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How To Identify and Reach your Target Instagram Audience

Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms across the globe. With the growing craze of Instagram, more and more businesses are using the platform to reach out to their target audience. According to the statistics of the present time, Instagram has about one billion monthly active users. More than 80% of the account holders on Instagram are found to follow the business they like and over more than 200 million Instagrammers seem to visit the business profile every day. This creates a big opportunity for businesses to promote their brand and reach their target customers on Instagram.

Going through the article will help in getting more clarity about your target audience and using the right strategies to reach the right audience. 

Research and Identify your Target Audience

Finding your target audience through the online platform is easier than identifying them offline. Some of the ways to identify your target audience on Instagram include

Establish a buyer persona

Even before you start researching your target audience on Instagram, creating a buyer persona for your brand is essential. Buyer persona refers to an ideal customer with whom you want to speak to about your brand. Creating a buyer persona can give you a clear picture of what your business customer will look like. 

In order to create the buyer persona, you need to think about your products or services being offered, what purpose does it serve, and for whom it will be best suited. You may even go into more detail in defining your buyer persona. Identifying the type of customers your business wants to attract helps in giving a good head start to your social media marketing efforts.

For instance, Nike is a brand that offers sports-related products and accessories. So the target audience of Nike will be athletes and people interested in sports. 



Know Your Followers

The next step after creating your buyer persona is to find out who actually your followers are on Instagram. Compare the demographic characteristics of your actual followers with your buyer persona. With the help of Instagram analytics tools, you can collect a lot of information about your target audience. 


The demographic insights provide you information about the gender, location, and age of your Instagram followers. The information collected proves to be helpful in the future marketing campaign. By looking at the followers of your competitors, you can also know you all can be your followers. 


Here is the official Instagram article on how to view your audience insights on Instagram


Gain Competitive Insights

Even by having a glance at the Instagram audience of your competitor, you can collect sufficient data about your target audience. The different posts published by your competitors and their followers can give you a better picture of your ideal target audience on Instagram. It is also helpful in determining the possible points that you may have skipped about your target audience. Combining the demographic insights and competitive insights with the buyer persona can help in creating the complete picture of your ideal target audience on Instagram.


Analyzing the Instagram hashtags of your competitors can be a good idea to gain insights about your competitors. Another way of gaining competitive insights that work out well is to analyze the Instagram account of your competitors. 


Try out Social Listening

Understanding your audience is essential for targeting. Social listening helps in understanding your target audience on Instagram better. Researching your audience and knowing what interests them helps in finding better ways to engage them. With the help of the Instagram monitoring tools, you can figure out specific conversations and topics on Instagram that are relevant to your industry. 

Check the above screenshot of where you can set up alerts to monitor priority conversation based on your industry keywords.

The conversation further helps in knowing your target audience better and having an idea about their point of view on the industry-related topics. By identifying the top conversations, you can initiate a conversation with the audience and spread your brand message.

Make the Best Use of Instagram Polls

There is nothing wrong with directly asking your audience about their feedback. Instagram poll acts as a tool to understand your audience even better. By directly asking your audience about their likes and dislikes, their shopping behavior, their interests, and more, you can better target audiences. Asking relevant questions helps in making the most of the Instagram polls and identifying the target audience better.


To create an Instagram poll, click the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen and then select the Poll sticker option.


If you want to learn how to create Instagram polls in more detail read this article

Reach out your Target Audience on Instagram

After identifying your target audience, reaching out to them is important. Once you have a clear picture of your target audience, you can make use of the collected insights to reach your target audience. 

Some of the best ways to reach your target audience are:

Use the right hashtags

While looking for your target audience on Instagram, hashtags cannot be missed out. Right hashtags can directly lead you to the right audience. The right hashtags are the hashtags that your target audience is likely to use themselves on Instagram. Hashtags can be greatly helpful in reaching out to customers who perfectly matches your buyer persona. The growing importance of hashtags has led to the use of Socialert Hashtag Instagram analytics to generate reports about particular hashtags that are helpful for your marketing campaign.

With the use of Instagram hashtag tracking tools, you can figure out the trending hashtags that are widely being used along with your or competitor branded hashtags. Check the above report for the same.

By using the appropriate hashtags that are relevant to your brand or industry, you can draw the attention of your target audience who have an interest in the industry. 

It helps in making use of the popular hashtags to enhance the visibility of your post. Apart from using the hashtags in your regular Instagram posts, using them in the stories will also benefit your business.

Look for What’s Working

In case you have started posting on Instagram, backtracking your posts helps in reaching out to your target customers better. It tells you about the engagement level of your posts and figures out the kind of posts that appealed to your audience the most. Recreating similar kinds of posts helps in interesting your target customers and reaching them easily. Looking at the performance insights of your published content, you can develop more engaging content and strengthen your marketing strategy.

Make Use of Location Tagging

If you are targeting the audience based on a particular location, the location tagging feature of Instagram is greatly helpful in reaching your target audience. Only the people who are interested in the content based on a particular location will be able to view the post. The location-tagged post helps in increasing the visibility of your post only with the right audience. Relevant content delivered to the right audience makes it more engaging for them.

For instance, if you tag New York, the Instagrammers who are interested in the place will be able to view your post.


Post at the Right Time

Timing also plays an important role in reaching your target customers. By taking a look at the demographic overview, you will able to know about the location of your followers. Posting your content at such a time that your target audience is likely to be online, helps in reaching them better.

For instance, if you are living in the United  States, publishing your posts at a time when most Instagrammers are likely to be online help. 

Participate in the Trending Conversations

From the social media listening report, you can figure out the trending conversations about your brand or industry. Participating in active conversations helps you in getting noticed by the right audience. It can act as an effective strategy to differentiate your business from your competitors and provides you with an effective way to engage your target audience better.

For instance, using ritekit, a social media listening tool, you can track the trending conversation related to your industry. 

Partner with the Right Influencers

The influencers have thousands of followers due to common interests in a particular niche. Collaborating with the right influencers can help in reaching out to your target audience on Instagram better. The socialert Instagram analytics can help in finding out relevant influencers with the use of specific branded hashtags.

Other Instagram hashtag tools can also help in finding the influencers that can be helpful for your business. The other way to identify top influencers for your niche is through the influencer discovery platforms. After identifying the best influencer for your brand, you can follow a different approach to successfully reach your target audience on Instagram.

For instance, with the help of ninjaoutreach, you can find the right influencer for your brand. 

Winding Up

The tips mentioned above can help you in successfully identifying and reaching your Instagram target audience. Researching, identifying, and reaching your target audience on Instagram is a continuous process. The more time you spend on understanding your target audience, the more refined your strategy will be, and you can reach your target audience better. 

Having an in-depth understanding of the interests as well as likes of your target audience on Instagram helps in the creation of more engaging content for them. Targeting the right audience is the key to the success of a business. Actively reaching out to your target customers will eventually help in establishing a loyal customer base. 

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