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How To Use Twitter For Business effectively : Branding, Marketing, Recruitment, Analysis

Twitter is an excellent platform for branding and promotion.

Once you have succeeded in gaining some popularity on the mega social networking platform, you can use twitter for business effectively. 

It  is an excellent tool for bloggers, marketers and practically anybody who wants to promote content online.

If you haven’t included Twitter as an integral part of your marketing campaign, here are 70 ways you can use it to promote your business.

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Branding on Twitter

#1. Use your logo as your Twitter picture and brand name as your Twitter name:

While this seems obvious, some businesses make the mistake of choosing a Twitter name that has nothing to do with the brand. Take McDonalds for example. The multi-million dollar fast food brand incorporates all these strategies for maximum brand visibility. It has optimized its Twitter bio to direct other important pages.

#2. Tweet 10 to 20 times a day and repeat your tweets for more visibility

Tweet multiple times a day to ensure the brand name is visible on the Twitter stream. You can schedule the Tweets to interact with your followers. Disney Tweets multiple times a day to engage with followers.

It is important what Sam Hurley Says about twitter posting. Don’t be afraid to repeat your tweets. Twitter is so fast-paced that posting once is simply not enough! You won’t get seen this way.

#3. Host a Tweet Chat to engage brand followers and industry experts

Hosting a Twitter chat is the best possible way to engage with your followers in real-time. Dedicate a specific topic for each discussion and you will be surprised by the response you get. BufferChat hosts a weekly Twitter chat every Wednesday.

#4. Take help of video marketing  for more engagement

Twitter is a great place to unbox new products. Starbucks frequently uses Twitter to launch new drinks. Don’t forget to create a hype regarding new promotions and offers. Twitter allows you to post videos to create more engagement


#5. What Madalyn – Twitter Influencer suggest about twitter profile review for brands 

It’s so important to review your profile every 3-6 months. You want your bio to be relevant to what you are doing today and also be compelling to draw people in. Be sure to have a great headshot if this is for your personal brand. Use the header image to really showcase what you do. It’s a large space – 1500×500 pixels. I recommend using to create it or hire a graphic designer. You want to make your Twitter profile stand out from the pack. A periodic twitter audit will help you achieve this.


Build Strong Relationships with Your Followers

#6. Find prospects using advanced search

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature to hunt down more audience members. You can look up people by keyword use, location and languages. This is beneficial for small and local businesses. Use appropriate keywords according to your industry.

#7. Join Twitter Chats to find people who share the same interests

Join Tweet chats to interact with people of the same interests. Engage in conversations to attract more followers.

 #8. Find influencers and build relationships

Don’t forget to build relevant content (example: see how WHSR use this survey to network with hosting brands and influencers) and engage with influencers to promote your business. These popular folks can give you more exposure just by Tweeting or blogging about your brand because they have a large following. Get on their good side by thanking, tagging and ReTweeting their comments.


#9. Here is what  Jeff Bullas suggest about engagement with  followers 

Include an image or GIF with your tweets and you will increase your engagement and clicks by over 100%

Content Marketing  

#10. Share blog posts with relevant title and hashtags to reach right audience

Share Tweets that contain relevant information, news and hashtags.  ReTweeting blogs from influencers is also a good way to be noticed. Check out how Disney has used relevant hashtags and visuals to link its blog on Twitter.

 #11. Ask followers to share and RT via DM for better reach

You may not have a strong Twitter following at first. Get noticed by asking your followers to share and ReTweet your posts via DM.

#12. Tweet on trending hashtags to market your content

Avoid spamming and Tweet on trending topics, such as Coca Cola’s hashtag #ShareACoke. Coca Cola was also able to get Twitter users to share their stories using this hashtag.

#13. Promote your guest posts to promote yourself

Promote your brand and your contacts by sharing the guest posts you have written for them and vice versa. Sharing guest posts can expand your network and introduce you to top influencers in the business.

