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Socialert Now Supports Facebook Page Analytics

Socialert Now Supports Facebook Page Analytics


Over the last couple of years, you have made Socialert grow as a leading hashtag tracking and keyword analytics tool. Now, to let our users perform Facebook page analytics without using any other tool, we have introduced a brand-new feature on our platform as well. Simply provide the Facebook handle of the page you wish to monitor and get an in-depth analytics related to it.

Facebook Page Analytics at a glance

Socialert has a dedicated section for Facebook page analytics. This can be used to track the growth of your own page or analyze your competitor’s page as well. All you need is the respective Facebook page handle in order to obtain vital information related to it. This includes the total traction received on the page (likes, shares, interaction, and more). You can also know the timeline distribution of the total published content, the major keywords used, the top mention, engagement, and so much more.

To start with, you can simply obtain the overall growth of a Facebook page at a glance. This includes the total number of page likes, average post like, average post comment, and the average post share over the specified duration.


Get the overall timeline distribution

This is one of the most vital statistics of the Facebook page analytics we provide. You can simply obtain an overall distribution of the number of Facebook posts over the provided time. This will let you know the days when you posted the most (or the least) content on Facebook. You can also devise the pattern and the overall content strategy that is followed by your competitors with this feature as well.


Top mentions with their engagement

There is also a dedicated section for the top mentions related to the Facebook page. This would display the top performing content that mentioned the Facebook page handle during the specific time interval. Besides the top mention, you can also know other vital details about it like the number of shares, comments, likes, and the total engagement.


Sentiment analysis

We automatically categorize the content posted on the provided Facebook page as positive, negative, or neutral. If you represent an agency or are a social media manager who is working to improve the overall reputation of a brand, then this would be a highly useful feature for you. It will also help you monitor the overall reputation of your competitors as well.


Analyze the average engagement by post length

Every digital marketer would like to know the relationship between the length of their posts and the overall engagement. With Socialert, you can finally unravel this mystery. Instead of following someone else’s suggestions, get to know how your audience reacts to your content. We automatically categorize the overall length of Facebook posts and list the average engagement a range has received.


This will help you learn more about your audience and you can come up with the kind of content that would get maximum traction from your audience.

Top URLs, Hashtags, and Keywords

Besides all the above-mentioned features, our Facebook page analytics can further provide lots of additional information to you. This includes the top URLs, hashtags, and keywords.

This top URL would be the count of any URL mentioned in the total content. The count will also be mentioned with the URL as well.


Similarly, there is a graph for the top hashtags. Some of the most frequently used hashtags would be listed here with respect to their total count on the provided duration.


There is also a word cloud of the most frequently used keywords on the Facebook page.The bigger the keyword, the more its count would be.


All of this will help you analyze the kind of hashtags and keywords that are mostly published on the page. It will also help you unravel the  marketing strategy used by your competitors. By knowing their target keywords and hashtags, you can certainly be a few steps ahead of them.

We are sure that by taking the assistance of these amazing Facebook page insights, you would be able to give a new life to your Facebook marketing campaigns. Not just Facebook, Socialert will also help you redefine your overall digital marketing strategy with its remarkable features.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the latest Facebook page analytics feature of Socialert. You would be able to analyze any Facebook page for the last 1 year (99 posts) for free. If you want to get a comprehensive report, then you can simply get a premium subscription of Socialert. It comes with tons of features like Twitter account analytics, hashtag tracking, Facebook page campaigns, and so much more.

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