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The Importance of Using an Instagram Hashtag Tracker


More than 500 million people use Instagram daily according to statistics shared on the social networking platform itself. The extensive use of this platform has caused a lot of businesses to take their marketing efforts away from other famous social networks. The use of live videos and Instagram stories by different brands is quite a common practice today.

The platform allows marketers to be as creative as they like in their promotional efforts. Advertising on Instagram is a unique and highly customer-engaging process. However, businesses have realized how important it is to keep track of the success of their marketing efforts on this platform as well.

Instagram hashtag tools has come up with a way through which you and other businesspersons can track activities on Instagram and identify the initiatives with the best ROI.

So, why would you need an Instagram  hashtag tracker in the first place?

The next section highlights all the benefits that businesses can enjoy by keeping an eye on the success of their marketing campaigns on Instagram.

#1. Using  the Branded Hashtags

Hashtags have formed the latest trend in social media marketing. Brands that do not make use of branded hashtags in their marketing efforts risk losing the opportunity to gain new followers.

Hashtags, if used effectively, can dramatically increase your brand’s exposure. Also, with the help of hashtags, businesses can keep track of their performance.

This Instagram post is a good example of hashtag marketing with help of influencers.

You can find out which hashtags are currently trending and can be used effectively in your marketing campaigns. 

There are many different ways in which you can use hashtags for promotional purposes. Tracking Instagram hashtags by your side can help you identify those popular hashtag trends that are relevant to your brand.

Do you need a dedicated company to tell you about the best hashtags?

A simple answer would be ‘yes’ because if you go on any social networking platform, you will realize that there is an inundation of hashtags — all of them trending.

Hence, you do not have to get overwhelmed by the massive number of hashtags trending today and you can identify and use only those that will help your brand gain the exposure that it needs.

#2. Determine the Timing

Timing is critical when promoting your brand on different social media platforms. Many businesses remain confused about the frequency of their posts on Instagram.

To answer this confusion, you need to understand the importance of remaining in the customer’s mind without having to bombard them with excessive messages.

Too many posts can end up negatively affecting the image of your brand. On the other hand, infrequently posting can cause them to forget about your brand altogether. Therefore, it is recommended to take a moderate route when determining the frequency of your posts.

Many brands such as Adidas, believe in posting only once on any given day. It helps the brand reach the desired engagement level.


Creating a calendar for the launch of each post can help you boost the responsiveness. With the use of Instagram tracking, you can ensure proper planning.

#3. Using Effective Content

Having a particular direction and theme for your content is crucial if you wish to engage your target audience successfully. Merely posting pictures on Instagram will not guarantee success and you need to make sure that the type of content you are using is relatable to your target market. However, this understanding and awareness can take time to build up.

This Hubspot video is good enough to understand Instagram captions


It is easier for businesses to understand what kind of hashtags will have the most impact on their visibility and how often they should be posting pictures online. You have to identify the tone that best suits your social media persona and your posts. With the help of a hashtag tracker for Instagram, you can analyze which posts are effective, and use this analysis to create content for your future campaigns.

#4. Competitive Analysis

Knowing what your competition is doing can work significantly in your favor. The number of followers that your competition has as compared to yours gives you an idea about your brand’s standing on Instagram. Using this, you can make a list of the names that are the leaders of your industry. Moreover, you can learn many things by looking at the marketing efforts of your competitors. What works for them might not work for you but getting ideas about what response your competitors are getting can prove to be helpful.

If you want to know   track Twitter followers of your competitor here is an exclusive guide


#5. Understanding of the Target Audience

Each social platform that you use gives you in-depth knowledge of the target audience. Through social media platforms, it becomes easier for businesses to keep track of their customers’ activities. However, do not make the mistake of assuming that keeping the same message on all social media platforms will work equally effectively.

You might be surprised to know that the target audience or followers on one platform will vary greatly from the target audience on another social platform. Therefore, your content and marketing message should vary accordingly.

To design a campaign that is right for your Instagram followers, you need to know them first. It can be done easily by looking at

  • The demographics and psychographics of your followers.
  • The source from which you get the majority of the followers.
  • The frequency with which your followers engage with your content.

#6. Customer Engagement Level

The frequency and the way in which customers engage with your brand are important to your overall success. Because of the interactive nature of all social media platforms, it is essential that businesses play their part as well. Not giving importance to what the customers are saying about your brand is a mistake that many businesses make today.

As a business, your responsibility is not only to advertise effectively on Instagram but also to keep track of the concerns and queries that might arise in the minds of your customers. With so many comments and likes it is natural for businesses sometimes to ignore the messages. However, with the help of an Instagram tracker, you can make sure that no query or concern goes unnoticed. Having an efficient communication method will help your customers feel valued and heard. It will work significantly in creating brand loyalty in them.

#7. Strategy Creation

With the help of creating the right metrics and measuring them, the strategy formulation process becomes much easier. Without the right strategy, you will end up with a campaign that does not know who it is targeting and what it expects to achieve in the end. Using an Instagram hashtag tool will streamline the strategy formulation process, and you will be able to have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve through your marketing efforts and how.  

Bottom Line

Not having the right Instagram analytics tools can significantly hurt your online presence. Therefore, it is important that businesses realize the importance of creating the right metrics which help them measure the impact of their promotional messages on social media platforms. For each platform, you need to have a distinct tracker or tool that helps you understand the target audience and create messages that will appeal to them the most. Socialert helps you by giving marketers all around the world a convenient tool for each platform that they can use to make their online presence strong.

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