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10 Instagram Post Ideas to Engage Your Audience

The way that businesses promote their products and services has changed leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Gone are the days when above-the-line marketing methods like television and radio reign supreme. Nowadays, having a social media presence can be the difference between successful product launch and a dud.

With that said, we understand that not everybody has a knack for creating social posts. Especially for a platform like Instagram, there is a sweet spot that you have to find for your brand in order to engage the right audience. Coming up with effective posts is a full-time job.

Currently, working on your brand’s Instagram presence?

Below are ten IG post ideas that would not only engage your current followers but also attract new potential clients

Inspire with a Quote

One of the main goals that you should have for every piece of content that you share on social is for it to be shareable. You want your users to share your post in their own social circles so that your brand can reach more people.

Inspirational quotes might seem cliche but, at the end of the day, cliches work. There are people who thrive on words of encouragement and affirmation. Inspirational content allows you to reach your audience without sounding too hard-sell.

Share Tips and Tricks

Like discussed earlier, shareability is a goal that you should have for the content that you create especially on Instagram. Unfortunately, branded content like product features isn’t the most shareable type of posts.

People share posts that evoke emotion or spur productivity. Quotes tap the former while tips tap on the latter. It is more likely for your post to become viral if the information is relevant and useful because individuals are more likely to reshare content that they deem valuable.

In this day and age, it is important to be on social media but it is more important to provide value to your followers.

Post a Tutorial

If there is one type of post that gets reshared the most on Instagram, it is tutorials. This type of content allows audiences to learn more about a product or a process. It is a post that has value and it tells your followers that you want to provide information that they can use.

With that said, you can’t just post any type of tutorial on your IG account. It must still be relevant to your brand. If you are selling fitness equipment, it might be a good idea to post a tutorial on how to perform the perfect squat. Likewise, if you sell baked goods, sharing your best banana cake recipe will get your business the likes and reach that you want.

Give a Glimpse of Behind-the-Scenes

Nowadays, consumers are more likely to support smaller businesses than big conglomerates. At the end of the day, it makes them feel better knowing that their money goes to actual individuals as opposed to a whole corporation.

Nothing says mom-and-pop operation than behind-the-scenes Instagram content. Let your followers in on how your product is made as well as your creative process. For this type of content, it is best to plan ahead. After all, you don’t want to mistakenly share trade secrets online.

Ask Questions

Having the means to talk to your potential customers is one of the biggest draws of using social media for your business. This interaction, most often than not, leaves a lasting impression on consumers. They are more likely to patronize a brand that they have a relationship with.

Instagram is a great platform to engage your audience through questions. Not only would you be able to develop a relationship with potential clients through this strategy but it can also give you an insight as to where to steer your brand towards next. 

Answer Questions

 Again, fostering a conversation with your audience is a benefit of social media particularly Instagram that you should be taking advantage of. Aside from asking questions, allowing your followers to send their queries portrays your brand in an approachable light.

Feature Your Product 

Your social media platforms, Instagram included, should be a trove of information to your followers. Having said that, featuring your product allows your audience to learn more about what you have to offer.

For product posts on IG, it is a good idea to highlight a unique feature in the product or service that you offer. You simply have to give your followers a reason to make the purchase.

Use Hashtags

IG users make use of hashtags in order to find content that they are interested in. Consequently, brands on social use hashtags in order to target the audiences that they want to reach. It is a symbiotic relationship that you should be taking advantage of for your company.

Aside from daily hashtags like #throwbackthursday, you can also utilize the power of hashtag holidays for global events like Earth Day, World Wildlife Day, or even Christmas!


Post User Generated Content 

User-generated content is one of the easiest types of posts you can incorporate in your marketing toolbox. Essentially, most of the work is already done for you by your customer. All you need to do is to repost and attribute. This strategy is relatively simple but incredibly effective in engaging audiences.

Tap an Influencer 

Influencer marketing has been all the rage in the marketing industry in the last few years. This, of course, is for good reason. Consumers trust the word and recommendations of influencers more than they rely on ads for their purchase decision. Tapping into this potential allows your brand to reach more people and convert this to reach into sales easier.

This strategy takes a little bit of investment but it is an investment worth making.


Having a good and thriving Instagram presence is invaluable for all businesses. Being active in this platform allows your brand to engage and build a relationship with potential clients. Fostering dialogue with these potential customers can turn them into loyal patrons.

With hope, the types of content above can help you create valuable content for your followers.

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