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Hosting a Twitter Chat – Tips on Creating, Promoting, and Engaging the Right Way

A major problem for businesses marketing on Twitter is to build an active list of followers, who engage and participate in your brand’s Tweets, posts, and shares.

If you don’t have an established brand, getting this initial list of followers and influences may seem like an impossible task for increasing brand awareness and build authority.

You may even feel demotivated to see your brand struggling to get its first hundred followers and connect with the right influencers and leads, while you’re competitors have numbers touching in thousands.

Are you looking for ways to accelerate the process of growing your audience?

If so, there is no better option than investing time and effort in hosting a Twitter Chat. This live event on a focused and moderated topic, based on your industry, enables you to engage your audience in the best way possible. The result of hosting this event would be followers who are more like to like, Retweet, and reply to your tweets.

Look at benefits and  tips below for hosting a twitter chat!

Benefits of Hosting a Twitter Chat

Build Your Twitter Community

Hosting a Twitter chat can increase the number of your followers for your brand. With Chats, followers and new participants can easily find you. This results in a boost in engagement. Through regular conversations with Tweets in chats, you can build a community that proves to be a great source for tips, information, and inspiration.

Connect with Leads

When you host a Twitter chat, you prepare your business for connecting with new  target audiences and prospects. Although a chat isn’t exactly a sales event, if you manage to keep your attendees intrigued about a particular service/product, you can feel assured to generate plenty new leads and conversions. Your engagement in Twitter chats is a great way to show potential customers what you’re selling.

Build Brand Awareness and Authority

One of the main benefits of hosting a Twitter Chat is an increase in brand awareness and authority. When hosting Twitter chats, your brand could potentially get retweeted or mentioned several times. These retweets can be seen by your followers and their connections. The more people see your brand, the better it is for engagement.

Market Your Business

Hosting a Twitter Chat is a great way to brand your business and develop a following in your industry. By hosting a weekly chat session, you can bring amazing exposure to your business. This gives you plenty of opportunities to engage with followers, while marketing your business’ products and services. As a result, twitter chats prove to be an incredibly useful marketing channel for brands.

What to Do before Tweet Chat

Participate in Chats of Your Niche

In order to get an idea on how Twitter Chat works, consider investing some time participating in chats of your niche market. Dig deep into different subject matters and observe participants and moderators in action. Get your feet wet into these live events to learn how quickly things can move. You can check out twitter chat tools for finding relevant chats to attend. Check this snapshot of a Twitter chat to find chats of your niche



Identify Why You Want to Host Your Chat

Before you start thinking about how, who, when, and what to do, it is imperative that you start asking “why” you should host a Twitter Chat. How will hosting this live event support your social media goals? Why are you choosing the platform over other SM sites and publishing options? Figure out the main purpose of hosting this chat and act accordingly as opportunity comes to you.

Choose Engaging Topics and the Right Moderator

When you’re hosting a Twitter Chat, it is vital you choose a topic that grabs the interest of your audience. Figure out the trending topics your audience is talking and tweeting about to determine what information will be useful to them. Also, try finding a moderator who is comfortable guiding conversations and feeding questions. A good moderator can be the success of your Twitter Chat event. For instance, look at how Buffer has assigned a special guest (Kate Kendall – founder of Cloud Peeps) as the moderator for discussion on Freelancing.

Select a Good Time and Day for the Chat

Don’t host a Twitter chat without informing your followers. To get more users to engage with you, determine what time and day of the week would be best. Look at your Twitter analytics to see when your audience is most active on your profile. In this example from Buffer, you can see that the brand has actively chosen 9AM as the time for hosting the chat and engaging its audience. And, this is the brand’s second attempt at discussing the topic of “Branding on LinkedIn”, so that max people can join it. You can use special tactics like these to boost engagement. However, do check to see if your event doesn’t coincide with another chat on a similar subject.

Invite Relevant Influencers to Participate

Get in touch with industry leaders and influencers and fill them in on your Twitter Chat. Sending direct message reminders before the event goes live can help significantly too. Thought leaders and industry influences can add value, credibility, and authority to your chat, maximizing engagement and reach. Look at this example of Synergy5 and learn how the brand invites key influencers in its industry to appeal followers on joining in.

Use an Industry Specific and Relevant Hashtag

To boost awareness about your Twitter Chat, promote the event by using industry specific and relevant hashtags. Make sure that participants know to put the hashtag you choose in the Twitter search bar. Avoid using hashtags that are already in use. Come up with someone unique that is short and sweet that makes it easier for people to remember, while giving them more to say what’s on their mind.

Your Tweetchat hashtag should be specific to industry and relevant to your business or services. Click To Tweet

Prepare Questions in the Form of Visuals

Create a chat transcript to serve as your outline for the entire conversation. Therefore, you will be required to prepare questions you will ask participants. It is a good idea to prepare questions in the form of visuals for extra engagement. Have these typed up and designed prior to the chat, along with your answers. (Below is a visual from #bufferchat on how they prepare visuals for asking important questions. You can use tools like Canva or PiktoChart for the same)


Promote Your Twitter Chat

To ensure you gain a boost in followers and active users attending your event, don’t hesitate on promoting your Twitter Chat by spreading the word on other social media accounts like Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Be as creative as possible for the promotion. Try creating a friendly and intuitive environment even before you host the event.


