Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Instagram Marketing

Step by Step Guide To Increase Real Instagram Followers

As one of the leading social media platforms on the planet, Instagram can help you grow your brand’s online presence, drive traffic to your landing pages, grow your following, and grow an engaged audience.

To do this, you’ve got to increase your followers. And this goes beyond posting stunning images with cool captions.

Using bots, buying followers, and other tricks will boost your following for a short time, but it will hurt your brand in the long run. These strategies are the easy way out, and it’s not worth it. 


Because Instagram has a built-in algorithm that always weeds out low-quality interactions and accounts.

Having a massive following will not amount to much if these following do not actively engage your posts.

If you are reading this, it probably means that your Instagram following is not robust, and you want to do something about it.

Growing real followers on Instagram is not rocket science. It requires hard work and implementing the right strategies.

Enough said!

Here are easy ways of increasing your Instagram followers.

Develop a good strategy

Instagram followers do not fall from the sky. You need a good strategy. Also, an increase in the number of followers should not be the end goal; it should be part of your big picture — and that’s where a good social media strategy comes into play. 

Why do you need more followers, and what do you want to accomplish?

Most times, folks who manage brands desire massive Instagram followers to

  • increase product sales
  • boost brand awareness
  • drive more eyeballs to their website.

If you are focused on your business goals, you would pretty much achieve more success and more Instagram followers’ growth in record time.

Furthermore, you can boost your Instagram growth using the following tips. (Credit – @Jason_Culleton)  

– Use Photos and  videos that stand out on the discover page

– Do quality hashtag research correctly

– Create posts that engage the audience and shared

Optimize Instagram  captions to boost engagement

– Host contests time to time

– Use Location tagging

Optimize your Instagram account

Your Instagram bio is arguably the home page of your account. If you want people to be interested in your brand, then you have to optimize your account.

Here’s the thing; without a bio, a sleek profile picture, a username, and image captions, you are pretty much screwed.

People won’t be able to identify your brand and pinpointing the brand behind such an account won’t be easy. 

To eliminate such situations, you’ve got to optimize your Instagram account the right way. 

This may sound super simple, but adding a bio is a sure way of creating the right foundation for your brand. A good bio is part of your brand’s identity.

Also, adding a link in your bio is one of the best ways of driving eyeballs to your website. If you are unsure of the link to add, you can try linking to one of your product pages.

Linking to your home page is not a bad idea. But you can give your visitors a more robust experience by using IG link landing pages. With IG landing pages, you get to insert the most relevant links and content all on one page. 

Furthermore, your username should be search-friendly and straightforward. To do this, your username should be relatively close to your brand name. If you’ve got a long brand name, you can shorten it to something shorter. This way, your audience would easily remember the name.

Adding special characters and numbers to your username is not the way to go. To get the best out of your username, you’ve got to use a name that’s in line with the username found on other social media accounts.

Develop a content calendar

One way to fail in increasing Instagram followers is to be inconsistent with the rate you churn out content. Posting randomly without a clear schedule is a fast way to a free fall.

If you’ve built a sizable following on the platform, you don’t want to lose it by posting inconsistently.

One way of keeping your followers engaged is by developing a content calendar and sticking to it. Being consistent does not mean that you should spam. There has to be a balance!

With over 200 million daily active users on the platform, you can gain a sizable audience by casting a wide net. And publishing a couple of times per day is the way to go.

You can also analyze your Instagram account with socialert to know when you get the best engagement. you must include these times to your content calendar to boat engagement.

Having and sticking to your content schedule is one of the sure ways of bringing your visitors back. To do that, you can opt for any of these social media management tools. Using these tools will help to schedule your posts in advance as per the content calendar.

Create and publish relevant content

Everything boils down to having great content. Great content is the magic ingredient that brings and keeps followers. It’s also the cornerstone of an excellent social media strategy.

To create good content, you must understand your audience and know what connects with them.

The idea is to create content that connects with no one else but your audience. After all, you are not in the market to sell to everyone. Your target audience is all that matters.

If you check the Instagram account of Nike you will realize that they post about sports and fitness. Which is of great interest to their audience.


View this post on Instagram

With love, Your Nike Family

A post shared by Nike (@nike) on

One way to create content that connects with your audience is by developing a good relationship with your audience. This way, you get to learn the type of content they like.

