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How To Find Most Retweeted Tweet

Twitter is an open network where users make a lot of tweets and retweets every second.

Whenever you post a tweet you would expect some retweets from followers so that your tweet is reached a relevant audience in no time.

So everybody wishes to get more retweets and hungry to know how it can be done.

However, it is also important to find the most retweeted tweet for any account, hashtag campaign, brand mention to make the right marketing decisions.


In this blog post, we will learn how to find popular tweets and how we can use this information in branding.

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Let’s first learn about the basics of retweets.

How To Find Most Retweeted Tweets

What are tweets and retweets?

According to twitter retweet is the re-posting of a Tweet. Twitter’s Retweet feature helps the user to quickly share the content of Tweet with all of your followers. You can Retweet your own Tweets or Tweets from someone else whether you follow them or not.

What are the benefits of getting retweets?

When used wisely, retweets often lead to reach more and the right audience because of the following reasons.

  1. The retweet is done by people who have the same interests as you have.
  2. Retweets share your tweet with their followers. Hence more people interact with your tweet.
  3. If followers of retweeters like your tweet they may follow you.
  4. There are also chances that followers of re-tweeters would retweet your tweet.

Let’s learn how you can get more retweets.

How tweets will get a lot of retweets

If you are running a hashtag campaign for any brand you would like to get more retweets on your tweets so that hashtag is reached to right audience.

Getting more retweets means you have more impressions on your hashtag tweets which is very important.

On another hand, if you are promoting any Twitter account you would also want to get more retweets so that your account gets more exposure.

So, how to get these retweets? here are some tricks.

#1. Tweet at the right time when your followers are active.

#2. Use relevant hashtags so that more people look at your tweets even if they are not your followers.

#3. Ask for retweets using tweets and DM’s

#4. Use links and images in your tweets.

#5. Retweets other users tweet so they also retweet your content

#6. Use quotes and reply to other tweets from time to time.

So use these tactics and get more retweets. Check this guide for writing better tweets that got retweeted.

How to Find the Most Famous Tweets?

There may be three use cases if you want to find the top tweets by a user.

#1. You are looking for the tweets that got maximum  retweets posted by your account

#2. Searching the most popular tweet of the particular influencer. It helps to know the most liked content for their users.

#3. You need to know the tweet which was retweeted most by other users in the hashtag campaign.

#4. Your brand is mentioned by users. You want to know the highest number of retweets that a tweet got mentioning brand Twitter handle.

How to Find your best tweets using the Twitter search and tools?

If you want to search retweets using Twitter you just need to search Twitter history with the help of  Twitter’s advanced search operators and find the data.

Let’s try the Tweet posted from @socialertdotnet having minimum 5 retweets.

Since I am looking for my most popular tweets I need to use the Twitter search operator and manually scroll the data with some hit and try.

Instead, If I can use a Twitter account tracking tool like socialert, I can find the most famous tweets in the top tweets themselves.

Even I can export tweets of any user in a sheet and do the analytics on them too.

If you are doing marketing for any brand and looking for how to find someone’s most popular tweets you can use the same tactics. brands generally need this information to check the influence of users on a particular topic.

Now move to these use cases #3 where you need to know the most popular tweet of branded hashtag campaign.

How to Find the Viral Tweets on hashtag using the Twitter search and tools?

Brands may need this data for one of the below purposes.

  1. If you want to know the top tweets by user during the campaign who have the most popular tweets of the campaign. You will learn the kind of tweets your audience likes. Also, this particular user should be the most liked tweeter for your campaign.
  2. When You want to find influencers for the upcoming hashtag campaign. In this case, you would like to do a historical tweet analysis of competitor hashtag data or your branded hashtag data.
  3. You want to analyze competitor branded hashtags to find influencers you shall need for the next branded campaigns.

Now we will check how this can be done by searching Twitter hashtag data on the Twitter interface.

Again we need to do some hit and try. Also If we need to check more details about retweeters we need to do it manually.

If you use socialert to analyze these historical hashtag data and retweets. You will not get top tweets on hashtag campaigns easily. you can set up real time hashtag tracking or you can use old tweets finder of hashtags. In both cases, you will get popular tweets in the hashtag campaign.


Even we find most retweeters users in hashtag report who do retweets on tweets with their retweet count on the hashtag.

There are other important metrics as well in the report instead of searching Twitter hashtag posts manually. These metrics are

  1. Users whose tweets are retweeted more than others.
  2. Hashtags and keywords used mostly in the tweets.
  3. Reach and impression generated on the hashtag.

If you would like to get tweets from the users who shared your brand handle in the tweet that can also be done using Twitter search as well socialert. We have one detailed blog on tracking Twitter mentions here.

However, you would find socialert is the absolute solution for tracking Twitter account, hashtags, keywords, etc.

What is the most famous tweet of all time?

#1. A billionaire and his wealth are repaid easily (4.4m retweets).

This is most retweeted tweet of all time in Twitter history is Yusaku Maezawa who is a Japanese billionaire, promising money to 100 people.

It was a money giveaway. For this one, it was to follow  Maezawa’s company, ZOZO, and retweet during Christmas and new year period. He promised to split 100m yen between 100 randomly chosen people.