Research on Competitor Tweet Chats

When you’re planning to host an event, familiarize yourself with the many possibilities/issues that may occur. You can research on competitor Twitter Chats to learn about the inner workings and Twitter-Chat lingo. In addition, you can even participate in existing chats relevant to your industry. For the best knowledge, consider using Socialert to learn about your competitor strategies and mentions.

What to Do During Tweet Chat

Welcome Your Audience

Kick off your Twitter Chat event with an appealing, visual welcome Tweet that sets the tone and introduces the chat. You can go for a funny welcome to attract more audience. Everybody loves funny memes. However, it is vital that you schedule this Tweet in advance to grab the attention of your participants immediately. Then give a couple of minutes for people to begin tweeting about your event and participants to introduce themselves.

look at how Buffer welcome their audience

Start Posting Questions and Tag People In

To encourage discussion and make it easy for chat participants to answer, consider labeling your questions as Q1, Q2, etc. As you start posting questions, start tagging key influencers. Frequency of questions in majority of Twitter Chats range anywhere between five to ten minutes. Adjustable the cadence and number of questions to best suit your audience.

Audience need to answer using A1, A2. You may announce it like below.

Let the Moderator Answer Questions of Participants

Fill the moderator in on his/her duties and responsibilities. Make sure they are well informed to provide expert answers to the questions of participants. This way, you can position your brand as an expert in your field. However, focus on one specific idea and tone to keep your chats engaging and focused.

You can ask them to prepare their answers in excel sheet with set of questions so they can timely respond.

Use a Management Tool for Tweet Chat

While using Twitter Chat is certainly a good option for promoting your brand and engaging your audience, it is imperative that you utilize management tools for enhancing your efforts. There are several management tools that can help you retweet great responses, feed questions, and respond to questions. These include TwChat, Twitterfall, Tweet Deck, Hootsuite,, Twubs, and

If you are looking for twitter tracker for your tweetchat, you can use socialert as well

Encourage Participants on their Answer

To make your participants and followers feel comfortable on your Twitter page, encourage them on their answers. Let conversations flow naturally to boost the effectiveness of your event and brand’s marketing strategy. Your moderators should be friendly enough to motivate participants on answering questions. (Look below to see how #bufferchat encourages its audience to ask questions and reply to the answers).


Engage Big Brands by Mentioning Them

Build authority of your brand by establishing it as a leader that is compared to other big brands. You can do so by mentioning them in your activity and Tweet Chats. When participants see names from authoritative brands, they are more likely to feel valued and comfortable engaging with you. Look at this example of #BlogChatter. The brand involves #Hootsuite to become a participant and boost the reach of its Tweet Chat.


What to Do Post Chat

Say Thanks to Everybody Who Joined

When your Tweet Chat ends, always make sure to appreciate everyone who took the time out to participate in your live event. Add a promotion image thanking your prospects and make sure to include featured guests, hashtag, data, and time. This will give your chat further exposure, also making it more shareable across a number of social media platforms. Look at this example on how #bufferchat thanked this individual.

Use Hashtag Tracking Tools for Measuring Your Reach

To figure out the growth of your Tweet Chat, consider using hashtag tracking tools. You can find many software applications online that can enable businesses to learn about the number of visitors being attracted to their hashtags. If the number is increasing, it is a good sign that more people are getting engaged with your business.


Socialert is a great Tweet Chat tracking tool you can use to monitor and analyze tweet chat Click To Tweet

Tweet the People You Connected With

Do not hesitate on communicating with the participants of your Tweet Chat. Something as simple as “It was great connecting with you during our live event. Hope to keep in touch with you and see you participate in upcoming Tweet Chats”. You can even consider following up with a question to enable the conversation to flow. This ensures you connect with your customers consistently. Look at this example on how Synergy5 tagged its active members for the next event.

Decide the Next Topic by Analyzing Your Audience

After you have announced the ending of the live event, don’t forget to ask for opinions regarding the next topics to discuss. Try getting insight into your target audience’s’ mind and figuring out what information they might need. This way, you can generate continuous engagement.

Showcase Highlights of the Tweet Chat

When your official event ends, it is imperative that you showcase highlights of the Tweet Chat to attract more participants. Promote the awesome insights that you generated during the event. Create a roundup or recap of some of the most quotable tweets in your blog post Look at this example on how #bufferchat engages its audience for providing information about a recap of the event.

Announce the Next Chat Time/Day

To guarantee a successful ending of your Tweet Chat, make it a habit to always announce the next chat time/day. This will ensure that participants keep in touch until the next event.

If you are facing trouble hosting a great Tweet Chat Event, perhaps it’s time you considered following the above mentioned tips too.

Also dont hesitate to ask any question in comments below. I will respond to it.

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