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Complete guide to Instagram Hashtag Analytics


By now, as an aspiring social media marketer, you might be well versed with the importance of hashtags in Instagram and how instagram hashtag analytics tool can effectively help your brand and services.

Do you know what insights can help you grow and how?

You would probably not love insights like our branded hashtag received 5,00 likes, but you need to connect the dots between branded hashtag and  kind of outcome of branded hashtag campaign (like follower growth, awareness etc.)

But owing to the lack of analyzing hashtags feature in native Instagram analytic dashboard, marketers are having a hard time analyzing the performance of their hashtags. Additionally, recent algorithm changes have made marketers even more wary of how their content is performing. In such a case, third party instagram hashtag analytics  tools are the marketer’s best friend to get a statistical overview of their hashtags and turn them into actionable insights.

Solely collecting data without extracting any insightful information is as bad as not collecting data at all. The following guide will dig deep into the usage of Instagram Hashtag Analytics to show how you can skyrocket your Instagram strategy and drive business growth.

The Need for Instagram Hashtag Tracking

Before diving deep into analytical tools, it is important for every marketer to understand the need for tracking their Instagram hashtags. Being an important aspect of Instagram, hashtags can help you reach new audiences and gain followers. Hashtags enable non-following users to view your content, thereby increasing the chances of increasing your follower count, considering that they like your content.

Other than discoverability, hashtags are the most common and easy way to track social media marketing campaigns, and Instagram is no exception.

Whether it is for launching a new contest, marketing your product or service or improving your online traffic, a branded hashtag can be the shot in the arm you need to reach your campaigning goals. Following this, you can analyze and monitor the performance of those campaigning hashtags to grab a better understanding of your audience’s taste and preference.

Hashtags are the focal presence of any successful Instagram marketing strategy, and it is your turn to now to reap its potential.

Check how coca cola promote their hashtag #shareacoke, they even ask people to post using the hashtag.


How Instagram Hashtag Tracking are Beneficial

With over 500 million daily active users on Instagram, sharing over 250 million contents every single day, it is fair to say that the social media platform is a giant in all sense. Because of its massive reach and user base, Instagram is the most ideal platform for marketers, brands, businesses, and influencers.

But owing to such a large user base, comprising individuals and businesses from different sectors and genres of work, it is extremely hard to stand out amongst the millions of shared content. Because of this, a large number of users succumb under the fate of stagnancy. This is where hashtags enter, as a blessing in disguise; an inevitable part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

With the abundant number of Instagram hashtag tracking tools available in the market, some of which are mentioned below, brands can gather rich insights and reap the varied number of advantages it offers:

Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing

Probably one of the biggest benefits that comes out of Instagram Hashtag tracking is how it ensures a connection between a brand’s online and offline efforts. Take for example if you’re running an on-premises promotional activity, wherein each of your customers are required to click a photo at your location and use a branded hashtag to post the same. Through analytical tools you can measure the success rate or engagement rate of the entire offline campaign.

MailChimp, a popular and leading email marketing company, took this pathway and merged its online and offline marketing strategy with the help of its #DidYouMean campaign. It played around with its brand’s name and showcased a series of advertorials that were odd yet engaging to the audience. They took this offline by putting up billboards and even introduced physical chips bags, and naturally spiked the use of the hashtag #failchips.

Create Customized Hashtags Specific to you Event

In case of hosting or organizing an upcoming event, you can pick a hashtag beforehand that separates the event as part of your brand. This way, you can encourage your Instagram followers to find the event details easily and enable them to spread the word across the platform. It will drive more participation and engagement, and organize each posts that are tagged with an event specific hashtag and you can track the performance of the same to gain insights for future events.

A Deeper Understanding of you Content

Although a basic and common analytical insight, engagement rates are a major part of each and every Instagram hashtag tracking report. They give your brand a narrowed down idea of which hashtag is working and which isn’t. Determine a common thread between all of your most engaged posts and try creating contents based on that determination and hashtag usage. Most instagram hashtag analytical tools like socialert, provide this feature to grab a better understanding of your brand’s content on Instagram.

There lies a far-reaching potential for businesses when it comes to Instagram hashtag tracking. Businesses can compare performances with competitors, run campaigns or post contents based on specific trends, know who’s talking about the business, narrow down on their target audience, and further expand their audience reach.

The Samsung #UnboxYourPhone campaign was one of the prime examples of how brands can use Instagram Hashtags to their advantage. The campaign gave a sneek-peek into the S9 Smartphone, stirring the audience’s interest for the soon to be launched phone, as a result.

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Galaxy S9 | S9+ 🖤

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Choosing the best Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool

The internet is flooded with analytical tools, but only a handful of them boast the capability to provide you with the requisite insights. As you roam around the internet market, you’ll find tools that solely provide you a single metric analysis as well as those which give you a dump load of information with no valuable insights. As a marketer you need to find and identify tools that give you a detailed outlook on specific metrics, enabling you to understand what resonates with your audience and how you can optimize your content for the better.

Socialert: Unlike other hashtag analytics tools which give you insights on the hashtag your brand is using, Socialert provides you information for analyzing branded hashtags. You no longer need to spend hours researching on hashtags and find hashtag insights through this tool. Socialert enables you to search for any hashtag and get real-time insights on its rate of usability.

You can analyze your hashtags using live box below 

Iconsquare: This popular Instagram analytics tools comes with extensive reporting of your hashtag. From tracking the surge in the usage of a hashtag, to finding the most influential posts based on a specific hashtag and visualizing its location of use, Iconsquare helps you get the most out of your Instagram hashtags.

Command: This iOS application can be just the tool you need to turn your hashtags into growth weapons. Command enables you to view which influencers are using a specific hashtag, the engagement rate on a hashtag, and much more.

SproutSocial: Probably the most popular amongst the four, SproutSocial comes with a wide-range of Instagram analytic metrics. It allows you to track the he most engagement.

Your Turn

Social Media platforms give brands a place to grow and foster a new community and audience base, and Instagram is no exception. Big brands like Lee Cooper, Coca Cola and Lays integrate hashtags into their content and use it to run campaigns, increase engagement, and build a follower base. But none of it can be a possibility without accurate insights and analytics of hashtags. Instagram hashtag tracking provide brands with the requisite information to stand out amongst the crowd.

Your Instagram marketing strategy needs hashtags for better results, and you need insightful information to use the best hashtags for your brand or business. Understand the need to track your hashtag performance and choose the best analytical tool, in accordance to your social goals. Till then, keep #hashtaging!

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