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How To Make Social Media Your Most Powerful SEO Weapon


social media and seo

Do you think SMM and SEO are the two different sides of the same coin?

If you are still living in 2012, then chances are that you might be right. But not anymore. Presently, both SEO and SMM have amalgamated in the most flawless way.

What are some of the top links that are displayed after searching a specific keyword on Google?

Go ahead and look up for something on your favorite search engine right away!

Chances are that you would get results from social media websites like Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Needless to say, the relationship between social media and SEO is quite evident. Follow these expert suggestions to make your digital marketing campaigns your SEO lifeline.

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Social Media Hacks

1. Use Social Media Platforms as link-builder

Know what’s in and out and tap just the right opportunity to grow your presence on social media. It would be reflected on search engines as well and will boost your SEO results.

Link your website or any other relevant link with your social media profiles, updates, and almost any other kind of content that you post. It might not have a direct result on your SEO presence, but would definitely be reflected in the long run.

2. Include your social profiles on search engines

This is one of the best ways to link your social media channels with any search engine. For instance, if you will ever look for a specific brand or celebrity on Google, you would get a link to their specific social media channels as well.

social profile in google search results

This can be done by including a specific Markup code on your website, linking your social media channels together for better SEO results. You can visit the Google Developer Site and learn how to connect your social profiles with Google.

3. Make your updates keyword-rich

Not just for meta descriptions or on-page content, keywords also play a vital role in social media. Whenever you are posting an update on any social media platform, keep your major keywords in mind.

Also, don’t post a generic update on every platform. Your audience on Instagram would be different from Twitter. You can have the same master keyword, but you need to alter your post a little to go with the overall tone of a respective platform.

Keep yourself acquainted with the ever-changing updates of various social media channels. From surviving Instagram’s algorithm update to utilizing the best Twitter hashtags, you need to make an effort on every major platform.

4. Be original and compelling

While SEO might be all about using the same old keywords, the shift is radically changing. Instead of simply following arbitrary industry trends, be a rule-breaking. Make your own presence on social media in order to be noticed by search engines.

Take the assistance of user-generated content and dig a little deeper to create a lasting relationship with your audience. Your followers are your biggest force on social media.

Use a twitter tracking tool to get to know your followers and interact with them on a real-time basis. Try to come up with the kind of content that they would love to read.

Link your social media profiles with your customer care team and let your audience know how much you care about them with your prompt assistance. Be original and keep running giveaways and contests to have an engaging community for better SEO results.

5. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to a wider audience. It has been proven that 75% of people rely on social media and key influencers before buying any product. For more details, you can read how to run influencer marketing campaigns on twitter.

Tap just the right kind of influencers and gain productive knowledge before reaching out to them. With socialert , one can get to know about some of the most relevant influencers related to your industry based on keywords and hashtags.

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Not just for lead generation, influencer marketing can also change your SEO presence at the same time. From guest posts to getting backlinks from authority websites, influencers come with a whole package. Read more about influencer purchasing decision before making it a part of your overall marketing campaign.

Content Marketing Strategies

6. Your content should be searchable

If your audience can’t search your content, then there is no reason for posting it. Start by segregating your content thoughtfully and tap the most relevant set of keywords to get better results.

Try the Twitter Advanced Search to know what the recent newsworthy posts are. Get to know your industry from inside.

You can also use twitter tracking tools to attain a better brand monitoring practice. For instance, with Socialert, you can apply different filters (related to profile keywords, location, follower count, etc.) while looking for the right kind of information.

7. Your content should be shareable

Because every time an individual would share your content on social media, its visibility would increase. Subsequently, most of the search engines give more weight to the kind of content that has already been shared by others. It results in a lesser bounce-back rate and a more relevant search result.

8. Start listening

Social media listening can help you come up with new and relevant keywords for your brand. Instead of simply relying on the age old technique of discovering the same run of the mill keywords, get to know what your audience is talking about.

Be more organic and original while taking the help of a social media listening tool. After all, in order to create fresh and searchable content, you need to first identify the kind of content that is already making a buzz among your audience.

If you are still facing any problem, then have a look at these free keyword research tools to attain better results.

9. Create links for your content 

There is a reason why the internet is often called the “web”. After all, it is an ultra-complex set of links. Encourage interlinking of content. Not only between your own web pages, but try to include links from different authority sites as well.

Try to create more inbound links to your content in order to increase its weight on any search engine. This will not only increase your exposure on social media, but would definitely boost your SEO presence as well.

10. Utilize on-page Meta tags

To attain better SEO results regarding your content, make sure that you have optimized your on-page meta descriptions and tags. For instance, HTML title and meta, URL, alt texts, etc. should be taken into consideration while drafting any blog post.

Make sure that you give every page on your website or blog a search-friendly URL to get a better SEO reach.

Twitter Marketing and Search

Twitter is quite a sophisticated medium and is one of the quickest social media platforms out there. Follow these smart suggestions to increase your SEO reach using Twitter as a driving force.

