Twitter Marketing

How to Find and Analyze Twitter Trending Topics

There is no denying that Twitter offer brands the opportunity to engage consumers in a way other channels don’t. Not only can brands of all sizes provide valuable and relevant content to their target audience, but they can also take part in the trending Twitter topics conversations related to their business....
Twitter Marketing

How To Run Twitter Influencer Campaign

Have you been hoping to get more targeted followers on your brand’s social media page but nothing seems to be working? Influencer marketing can be the answer to that problem. According to the Digital 2019 report by ‘ We Are Social’, 3.4 billion people actively use social media, .i.e. 45%...
Instagram Marketing

A complete guide to Instagram Impressions and Reach

Instagram is quite popular and the top choice of brands for promotion. Brands promote their accounts as well as hashtags on Instagram. The brand tries to reach as many people and have more  Instagram impressions on their campaigns. However, Instagram reach vs. Impressions confuses marketers and social media users. So,...
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