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The Best Of TEDxGateway Mumbai On Twitter

December 4 was certainly an incredible day for Mumbai. The 7th edition of TEDx Gateway was hosted in the city and created a buzz on social media.

With an astonishing reach, the event would surely be remembered for a long time.


The attendees and the organizing team took the essence of the event on various social media platforms like Twitter and let others have a sneak peek of it as well.

We have thoughtfully curated the 25 best tweets regarding TEDx Gateway. From poets to researchers, the event hosted individuals belonging to different verticals.

It was the wide range of diverse speakers that made the event such a success.

Let’s have a look at some of its best moments on Twitter.

1. The event started with a high spirit at NCPA Mumbai.


2. The child prodigy Capri Everitt kick-started the event with her beautiful rendition of the Indian National Anthem.


3. The stage was soon taken by Boaz Almog, who talked about Quantum Physics and explained how it is more than just a theory.


4. Because you don’t need to be a scientist in order to discover something. Wim Van Egmond embraced the stage with his wise words.


5. Wim Van Egmond made an everlasting impression on every attendee. He made everyone realize how sometimes beauty can be found in the smallest of things.


6. It is certainly a small world, Manish. This interesting tweet gave a sneak peek of the event and how hard the organizers worked to make it happen.


7. Meta’s Florian Radke gave an amazing talk about the futuristic Augmented Reality. The talk made everyone believe that #AR is the next big thing!


8. The team also got wishes all the way from WanChai, giving more power to the #Tedx family.


9. That’s so damn true, Sparsh!


10. Meta featured Florian Radke’s #Tedx talk about Augmented Reality on their official account as well.


11. The event hosted some breathtaking performances as well. It even inspired Dr. Shriram Nene.


12. Prukalpa Shankar shared her story of creating new LPG centers in remote areas and how she founded her firm SocialCops.


13. Some new inventions were discussed as Dr. Roozbeh Ghaffari talked about his research on bio sensors and bioelectronics.


14. That amazing moment when Raghu Raman took the stage and helped everyone unleash the true potential of their brain.


15. Team Dharavi Diary had one of the most uplifting stories to tell. The young entrepreneurs talked about their app and how it can be a big step towards women’s safety.


16. The moment when Sumit Sadawart took the stage and made us believe how music can conquer it all!


17. When #TEDxGateway started trending in other cities as well.


18. The time when Sparsh Purhythm made us believe that nothing is impossible in this world.  Here he was – getting prepped up for the talk.


19. The event also featured Neel Ghose and his Robin Hood Army. He shared the success story of how his team managed to touched the lives of 1.5 million people across 12 different countries.


20. Neel Ghose’s thoughtful talk certainly inspired every attendee.


21. Vandana Trivedi gave a thought-provoking talk about how we need to change the way we dispose our waste.


22. Sparsh took the stage with his cover of Eminem’s Not Afraid, which he called “RagaRap” (part Raga, part Rap)


23. Angelica Dass shared her experience with photography and how she challenged our age-old perception of ethnic identity and skin color with it.


24. Zak Ebrahim’s path to finding peace certainly inspired all. He shared his story about his troubled childhood and how he became a peace activist in the middle of terrorism.


25. It was indeed a memorable event for every attendee.


26. Divyanshu Ganatra shared his journey of being the first blind person in India to paraglide solo. His journey of overcoming blindness and shaping his life on his own left an everlasting impact on all.


27. That moment when Divyanshu got a standing ovation from the crowd.


28. What is your excuse?


29. The event was equally enjoyed by Dr. Nene, who congratulated the team for organizing such a successful event.


30. Woah! That’s a lot!


31. Because every year, it just keeps getting better and better!


32. And it came to an end with a promise to be back next year!

We are sure the walkthrough must have made you relive that amazing day. #TEDxGateway became a trending topic on Twitter with an impressive reach. Socialert presented an extensive breakdown of it with their analytics.


From the list of top influencers to active users and top mentions to key sentiments, you can see it all. With a cumulative reach of more than 3 million and an impression of over 17 million, TEDxGateway has certainly made a significant impact on Twitter. We lived every bit of it on Twitter as well and can’t wait for the next leg of the event.

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