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How To Participate In A Twitterchat Like A Pro

Are you looking for a new and more productive way to level up your marketing game on social media?

If your answer is “yes”, then you have certainly landed in the right place.

Twitter is one the biggest social media giants and you can easily use it in plenty of ways to create brand awareness or generate more leads. One of the easiest ways to do the same is by participating in Twitterchats.


If you haven’t participated in a Twitterchat before, then don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive post, I will help you make the most out of a Twitterchat in no time. Let’s get it started!

Why Twitterchat?

You must have already used Twitter to generate leads or create brand awareness in the past. This can be done in plenty of ways – from hosting contests to organizing giveaways, and more.

Nevertheless, with the help of Twitterchats, you can expand your social circle, get in touch with other like-minded folks, generate more leads, and create brand awareness – all at the same time.

This is what makes Twitterchat a force to be reckoned with. You might already know that in a Twitterchat, different individuals communicate with each other using a common hashtag (mostly at a designated time). While participating in chats that are related to your domain, you can easily get in touch with various industry leaders.

Furthermore, you can share different ideas with leading experts, gain productive knowledge regarding a subject, and be well-aware with different ongoing buzz-worthy events and topics.

After participating in a few popular chats, you can easily create your own distinctive space and make others familiar with your own brand as well.

In a nutshell, participating in different Twitterchats will only prove beneficial for you in the long haul. Try to dedicate at least 2-3 hours a week (if feasible) in order to participate in leading chats and gain more out of them.

How to participate in a Twitterchat?

Now when you are familiar with all the added benefits of Twitterchats, let’s dive in and learn its basics. It is important to be well-equipped and do your own bit of research before simply participating in any chat.

Before joining the chat

From searching a relevant chat to being familiar with the host, there are a few things that every individual should do before simply participating in a chat. If it is your first time, then take a step back and make yourself ready beforehand.

Following suggestions will come handy to you on numerous occasions and make you ready before participating in any chat.

Discover chats

Needless to say, this is the first and most important aspect related to Twitterchats. Don’t make the rookie mistake of simply participating in any random chat out of the blue. Instead, you should take some time and discover the kind of chats that are related to your industry.

Time is money.

In this fast-paced world, if you are dedicating your time to something, then you should get productive results out of it in the long haul. If you will simply participate in any run of the mill chat, then your efforts will only go futile.

Thankfully, there are various dedicated tools that can help you discover a chat. Some of the popular tools are tweetchat, twubs, twchat, the chat diaries, chat salad, etc.

Discover chats using twubs

Additionally, you can also take the assistance of Twitter’s native search tool to do the same. Though, you might have to put a lot of effort in order to filter content while doing so.

While discovering prospective chats, make sure that you would be able to gain something out of it. Search a little regarding the chat before adding it to your calendar. It might take a while in the beginning, but after a week or so, you will be a pro at discovering new chats.

Search for chat archives

While most of the chats take place at a specific time, there are a few ongoing chats one can also join. After looking at a few chat archives, you can certainly gain productive knowledge regarding your domain.

For instance, if you are related to digital marketing, then you should do twitter archive search for #Bufferchat on Twitter. Additionally, all the content marketing experts should search for #Blogchat.


After reading these chat-archives, you can understand how various individuals are communicating with each other. Not only can you prepare yourself for an upcoming chat, but you can also gain significant knowledge related to your domain.

Identify the host and other key participants

Most of the times, before organizing any chat, a prior announcement is made. Ideally, hosts (business owners, marketers, etc.) inform their audience about the chat like this.


You can utilize this wisely in order to know the host of the chat beforehand. Initially, you can help the host to spread the world around. It will be quite beneficial for you in the long run. Additionally, you can identify a few key participants and influencers before the chat as well.

If the Twitterchat is hosting an expert (or a group of other guests), then you can make an effort to know them. A simple Google search or a mere view of their Twitter profile will let you gain a lot about them for sure.

Communicate with host before you join chat

When it comes to social media, a simple retweet or “hi” can go a long way. Even before commencing the chat, be a part of the pre-event buzz and drop a message to the host. Feel free to let others know that you are looking forward to participating in the chat. Here’s how you can do it in a simple manner.


Be more polite and express your gratitude to the host. In this fast-paced world, people genuinely appreciate thoughtful gestures like these. Take a wise step and don’t confine yourself in age-old notions. Talk to the host (or any other key participant) a little. This will let them identify you as well and you won’t be a stranger during the chat.

Optimize your profile to market yourself

Avoid shameless self promotion – this is the golden rule of Twitterchat. While talking to other participants, you can’t just go on and list out various benefits of your products/services.

Consider Twitterchat as a medium to get in touch with other like-minded folks and not a way to market your brand.

So if you can’t simply let others know about your brand, then how can you create brand awareness via Twitterchat?

Well, it is quite simple. Keep your resources ready and provide a link or two (preferably to your blogs) in a subtle way to redirect your audience. Though, just like you, most of the other participants would be visiting your profile in order to know more about you as well.

Your Twitter profile would be your introduction to them. Make sure that you optimize your profile wisely in order to create a lasting first impression. Add keywords, job roles, interests, and present everything in a precise manner.