#14. Feature Twitter feed on your blog or website to market your content

What better way to promote your Twitter account than by featuring your Twitter feed on your blog or website. Feature links to your Twitter account on your website and other social platforms. You can also do a twitter feed analysis to know more about your audience. 

#15. Find viral content of your domain you can market

Go to the Twitter search box, type any search term and append the operator min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number] to filter your search results. For instance, here’s a sample search that will only shows tweets pointing to the domain that have been retweeted at least 30 times.




#16. What Content Marketing Expert CHRISTOPH TRAPPE suggest about content marketing

Keep sharing relevant and  unique content. Always try to  respond to people as quickly as possible. Don’t always link. Don’t be click baity.



Research Your Audience

Use Twitter to research your audience. Follow these simple steps

#17. Locate most engaged Twitter followers

 Find your most engaged Twitter followers. Identify users who mention your brand handle the most and respond to your content most frequently. You can use several twitter follower tracker tools, such as SociAlert, to help you with this task.


#18. Find people who engage with you on different social media channels

This is the next step to building your social persona and it involves evaluating social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. This will give you ideas on how to repurpose content from one platform to another.

You can use tools like klout to know social media handles of people. Check the below snapshot

#19. Analyze your top hashtags

Analyze your top hashtags and source ideas for your content calendar. This will help you gain better understanding of your target audience.

Here are benefits you can have by analyzing industry or branded hashtags.

A. Measure reach of your brand

B. Know influencers of specific domain hashtags

C. When your audience is active

D. What are top topics around your industry


[bctt tweet=”Socialert is best tool If you want to analyze hashtag for brand, tweetchat or campaigns” username=”socialertdotnet”]

#20. Find out what your audience is interested in

Use a Social listening solution to identify who is talking about your brand. This includes determining the gender, age and geographic location of your followers.

Twitter Analytics dashboard also have audience tab which analyze your audience.

The section has segregated information regarding your followers on Twitter. This can be used to know what kinds of things your followers are interested in.

Simply scroll down a little to know about their preferences. Furthermore, you can visit the “Lifestyle” tab to gain more details. For instance, you can even know the kind of political outlook your audience has or the popular TV shows they watch. You can simply utilize this new-found information in your favor to come up with an interesting campaign.

#21. Figure out the Time zone of your target audience

In order to engage your target audience, you need to schedule posts according to their specific time zones. even when they are active. you can check this with tools like buffer as well.

You can check your twitter analytics dashboard where you can check audience tab and then option demographics to know how your followers are distributed.



#22. Find out who follows your competitors

The next step involves analyzing who follows your competitors. This has many advantages. First off, you will be able to modify your Tweets to suit the taste of your competitor’s audience and also generate competitive thinking.

I would recommend to use tools like followerwonk to analyze any competitor twitter handle where you can check and analyze any twitter handle in terms of followers.




Use proper hashtags and pictures (if possible .gif) and your tweets will get noticed by people who matters!

Another important thing is measure how our tweets are performing. Tweets which are already performing better, retweet them in near future. I use bufferapp for this and so far it’s working out great.

Harsh is among one of top bloggers from India and runs his blog



Promote Your Business

#24. Offer special business deals to followers to increase sales

 Directly message new or the most active followers on Twitter, sending them a discount coupon. Don’t forget to keep track of their Twitter handles to ensure they cannot exploit your generosity.

#25. Run customized hashtag campaigns to reach more people

Take advantage of popular trends and hashtags by offering your two cents on the subjects related to the industry. This will increase the visibility of your Twitter account.

#26. Run influencer campaigns to reach right audience

 Show off network of influencers you have built relationships with. Run an influencer campaign to boost your number of followers.

Check how OREO use power of influencer to promote their business.

#28. Run Twitter ad to promote your account or tweet

Watch those Twitter follower analytics numbers go up by running an ad. Create a Twitter ad that promotes long-form content, asking followers to submit their email addresses to access it. This will also promote your email marketing strategy.

Check how brand is promoting their twitter account to increase reach.