Eliminate fake Instagram followers

Fake Instagram followers won’t do you any good. It’s quite tempting to follow the easy route — buying fake followers. But such strategies are short-sighted and won’t do you any good.

Here are some downsides to buying fake followers.

  • Deception. When visitors land on an account with thousands of followers but little to no engagement, it sends the wrong message and lowers such an account’s credibility. Customers buy from a brand they trust. To build trust and loyalty, you’ve got to do the right thing. And the right thing is done by not deceiving your followers. 
  • No return on investment (ROI). Fakes followers don’t have credit cards. They don’t buy things. It’s just mere vanity metrics with no real value. Customers follow your brand on Instagram for a simple reason — they love your content and are fans. These folks are spenders, and you’ve got to focus more on them.
  • Zero interactions. Ideally, followers should interact with your post. If there is zero interaction, then the hype is not worth it. Imagine having tens of thousands of fake followers who do not engage with your post — that’s not good for your online image.

Fake followers don’t share, comment, like, or engage with your post. They are online ghosts, and you can get nothing from them.

Real followers are the real deal!

They don’t stop at liking and reacting to your post; they are the folks who appreciate your brand and what you do. Also, they enjoy reading your response to their posts.

Money Africa has a way of publishing creative posts and replying to comments on a post. This will, in turn, keep the customer engaged and make them develop a more meaningful connection with the brand. 

If you don’t have time to start with a new Instagram account. you can buy Instagram accounts with real followers from fameswap. They offer multiple categories to filter through authentic Instagram accounts for your brand.

Promote your Instagram account

Nothing happens until you begin to promote your Instagram account. You have to intentionally showcase it everywhere.

You can start off by listing your Instagram account on your website and other social media platforms. 

Truth is, to get discovered online, you’ve got to create awareness and visibility. You have to be found.

Another reliable way of promoting your account is by adding social media buttons on your blogs and website. This way, you would boost the number of social shares across various platforms.

That’s not all…

You can cross-promote on various social media platforms. By leveraging your accounts on other social media platforms, you get to drive more eyeballs to your Instagram account.


Cross promoting works best if you are not merely asking for a follow. There should be something in return for your audience. And it can be achieved by promoting valuable content.

You can also work with your industry influencers to promote your account as 60 % of Instagram users follow a brand on Instagram after they see it promoted by an influencer they trust.


Pin favorite comments

One of the most fascinating features on Instagram is the ability to pin up to three comments on the platform.

This feature comes in handy in a couple of ways.

First, you can use a pinned comment as an extension of your caption. That is, you get to exceed the typical 2,200 characters by using a pinned comment. It’s a great way of providing a more detailed caption.

Also, if you notice a comment generating lots of reactions, you can pin such comments. It’s a good way of boosting its exposure.

Measure your growth using Instagram analytics tools

Growth does not always mean an increase in the number of followers. It could be an increase in the number of account mentions.

To measure such Instagram metrics, you would need a third-party platform like Socialert.

It helps you to know the following details about any Instagram account

  1. Top posts 
  2. Top hashtags and keywords used
  3. Weekdays and time of best engagement
  4. Top mentioned accounts

To get a detailed analytic report on your Instagram account, you can visit socialert home page and search for any public account.

All in all, Socialert is the right Instagram account analysis tool to help you keep a close eye on your account’s growth.

Conclusion — increase Instagram followers by using simple steps.

Growing Instagram followers is not rocket science. You can achieve it by merely developing a good strategy, creating great content, optimizing your account, and promoting the account.

You can also boost the process by using a pinned comment, avoiding fake followers, and measuring your Instagram account growth with analytics tools like Socialert.

The benefits of increased Instagram followers are massive — more eyeballs, which will, in turn, translate to more engagement and sales.

Now you know how to increase your Instagram followers, which step is lacking in your current strategy?


  1. Great article! I would also add that right now Instagram is pushing Reels pretty heavily to gain traction against TikTok. I know a lot of people who have been seeing less and less reach since it was launched.
    To gain new followers, I would recommend publishing more on Stories and Reels to capture the attention of a new audience.

    1. Christina thanks for your comment! I agree that using reels and Instagram stories is a good idea. People share Instagram posts via stories. It helps to get more exposure and followers as well.

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