From setting an appealing cover image to listing your job roles and profile, you should focus on every aspect of it. You can always pin a significant tweet and provide link to your website as well. Also, pay utmost attention to your bio. Here’s how I have optimized it.


This might go a long way and help you win some prospective leads in the future.

While participating in the chat

Great! You are all prepped up with everything you need to do before joining a Twitterchat. Simply follow these suggestions in order to gain constructive results while participating in a chat.

Interact wisely with host and participants

One of the best ways to make your presence count in any Twitterchat is by communicating with others.

Whenever you are interacting with the host (or an expert/guest), do your bit of research beforehand and come up with unique and thoughtful queries/replies. Don’t beat around the bush, be offensive, or simply repeat the same thing several times.

While interacting with others, make sure that you don’t demean anyone or say negative things about a brand. Be more neutral, even when you are dealing with a sensitive subject.

Always proofread your content before posting it and direct your tweets while mentioning the hashtag and Twitter handle of the individual to whom you wish to communicate with. For instance, a misspelled tweet can make you famous (for all the wrong reasons).



Help other participants with your knowledge

While participating in a chat, chances are that you might stumble upon a few individuals who are still learning or would like to grow.

Redirect them to the right direction while mentioning relevant individuals. You can also impact the respective thread by imparting your knowledge in plenty of ways.

Twitter has a giant network and host individuals from a wide spectrum of domains. Don’t refrain yourself into boundaries and interact with other professionals to outgrow yourself.

This is a perfect example of how one can be open to new perspectives and encourage others while chatting.


Appreciate leading influencers and experts

While communicating with others, feel free to appreciate their answers. If there is a tweet you like, then you can always retweet it or mark it as favorite. There are plenty of ways to appreciate others during the course of the chat. You can always mention them or post a quick tweet to appreciate them as well. Here’s how you can do it as well.


This will help you be in touch with some leading influencers in less time. You can easily create your brand presence without much effort while following a simple act of kindness.

Be an active participant 

If you won’t communicate with other participants during the chat, then all your efforts will be in vain. Ideally, most of the chats don’t last for more than an hour or two. You should try to dedicate your time and be on the top of your game during the entire duration of the chat.

Provide factual information and well-researched content to other participants while communicating with them. Be more proactive and make your presence count. Nevertheless, while doing so, make sure that you don’t overdo it. No one like spammers and it might cause an adverse effect on you. Else, you would be getting replies like this.


Be more polite and don’t spam others. Avoid being too repetitive or vague while communicating with others. Mention brand handles and influencers, so that they can also get involved in the ongoing conversation. Try to provide precise and well-curated content to win over other participants.

Communicate with selective participants

If you are participating in a popular chat, then chances are that it might get overwhelming. You can’t simply communicate with every other participant in this case. To save your time and efforts, handpick some of the leading influencers and key participants.

You can always visit their profile and get to know more about them. It is always recommended to apply a basic filter, so that you can get in touch with more like-minded people. It would be easier for you to create a lasting and mutually productive relationship with them in the long run.

Take the assistance of visual aids

It has been proven that people react to visual aids in a better way than plain text. If you wish to provide a piece of productive information to your audience, then you can always take the assistance of a visual aid to do so.

Instead of simply writing several tweets, compile your information in an infographic and present it to your audience tactfully. For instance, you can see how thoughtfully a wide range of information has been depicted with this infographic.


Make sure that you keep the overall tone of the Tweetchat and your own brand voice in mind while including pictures, GIFs, or videos in your tweet.

Marketers have been using GIFs and small clips to get their audience’s attention for a long time. You can do the same to spice up your content and convey more information in less time.

Express your gratitude and follow-up

Most of the people think that after participating in a Twitterchat, their job is done. Well, this is a rookie mistake and you should definitely avoid it. Utilize this opportunity wisely and always let the host know how much you enjoyed participating in the chat.

After when the chat is concluded by the host, send them a tweet and express your gratitude for their efforts. Here’s how you can do it as well.


Additionally, you can always let other participants know that you enjoyed having a thoughtful conversation with them. This will help you create a long-term comradeship with them and you can easily gain productive professional results as well.

Always follow-up with most of the key participants via a tweet or a simple retweet. Try to stay in touch to gain more out of the mutual connection.


Things to remember

  • Make an effort to discover relevant chats
  • Do your bit of research before the chat
  • Be friendly with the host and other participants
  • Don’t spam
  • Optimize your profile
  • Don’t be offensive or say anything negative
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Be twitter-savvy (include Twitter handles and hashtags)
  • Use visual aids
  • Appreciate others more often
  • Be polite and humble while communicating with others
  • Express your gratitude to the host
  • Come up with unique and relevant questions
  • If a tweet is long, break it down (like a1.1, a1.2, etc.)
  • Always proofread your content (no one likes to make those silly spelling or grammatical errors).
  • Be more selective while communicating with others
  • No shameless self promotion
  • Always follow-up

I’m sure that after implementing all these suggestions, you can easily participate in a Twitterchat without any hassle. Gain constructive results from Twitterchats and be a pro at it in no time. If you still have a query regarding Twitterchats, feel free to reach out to me.

After participating in a few chats, learn how to host a Twitterchat as well. Go ahead and explore Twitter in a brand new way!

Also, don’t forget to use Twitter stats tool for tweetchat to analyze how twitter chat hashtag is performing.

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