing “safer,” more traditional content. It may be probably because the audience on Facebook is older than on twitter or Instagram.

It may be cooling down outside but it’s warming up at Denny’s! Bundle up with the new America’s Diner Burger and treat…

Posted by Denny's on Monday, October 1, 2018


 Maintain an Excellent Sense of Humor

Adding humor into your approach can provide your brand with a more social side, which is always delightful to clients in this constantly evolving technological society. This method can truly benefit your brand because it helps you form a bond with the online community.

When you associate your humor to everyday social pains, life events, or popular trends, audiences can quickly relate. As such, using these moments tells your audience that you are not merely posting anything rashly but genuinely sending them at the moment.

While humor can help you connect with your current audience, it can also support you to draw viewers and rebrand. This effect is undoubtedly a strategy that must be thought out well, but if carried out successfully, it can completely influence the way people see your brand.

Check this tweet by Oreo how they added humor and engaged so may users in a single tweet.

One of the common goals as to why brands use humor is that it’s a standard feature in viral content. Aside from great exposure, humor can also make the brand more memorable not only to your audience but to other users as well.

Personalize Communication and Respond in a Timely Manner

Customers socialize because they want to interact with a human and not with a robot, particularly on social media platforms. After all, it’s called social media.

And while it may be tempting to formulate a canned or generic response for any mention, this is not the most reliable way to work.

Customize all interactions with the user. For example, whenever you receive a question on social media from likely customers, address those people by name and answer all of their concerns.

Interactions in social media platforms are instant, which makes it crucial to respond correctly and appropriately to social mentions. If you wait several days, you will risk the users disregarding their initial mention, which might affect your sales and ladder in the competition.

Check this twitter communication where customer support responded quickly to solve the customer issue and generated sales in a few hours.


Social media is a platform where brand mentions occur as it serves as a vast channel of digital interactions. That said, the more people comment, discuss, and refer to a brand, the higher the chances of that brand to spark brand mentions.

Lastly, social activity and presence are significant in marketing. Although it can be tough and challenging to maintain, the rewards for such hard work will be tremendous.

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