A generous end to our list and an insightful lesson to all social media managers: people love free money.

#2. Cash means retweets (3.8m retweets)

Secondly, we have this from Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese businessman of great success.

This is another gift, with 1bn yen promising 1,000 people. A huge amount that explains the placement of this tweet. Clearly, money is a motivator

#3. Retweets mean nugget treats (3.4m retweets)

We presume that what began with Wendy’s social media manager’s “off-hand joke” quickly became a huge viral moment. Carter had his nuggs for Wilkerson.

The restaurant chain set the price at 18m, after wondering how many RTs it would take to get a year’s free chicken nuggets. Carter got to work. Carter had to work.

The Twitter verse picked up the tweet before long and received millions of accounts supporting the global #NuggsForCarter. Unfortunately, Carter fell just short of Wendy’s 18m. But, it didn’t matter at the end. Wendy’s also gave him a year’s supply of nuggets for his hard work and unexpected performance, plus they gave the Dave Thomas Foundation $100k to adopt.


#4.Famous people do selfies too (3.1m retweets)

This tweet had 3.3 million retweets and 2 million favourites, and this tweet was retweeted in 151 different countries.

It’s clear from this tweet that more celebs mean more retweets.

The photo with this most popular tweet has well-known faces like Meryl Streep, DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Lupita N’yongo.

#5. One Direction love-in (2.6m retweets)

In 2011, Louis tweeted: “Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis.”

This popular tweet has 2.8M retweets and received more than 1M favourites.

Within two hours of this tweet, the hashtag #HarryYouAreStillInLouisHeart was trending worldwide.

#6. Another YouTuber giveaway (1.8m retweets)

It’s Elrubius again, and almost the same thing.

This was his first LIMONADA gift edition. Again, just replay the tweet and some free stuff might be won. Maybe this should be done by all Twitter accounts.

#7. Obama quotes Mandela (1.6m retweets) 

After the appearance of neo-Nazis and fascists in Charlottesville, Va., and the ensuing violence, Barack Obama put out a tweet many saw as a response.

The tweet was a picture of Obama with some kids, and a quote from Mandela’s book Long Walk to Freedom.

#8. Barack Obama teased Ellen DeGeneres

President Barack Obama teased Ellen DeGeneres for using “a bunch of celebrities” to break his record for most retweets in an appearance on the comedienne’s chat show.

You can check this Twitter blog link as well for the most retweeted tweets of all time on Twitter in 2020.


#9. BTS purple heart (1.4m retweets)

A simple tweet, but with a deep meaning, any BTS fan will know.

BTS fans are spreading love all over the internet with the colour purple 

V, a BTS member, say that purple is all about trusting and loving someone for a long time. This most liked tweet got 1.7M retweets and 3.1M favourites

#10. BTS bad guy (1.3m retweets)

A simple tweet, it’s just Jungkook dancing to Billie Eilish’s hit “Bad Guy”. 

The audiences like this video and this tweet received 1.4M retweeted and 2.4 favourites.

#11. BTS does the #InMyFeelingsChallenge (1.16m retweets)

The official BTS account posted a short clip of J-Hope “doing the shiggy” to Drake’s most viral track of “In My Feelings” – including the hashtags #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #HopeOnTheStreet. 


#12. “Retweet and Get Paid” (1.14m retweets)

MrBeast, a very successful YouTuber, uses the tried and tested way of offering money for retweets to the next location.

In this case, he said he would offer a lucky retweeter $10k. A lot of people obviously threw their hats into the ring.

#13.BTS stand behind BLM (1.02m retweets)

BTS tweeted its support for Black Lives Matter to its 26.3 million Twitter followers

BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter, which was then matched by their fans.

#14.Ariana Grande and the Manchester Arena bombing (1.03m retweets)

Popstar Ariana tweeted she was “broken” after a bombing killed 19 people and many more injured at her concert in Manchester, England.

#15.Free jerseys for all (1.01m retweets)

Damarious Randall, an American football player for the Cleveland Browns.

A few days before the 2018 NBA finals he promised a jersey to all retweeters if the Cleveland Cavaliers won but the Cavaliers lost all four games. This most engaged tweet got 1.01M retweets and 201.3K favourites.

On May 30 2018 Randall said that the tweet was obviously a joke.

#16. Teen Adopted New Dog Thanks To A Million Retweets (999.9k)

Ryan Sesselman, a 19-year-old college student who lives in New York with her mother, on June 9 went to a pet shop and want to buy a cute little female pup and he sent her mother a photo of himself holding the dog, asking how many retweets she wants in order to bring her home and she replied a million


Tweet metrics apart from tweets  using socialert

As you have seen that finding tweets using the Twitter search interface is time-consuming. It also does not provide you insights about users like

  1. What is the number of tweets for a hashtag along with hashtag top users?
  2. What time your followers are active and you get more hashtag impressions on Twitter.
  3. Find influencers users with more retweets on a particular hashtag.
  4. Track followers of any competitor account and know their top followers.
  5. What links and hashtags are being used by the particular user.


These best twitter stats are important for anyone.

If you wish to get these twitter stats and info for your Twitter account or hashtag click here.


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