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The Best Ways to Become Successful on Instagram

The trending platform of Instagram can prove to be beneficial for your business. Most people have a perception that the ones who are famous on Instagram will be able to gain better outcomes for their business. It might work out well sometimes, but not always.  Becoming successful on Instagram is much more than just the follower count. 

Crafting innovative, creative, and unique content that can keep your audience engages is one of the best ways to achieve success on Instagram. Knowing what your audience likes may be a tricky, time-consuming, and long-term process, but getting the right formula can create magic and open doors for success on Instagram. Careful planning and formulation of effective strategies can help in becoming successful on Instagram.

Some of the best ways to become successful on Instagram are:

#1. Start with a Perfect Bio

 Before getting into other success strategies, start with the simplest one. Creating an attractive Instagram bio that clearly states about who you are and what you do is good, to begin with. The importance of a perfect bio cannot be ignored. Being able to convey your audience about your brand and grabbing their attention is an art and leads you towards the success path. A perfect bio enables your target audience to follow you and connect with your brand better.

Check bio of drop who sell products via the community of like-minded people


We have published a post on how to write Instagram bio with tips and tricks.

#2. Plan an Effective Content Strategy

After a perfect bio, the next thing to focus on is the content that you will be posting on Instagram. Content is an essential aspect of more engagement. Simply posting the photos and videos will not help to attract your audience, you need to craft the right content for better success. Planning out a content strategy helps in giving shape to perfect content.

  • Posting what others post is not a good idea. Instead, taking inspiration from the posts, yet posting completely different and unique content works well in engaging your audience with your brand. You can track the Instagram post of your competitors and keep a note of the top posts. It helps understand what feature is attracting the attention of the audience and incorporate the same in your content. Make sure to document everything starting from the photos, colors, themes, and more to have an idea of what works well.
  • After collecting ideas from your research work, start creating content for your brand by focusing on the valuable inputs. Try adding quality and consistency to your content. Unique content with an eye-catching image can increase your chances of success on Instagram by attracting more attention to your audiences.

View this post on Instagram

This is #goals for my goals. 📷: @aubryeliz

A post shared by Letterfolk (@letterfolk) on

  • Investing in photo editing tools like instasize to create the best visuals can produce even better outcomes. With the help of the various tools available, you can easily create striking content for your brand. As a lot of time and effort goes into building the best content, the outcomes are always rewarding and ensure your success on Instagram.

#3. Identify and use the Top Hashtags

Instead of being too promotional, consider using the top hashtags on Instagram to promote your brand better. While posting your content, using hashtags plays a vital role in success. Using the hashtag tools, you can easily identify the best hashtags related to your industry.

Some of top hashtags on Instagram are below which you can use in your posts

  • #love
  • #life
  • #instagood
  • #photooftheday
  • #beautiful
  • #fashion
  • #happy
  • #followme
  • #like4like
  • #follow
  • #photography
  • #picoftheday
  • #selfie
  • #summer
  • #healthy
  • #fitness
  • #instadaily
  • #friends
  • #art
  • #fun
  • #travel
  • #style

If any of these popular hashtags are relevant to your brand or the content you use them in your Instagram posts to boost your reach and engagement.

The hashtags initiate an interaction between your brand and the users. Using unique and engaging branded hashtags can help you become successful on Instagram. 

you can use hashtags to help you run a contest using your own branded hashtag and encourage users to attach it to an Instagram post for a chance to win.

Heyo templates helps you to run Instagram hashtag contests

With the help of the Instagram hashtag analytics tools like socialert, make sure to analyze branded Instagram hashtags and find the most engaging posts and users. A thorough analysis can tell you which work best for more success on Instagram.

#4. Post Regularly

Posting regularly is another important ingredient for success on Instagram. Being active on Instagram attracts more audience.

Posting at least twice a day with the trending hashtags helps in enhancing your reach and increasing the engagement level of your audience with your brand. Identifying the right time to post is yet another factor to be considered for optimum success.

You can use tools like Buffer to schedule posts and get a reminder on mobile device.


Uploading your latest content through the Instagram stories also helps in engaging your audience in the best way. Especially when you have more followers on your Instagram account, sharing interesting stories helps in generating more business. You can even use the Instagram polls in your stories to understand your audience better and know what type of content will attract them the most. 

#5. Connect with Influencers

Cross-promotion, with the help of the influencers, is a great way to achieve more success on Instagram. Connecting with the influencers helps in increasing the engagement level of your audience. With the Instagram hashtag tracking tool you can easily find the top influences for your (or competitors) branded hashtags.  

The influencers need not have to be a celebrity always. You can collaborate with the lesser-known influencer with a huge number of followers related to your industry. Building up connections with the top industry influencers can help in increasing the audience engagement and promotes your brand better.

With the influencer identification tool like buzzstream and ninjaoutreach finding the right influencers have become easy.


Promoting your brand with the help of influence will surely increase the chances of success on Instagram.

#6. Have an Effective Call-to-Action

Without an effective call to action, your target audience fails to reach you, which ultimately affects the success of your business. Call-to-Action plays an important role in telling your audience what to do next if the content convinces them of your brand. Driving your conversion rate is the main function of a call-to-action. 

Using captions in your Instagram posts is a great idea. You can easily incorporate a link in the captions that will take your audience to the Instagram bio. Using relevant and fresh links as a call-to-action is important to become successful on Instagram.

This caption does a great job of highlighting the pistachio nice-cream with instruction to purchase via website. Captions also provide great opportunities to use branded hashtags and spread awareness like this post.

#7. Take Advantage of Instagram Highlights

The recent update of Instagram enables you to display the story highlights on your profile. It is another effective strategy to increase the success rate on Instagram.

Creating a few interesting highlights can encourage your audience to follow your brand. Adding a hyperlink to the highlight that connects your audience with your products or service can further accelerate the success rate of your business on Instagram.

You can open your Instagram story, select the highlight icon, and enter a name for the highlight. You can even edit cover. Then add done to successfully create a highlight for your Instagram page. 

#8. Engage with Instagram Users

When your brand is new to Instagram, focusing on increasing your engagement level is important for success on Instagram. Following the users that post content relevant to your brand can help in engaging better with Instagram users.

Make sure to avoid robotic interaction and actively respond to your followers with interesting responses. By using elements like “Type a Question” or “Yes or No” button or “Like” buttons on your Instagram stories you can enhance your engagement level with your users. You can also add catchy posts with interesting captions and creative videos that attract them to be more interactive and engage better with your users. 

You can also use your industry influencers to engage your customers and product users. Check how Muji encourages and engages product users with the help of influencers.

Make sure to avoid robotic interaction and actively respond to your followers with interesting responses. 

Summing Up

There are a lot of ways to reach out and connect with your audience on Instagram and promote your brand. Engaging content and the use of the branded hashtags are among the best ways to achieve success on Instagram. With the best hashtag tracking tool, finding the top hashtags relevant to your industry is no longer a tough task. 

You can even use the tools to connect with the popular influencers of your brand. Following the strategies mentioned above can give your brand a competitive edge and increase your chances of success. Engaging with your audience and building a healthy relationship with them can help in ensuring more success for your business.

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