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Scaling The Reach of #SMMW16 – An Event That Crossed A Billion Impressions

How #SMMW16 Generated more then 1 billion hashtag impressions

The most extravagant conference for social media marketers and gurus in the entire world, The Social Media Marketing World is one such event that created an everlasting impression on the internet and made its presence visible this year. The recent event that took place in April’16 made an exceptional reach as it created a buzz all over the net with a total impression of more than a billion. This certainly speaks a lot about the massive event that was hosted in San Diego earlier this year.

The 3-day event hosted social media marketers from various industries and allowed its attendees to see the new age of digital marketing by learning from the best names in the industry. Officials from brands like IBM, P&G, Walmart, Verizon, Amazon, Dell, and more gathered together for the love of social media. Needless to say, the event was an instant hit and took the internet by surprise with the presence of the powerhouse influencers and speakers that participated in the event.

The Massive Reach of #SMMW16

An event that hosts all the major game players of social media is bound to gain international attention. Not just for the 3-day duration of the event, it created a visible post and pre-event buzz as well. With some of the tweets that were about the pre-event excitement were re-tweeted more than a thousand times.

#SMMW Event

Though the event attracted around 3,500 social media marketers, enthusiasts, and gurus, the buzz that was created on platforms like Twitter was certainly noteworthy. More than 18 thousand people wrote about the event with some 91 thousand original posts. Overall, the event created a reach of a jaw-dropping 1.3 billion. With our state of the art statistics, we were able to dig some of the most crucial pieces of information about #SMMW16.

#SMMW Stats Using Socialert

Analytics  generated from Socialert

It was an international event and was discussed by people all over the world. Most of the people had positive and neutral things to write about the event. There were some productive discussions that gained a lot of attention as well. Here’s our breakdown of the kind of content that was posted on social media about #SMMW16. Our tool, not only catches the overall data but also quantities the nature of the content as well. Here’s a perfect example.

#SMMW Stats Geography


Information Sharing

Since the event hosted people belonging from different industries, constant discussions and information-sharing about a plethora of topics were held. We have captured some of the major keywords and have created a word cloud in order to depict the popularity of these keywords.

SMMW Word Cloud

The word cloud depicted not only topics, but information about a few key speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Jay Baer, and Michael Hyatt, to name a few. The attendees seemed to have a great time as they got an opportunity to rub shoulders with the greatest names in the industry. Catch the buzz and the highlights of the event and know what happened behind the scenes:


The Power of Influencers

It was a group of popular speakers and influencers that made the event such a great success with its massive reach. We were able to devise a list of some of the top influencers that shaped the online presence of #SMMW16. Some of them were @morrowchris, @MarketingProfs, @mbcochrane, and more. You can see the list of some of the leading influencers that we were able to extract here.

SMMW Influencers

#SMMW16 was the major hashtag that was used by the speakers and attendees that got it trending on Twitter. We compared different hashtags that were used and #SMMW16 was a clear winner – with more than 75-thousand mentions of it. Scaling such a massive event was certainly a task in itself, but our analytics were genuine, authentic, and were largely appreciated by others.

SMMW hashtags

We kept sharing our reports to other users on Twitter in order to let them have insightful information about the event as well. Our results were pitch-perfect and accurate that got us appreciated by attendees and speakers of the event as well.

SMMW Stats Socialert

The event gained its massive digital impression not only because of the popular speakers and influencers who participated in it, but also because of its pre-event buzz and the short and direct hashtag that was targeted by everyone. #SMMW16 certainly left its mark on various social media channels and we were happy to quantify its reach.

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It's time to learn more about employee advocacy w/ @bryankramer, @ambarmstrong, @ShaneMcLaughlin, & @BMW #SMMW16 Click To Tweet

Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers Speaking at #SMMW16 @MadalynSklar Click To Tweet

RT @dorieclark: Ten Things Social Media Marketing World Taught Us About Event Marketing #SMMW16 @Bizzabo Click To Tweet

If you have missed the event and can’t wait for the next year, you can simply go to their YouTube channel to see some of their hand-picked videos as well. Gear up for the next year’s event and get more information about it by visiting their official website.

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