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Why Instagram Is Truly a New Freelancer’s Best Friend

Starting a new career as a freelancer can be very daunting to some people. Exploring new career opportunities in a new industry, sharing your credentials and letting potential clients and employers see you like a good job candidate is not gonna be as easy as how it usually happens in corporate offices.

With the continuous growth of the gig economy, it’s estimated that by 2020, freelancers will comprise roughly 40 percent of the workforce in America alone. With a large freelancing marketplace, a new freelancer will have a lot of competitors when it comes to finding a new job. This is why making use of a very relevant tool with a wide reach is essential, and social media is the perfect instrument for you to promote your expertise for your first ever freelancing gig. If you are thinking about using social media for your professional connections, Instagram is going to be a good part of your career tools.

Why Instagram Is Truly a New Freelancer’s Best Friend

Widening your network is necessary if you are a freelancer. With so many job opportunities available online, finding the right freelance work is just a matter of connecting with the right people and promoting your competencies. Instagram has 1 billion active users monthly and more than 500 million of them use Instagram daily. With this large number of users available, you will be able to find a number of potential freelancing opportunities in a matter of time.

How Is Social Media Relevant to Work?

A person’s social media account can contain a lot of very detailed information about them. You might be able to hide your date of birth, age, address and contact information for privacy purposes, but basing on what you post on your profile, be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, a potential employer will be able to understand if you are a right fit for a specific job.

What you need to keep in mind is that if you decide to use your Instagram account as part of your freelancing profile, you will need to keep all of your posts professional. Remember that any potential employer can look into your social media profile and discern your work ethics and online etiquette, which can usually say a lot about a person.

At the same time, your Instagram Account can be a very effective tool for a new freelancer if you tend to document how you go about your career, how passionate you are in pursuing freelancing, and what other things are keeping you busy.

How Freelancers Can Use Instagram to Get More Customers

More than just posting Instagram-worthy selfies and sharing Instagram stories, there are a number of ways for a new freelancer to make the most of their Instagram profile, and eventually, land their dream job as a freelancer.

#1. Treat Your Profile as a Professional Page

To avoid damaging your online reputation as a freelancer, you should keep your posts proper and professional. Avoid posting questionable topics and matters on your profile, which might affect how people view you. Remember that as a freelancer, you are expected to be well-mannered and disciplined, considering that virtual job means employers will have less supervision over how you do your job. Stay true to yourself and maintain good relations and communications with your friends and acquaintances on Instagram.

Here is an article on how to write Instagram bio for business which should help you more.

#2. Start Networking via Hashtags

This type of metadata tag is widely used on social media to apply dynamic and user-generated tagging. This allows other users to easily search for messages and posts that are relevant to a specific theme or content. With this concept, companies and employers looking for freelancers can also easily sift through the many posts on Instagram and be able to find credible freelancers based on skills and job type. One way for a freelancer to easily network on Instagram is by posting timely and job-relevant posts, updates, and stories, then using some of the top freelancing hashtags on Instagram.

#3. Share Your Work

Using the right kind of content can go a long way when it comes to showcasing your competencies as a freelancer. The quality of your work can speak volumes about how hireable you are as a freelancer. Whether you are a writer, social media manager, graphic designer, web programmer, photographer or videographer, Instagram can be the perfect place for you to promote your skills. What better way to do so than by sharing the works you have accomplished and paired them with the right set of hashtags.

#4. Find Potential Clients & Reach Out

With a large number of users on Instagram, there are a lot of potential clients that you can connect with. Depending on what your skillset is, you can grab the opportunity to communicate with fellow freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners who may be on the lookout for freelancers who have your skill set. Keep track of the people who react to your posts and figure out who among them are looking for a freelancer or might be in need of one. Remember to always be professional with all of your communications. Keep in mind that your aim is to build professional connections.

#5. Engage With Your Target Audience

Another great thing about using Instagram is that you can build your own group of followers. You can take advantage of all the connections that you make to be able to find the right job to take. A good way to build connections is by interacting with your audience. Your network may be filled with freelancers, friends, and professional acquaintances who might be searching for a credible freelancer to hire and you might just be it.

But if you don’t have too much time to spare for keeping up with all the relevant happenings on Instagram, you can easily create connections by using one of the best Instagram bots is socialgrowr. This tool is a great way for you to automate your interactions with your audiences on Instagram.

#6. Share Your Knowledge

You might be new in the freelancing world, but even newbies can have a number of things to share with the world. Sharing your knowledge about a specific field can show how credible you are and how good your skills are. If you are good at graphic design, you can share a number of tips on how to create great graphic arts. These tips can show your work process, which can be a good way of promoting of how reliable you are as a graphic artist.

The life of a freelancer is filled with lots of amazing things. More than the opportunity to work anywhere at any time, the fact remains that there will always be a lot of challenges ahead and a lot of competitors in the market who can make your job hunt a not-so-easy endeavor. But with the right tools and by using the right channels, you are on your way to becoming a successful freelancer.

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