11. Own a Customized #hashtag

No one can deny the fact that Twitter changed the way we use #hashtags. These days, almost every major brand is known for its unique and compelling hashtag.

If you can’t simply increase the presence of your social media profile on any search engine, then focus on a relevant hashtag. Instead of following someone else’s hashtag, come up with your own and associate it with your brand in an effortless way.

You can use a hashtag tracker to get to know the leading hashtags and keywords related to your industry. This will help you generate a unique and interesting hashtag for your brand.

Let that hashtag be your introduction and identity on Twitter. The more people would tweet using your hashtag, the more visibility it would gain. Here, you can get to know about some efficient ways to create the best hashtag for your brand.

12. Brand monitoring on Twitter

Without quantifying your results on a regular basis, you won’t be able to make the most out of Twitter. Subsequently, your brand-new hashtag would die a slow death on Twitter instead of being a star on search engines.

Use Brand Monitoring Solution from Socialert to know what your audience is talking about. Never miss a conversation and stay a few steps ahead of your competitors on Twitter.

Furthermore, we also provide readily available hashtag tracking reports that can help you calculate the overall reach and impression for your hashtag. This would be a boon for your brand monitoring practices.


13. Pay attention to your profile bio

In order to be found on Twitter, use your profile bio wisely. You can always perform a keyword or hashtag analysis and discover just the right kind of hashtags to be included in your bio.

There is nothing wrong with mentioning other accounts and letting your audience know about your professional position. Provide relevant information related to your location and profession in order to be found easily.

This will boost your presence to a whole new level and increase your Twitter marketing game.


best bio lines for twitter

14. Make use of Twitter lists

Twitter list is one of the most overlooked aspects of Twitter monitoring. From organizing an event to reaching out to your influencers, there are so many ways a Twitter list can help you increase your social media reach.

In order to know just the right kind of lists (and individuals), you can simply use Twitter search. There is also a dedicated Twitter search history report that can help you identify the right kind of users associated with a list.

15. Use your followers wisely

When it comes to Twitter marketing, you need to focus on your audience. If you have a significant follower base, then it would definitely be noticed by a search engine.

Too often, Google automatically links the official accounts of companies and celebrities having a significant number of followers. It also increases the overall reach of your content and helps in lead generation.

Nevertheless, make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of your profile while increasing your follower count. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram penalize accounts with fake followers. Make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake even on other platforms like Twitter and attain a perfect blend of numbers and quality content.


16. More Retweets

If you share more informative content, chances that it would have a better visibility. Link your website with your old tweets to propagate its presence on Twitter. Encourage your audience to retweet your content in order to attain better results.

By organizing contests or tweetchats, you can always attain your goals and have more retweets. Additionally, you can always retweet the content of other key users. This would encourage them to share your content with their followers as well.

Get to know more about Twitter SEO tips and use this revolutionary social media platform wisely to boost your SEO presence.

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Easy Tips and Tricks

17. Use social media meta tags

It is probably one of the most understated yet efficient ways to get your website noticed on any social media platform. Social media tags, or simply known as “Social tags” can let one enter additional information that would be displayed on any medium (like Facebook or Twitter) whenever a website is shared.

For instance, see the “before” and “after” difference in a tweet (with and without a social tag) in this picture.


It is quite evident that any user would be more attracted to the “after” picture. With a dedicated social tag, you can customize the kind of introductory meta-content that would be displayed on any social media platform.

Additionally, you can add keywords in meta-content to get better Twitter search results. You can go through this highly informative post to know more about Social tags.

18. Use social plug-ins

Most of the blogging platforms these days have an inbuilt plug-in that can be used to boost your SEO presence. For instance, WordPress and Drupal have included the highly-useful Yoast plug-in to help bloggers get better SEO results.

Socialize and Raven are two other popular choices for a social-SEO plug-in. WordPress has also introduced a Facebook plug-in that is designed to keep its graph search in mind.

Get to know about some of the best WordPress plug-ins for any business right here.

19. Use an auditing tool

SEO auditing is something that should never be taken for granted. Instead of keeping SEO practices for the last, make sure that you create your whole website around your major keywords.

There are lots of powerful SEO auditing tools that can help you bring out the best in your content. Get to know about some of the most efficient SEO auditing tools right here and validate the overall reach of your website.

20. Understand your search engine

Every search engine works in a unique way. If you are aiming to get a better visibility on Google, then try to unravel its key factors.

While no one can get to know about all the intricacies that are associated with its complex algorithm, we all can make an effort to make our web page more Google-friendly. This informative post will help you understand how Google search really works in 2016.


Your keywords are one of the most important SEO techniques that you need to apply and watch out to manage properly. That sometimes can be very difficult for website owners who are not very familiar with the SEO process. Developing content and link building strategies that grow your audience, build your brand, and increase your SEO and revenue is crucial for your business. See OutreachMama for latest info and strategies on how to do this.”



We are sure these fail-safe tips and tricks would be of a great use to you! Follow these thoughtful suggestions and make your social media campaign your most powerful SEO tool. If you have any other thoughtful piece of advice, let us know in the comments below.

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