#29. What   JERRY LOW (CEO WHSR) suggest about promoting business using hashtags

Hashtag works well for WHSR. We will include a relevant hashtag in our tweet before sending it out. We also make use of hashtags to take part in chats or look for trending topics.
Creating own hashtag can be an effective way of branding too! WHSR use #WHSRnetChat to reach out to influencers, brands, and individuals. We use this hashtag to collect feedback on our questions. Here’s one of our recap . As you can see, the feedback from the Twitter community is helpful and awesome. If use correctly, hashtag can be a great tool to improve your Twitter engagement and build a relationship with others.


Customer Support

#30. Track untagged mentions of your brand keywords.

 Did you know you could use a number of brand monitoring tools to search for mentions of your brand name? Also keep an eye out for common misspellings too.

Check how Zapoos found the below tweet probably using brand monitoring, Since customer did not send a direct request to brand.

#31. Follow Customers

Use a social media tool to find potential customers on Twitter. Give your customers a Follow to show your customers you care. Inform your customers about potential sales and news.

#32. Answer customer questions

Take on Twitter to answer important customer queries and questions. Offer your expertise on the subject to show customers who are committed to helping them out. For example, take a look at Whole Foods. The brand engages in Twitter chats and is very responsive.

#33. Find customers using twitter search

Use Twitter’s advanced search option to look for new customers. The search option allows you to search via location, language or a specific keyword. You can also search Twitter history through the advanced search for your account and make a strategy for your business accordingly.




Don’t be afraid to repeat your tweets. Twitter is so fast-paced that posting once is simply not enough! You won’t get seen this way.


Demonstrate your Expertise

#35. Answer indirect questions

Use a monitoring tool to search for industry keywords and respond to general questions. You can also Tweet a link to your blog post if the content is relevant. Check out this example where the Jaguar replied to client indirect question.

#36. Offer tips and tricks

Use a social media monitoring tool to search for industry based hashtags. Offer tips and tricks wherever needed to attract prospect customers.

#37. Tweet the daily quotes

Create a visual that highlights a quote from someone influential in the industry or from a historical figure. Tweets with imagery earned 150 percent more retweets.

 #38. Tweet about hot industry topics

 Stay on top of current events by tweeting about hot industry topics. This will show followers you are a leader in the industry. Do not forget to capitalize on holidays.

#39. Tweet about the products you use

Advertise and Tweet about products you use. Do not forget to highlight key features while mentioning them. Check how madalyn mention socialert while she use it to produce analytics for her popular tweetchat.


Use Twitter as a Recruitment Channel

#40. Ask followers to Retweet job posts to win contest and prizes

 Post job posts and host contests and offer prizes to followers for Retweeting job opportunities. For example, GSVU Lakers offered a trip to LA for retweeting their post.

Check how this group asking their followers to retweet job posting they posted to reach potential candidates


#41. Search for new talent using profile search

Use profile search to hunt for new talent. You can use twitter tracking tool such as Socialert and Followerwonk.

#42. Incorporate hashtags and videos

Don’t simply post job openings. Incorporate the use of visuals, relevant hashtags and videos. This will get your followers excited and will help build engaging relationships.

Check how HuffPost is using video in their tweets


Twitter Influencer Keith advise to use 3030 method on daily basis. Follow people that you find inspiring and most importantly follow their followers.Chances are if you find them inspiring, and you’re tweeting similar things, they will follow you too.


Lead Generation

#43. Watch competitor mentions to find their dissatisfied customers

 Track competitor mentions. If you find a dissatisfied customer, take the opportunity to gently reach out to them and offer your assistance.

#44. Track industry specific terms to find leads

Track industry specific terms such as “looking for hashtag tracking” to find prospect customers.


#45. Use lead generation cards to generate leads

Using lead generation cards provides users the opportunity to express interest about your brand. Followers can conveniently drop their email addresses without leaving Twitter.

#46. save your lead generation queries using twitter saved search

You can save up to 23 searches per account, which is a good way to track people sharing your content, relevant keywords, and even your own mentions. You click “More Options” at the top of a search results page, and then scroll down to “Save this search” (it’s near the bottom of options). 


Traffic Generation

#47. Pin your blog updates with relevant links on your Twitter profile

A great way to boost traffic is to share links to new blog posts and updates. Use relevant hashtags where required. You can even pin your blog Tweets on Twitter too for more visibility.

#48. Ask followers to Retweet Twitter updates with your blog link

Round up your twitter followers and ask them to hit the “RT” button whenever you share your blog link.


#49. Use visuals

 Do’t forget to incorporate the use of visuals while sharing blog links. Visuals are known to get the attention of followers.


#50. Tweet using organic keywords

Use organic keywords while sharing links to your blog on Twitter. Organic keywords are used to attract free traffic via SEO. You can use a variety of online organic research tools to get the job done.

#51. Mention brand twitter handle

If your blog mentions popular brands, give them a shout out. They will be happy to receive a mention.Consider mentioning top commentators too.


Here is what Lisa says about lead generation. You can use hashtags in searches for leads in your niche. You can search for topics by hash tags in the Twitter Search field at the top of your Twitter page. Next you can follow people with similar interests. Search for the interests again in the search. Once you start following a few people, Twitter will recommend some similar tweeps for you to follow. Check them out.

Lisa have published a great resource on twitter here


Track Competitor’s Activity

#52. Create a Twitter List of your competitors to monitor them

A Twitter list is a curated group of various accounts added by an individual. You can create your own private list where you can add competitor twitter handles.

Afterward, you can simply view the list timeline to get a stream of tweets from the accounts that are included in the list. By this way, you can easily access your competitor’s tweets in one place.

Later, you can step up your game and beat them by coming up with a better strategy for your marketing campaign. For example, if Sony Pictures is one of your competitors, then you can keep a track of their activity on Twitter to see how they promote their movies.

#53. Monitor their replies on their timeline to unravel their marketing strategy

Closely monitor the way your competitors communicate with their customers and prospective leads.

You can simply visit their Twitter profile and under the “tweets & replies” section, read the way they are engaging with their clients. By following this method, you can study how your competitors approach their leads or solve a customer query.

If Airbnb is a competitor, then you can just visit their support page to study how they deal with grievances and customer queries.

#54. Analyze their followers

If you wish to push the envelope, then start by analyzing your competitor’s followers and their overall audience base. There are different kinds of third-party tools for Twitter that can help you do this. This will provide in-depth and comprehensive reports regarding their followers that can be used to your advantage.

Followerwonk is an excellent tool to analyze followers by moz.

#55. Perform keyword and hashtag analysis of competitor to unravel their strategy

While searching for keywords and hashtags related to your own brand is always recommended, you can do the same with respect to your competitors as well.

If you wish to learn how their marketing campaigns are doing, then provide the hashtag/keyword of the campaign and get various metrics with respect to a desirable duration.

This will help you make data-driven decisions, as you would be able to compete with your competitor’s results on a real-time basis.

Here’s an example of how seamlessly the application was able to quantify a hashtag with respect to different parameters.

#56. Identify their unhappy customers

This is one of the best ways to steal their customers via Twitter. You can either use a social media listening tool or Twitter’s native advanced search interface to track emotions related to various tweets. Simply provide your competitor’s name and look for the “negative” comments (or questions) related to them.

Check this tweet which companies like kissmetrics can use as a lead since this customer is unhappy with mixpane56

#57. Get to know about their ongoing discounts and offer better discounts to prospects

These days, most of the firms let their audience know about an upcoming sale from their Twitter handle. You can always use this in your favor by hosting a more tempting sale for your audience at the same time.

If you own an online printed greeting cards shop, then you can get to know whenever your competitors would host a sale from Twitter. You can always utilize this opportunity and make your products more affordable.


#58. Discover various influencers and experts you can associate with

By tracking your competitor’s moves on Twitter, you can get to know about various influencers that they are associated with. Later, you can do your research and connect with these impactful influencers on your own.

For instance, if PayPal is one of your competitors, then you can visit their Twitter and see their recent association with Hulu and Warner Bros. (regarding Wonder Woman).

[bctt tweet=”Hashtag Tracking Tools Like socialert  helps to identify influencers you can connect for your competitor twitter handle ” username=”socialertdotnet”]

Grow your Following and Reach

#59. Interact with your audience to value their efforts

These days, people like to interact with brands and have a more personal connection with them. If a user has mentioned your brand somewhere, then try to interact with them and let them know that you value their efforts.

If you can’t come up with a detailed response, then simply post a small and personal thank-you tweet. This will go a long way and will let you increase your follower count for sure. We all can learn a thing or two about it from the Twitter handle of Oreo Cookie.

#60. Follow relevant users, infleuncers and experts on daily basis

You need to let your audience know how much invested you are in order to know them. Ideally, you can make a habit of following 20 users a day. Though, while doing so, make sure that you follow only those users who are relevant to your domain. It could be a leading expert, influencer, or even an enthusiastic customer.

This will create a positive impact regarding the attitude of your brand on social media to your audience. If you follow only a handful of accounts, then it might already be a major turn-off to many.

You can always take the assistance of Twitter Advanced search to look for new accounts. For example, if you wish to search for individuals associated with Twitter marketing (and not sales), then you can give inputs like this.


#61. Unfollow inactive and spam users which are not useful

While following active users is a vital part of managing Twitter, unfollowing the non-active user base also plays a crucial role as well. You can always take the assistance of application like ManageFlitter  to identify various inactive users that you follow. It is recommended to unfollow these accounts, as they won’t add anything valuable to your Twitter home.

#62. Include hashtags in your tweets to reach right people

It has been observed that tweets with hashtags gain more traction than plain-old content. Though, you should not go overboard and include several hashtags in a single tweet. Ideally, you should not include more than three hashtags in a tweet. Moreover, they should be relevant to your content.

This will also make it easier for your audience to discover you. Needless to say, it is only after reaching out to a larger pool of audience, you can gain more followers.

Here’s how I share content on Twitter while including relevant hashtags in my tweets.

#63. Don’t use automation for everything

Gone are the days when automated messages were considered a great way to reach out to twitter followers automatically. Today, it is considered as a major turn-off. It only depicts a lack of effort and might backfire in the long run. Try not to use bots while communicating with your audience. Instead, make an effort to create a personal connection with them.

#64. Host contests and giveaways

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your follower count. Simply host an engaging contest or a giveaway for your audience. Moreover, only make your followers eligible to participate in the contest/giveaway that you are hosting. This will make more people follow you without any added hassle. Here’s a perfect example of conducting a giveaway to boost your follower count.

#65. Retweet and share other’s content

Let your followers know how much you appreciate them by sharing their content every once in a while. This could be anything from a quote to a general testimonial (feedback). While creating the kind of viral content that your audience would love to share is important, sharing the content of other users also puts you in their good books as well. It doesn’t matter if it is a GIF or a poll, you can always retweet it to show your support. Here’s how Netflix has also done the same.

#66. Be consistent and active on Twitter

Most importantly, don’t be a ghost on Twitter. Be consistent and stay relevant to your domain. Even when you are going on a break or a vacation, take the assistance of a scheduler to post tweets in your absence. Social media is all about making a conversation with others and being active. If you walk an extra mile for your audience, then they will definitely appreciate it by being your loyal follower.

Twitter For Business: The big picture and your turn

We do know twitter had a powerful impact on live reporting, breaking news,  elections as well as business and lead generation.
And now we know some Twitter tips to make you a more productive user of the platform . But we probably missed a few tips here and there, so …

What other Twitter hacks and tricks have you tried and seen work well ? Share with us and if they are interesting we will add them in our list.