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How To Grow Your Brand With Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag marketing is much more than inserting a couple of hashtags into every post you publish online.

Social media is growing at a breakneck pace, and if you want to grow your business online, then you’ve got to understand what hashtag marketing is, and how to implement it for your business.

Launching an effective hashtag campaign isn’t hard. And if you master it, you’d pretty much have a thriving online business.

Before delving right into the types of hashtags, and why you should be using it for your business, here are some benefits of using hashtag marketing.

Benefits of Hashtag Marketing

Over the years, we’ve noticed significant growth in hashtag marketing.

What started as a dumb question on twitter has grown to become one of the most effective marketing strategies of our time.

Aside from the boost in business, hashtag marketing provides valuable information about your target customers.

Here’s the thing; hashtags are used across various social media platforms. And if you genuinely want to grow your brand on social networks, then proper implementation of hashtag marketing is the way to go. 

If you are new to hashtags then you should also know how to follow a hashtag on twitter

One top benefit of hashtag marketing is it boosts your brand awareness.

If you’ve been struggling to grow your following or get significant traction online, hashtag marketing may help you turn on the switch.

Check this post by Airbnb how they use the hashtag and trying to generate traction.

Secondly, hashtag marketing helps to increase brand engagement.

Here’s how it works…

When you make a tweet or publish a post on social media with a relevant hashtag, your customers would likely respond.

At this point, your job is to reply to some of the responses.

Contrary to popular belief, your response must not be all rosy. Netflix has mastered the art of responding to their critics without ruining their reputation.

It works like magic, and your customers would love you for it.

Lastly, hashtag marketing is a great way to generate sales.

With increased brand awareness and excellent customer engagement, you’re sure of generating more sales in no time.

Now you know the benefit of hashtag marketing, and why you should use it to grow your business online, you’ve got to understand the various types of hashtag marketing and how you can implement it.

Types of Hashtags and Use Case

Branded Hashtag Campaign

The branded hashtag is quite common among business owners.

The idea is simple — come up with a branded hashtag and use it for your marketing purposes. 

Ideally, the hashtag should be memorable, short, and fun.

If you have issues coming up with a branded hashtag, you can do some research to create branded hashtags for your brand.

Therefore, undergo thorough research to be sure that branded hashtag is perfect for your purpose.

Having a branded hashtag should be one of your long term strategies. It’s also an easy way of finding any of your previous posts. 


#Gucci is a branded hashtag. The hashtag is used in most of their posts on Instagram.

Other brands like Nike tend to use their motto as their hashtag without using their brand name. That’s why you’d always see the #JustDoIt in most of Nike’s posts across social media platforms. 

Branded hashtags are an easy way to build a community of loyal fans across all social media platforms by collaborating with influencer who post content using branded hashtags

One cool thing about branded hashtags is it’s a win-win strategy for both the brand owners and the social community.


Branded hashtags help you spread your message effectively. This way, you get to drive more traffic to your brand.

Also, fans who would share your message using the branded hashtag would draw attention to themselves. This will, in turn, help them grow their online following.


One of the best ways to uncover the mind of your prospect is by hosting a live conference. This way, you get to have a question and answer session, clarifying every doubt or question in the minds of your customers.

Tweetchat is quite similar to a live conference. But this time, everything goes online — and you get to respond to the questions of your audience.

Starting a tweetchat is pretty straightforward. 

All you need is to set out a suitable time and start the conversation with a compelling hashtag.

Your audience gets to join in the conversation. 

To get the best out of tweetchat, you’ve got to pick an engaging hashtag — a hashtag that’s easy to remember. 

If you’ve not hosted a tweetchat before, it’s better to participate in one and get a feel for how it’s done before hosting a tweetchat for your brand.

All in all, tweetchat is the perfect way to answer your customer’s questions in real-time.

Event Hashtag

Just as the name implies, event hashtags are designed with a specific event in mind.

Companies that celebrate an annual event usually use event hashtags to spread their messages.

For instance, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) uses the #Wrestlemania to spread the Wrestlemania message.

Creative brand owners can also join in the flow by creating a conversation around the event.

You’d see that TSN PR is doing an excellent job by using the #NBAFinals to drive more eyeballs to their tweets.

To maximize event hashtag, you’ve got to post and introduce your audience to the hashtag before the event.

You can also Twitter contest to get more tweets and retweets.

This way, they get to be engaged when you start sending a series of tweets using the hashtag.

Trending Hashtag

Trending hashtag provides excellent exposure to brands, but it’s often short-lived.

Here’s how it works…

If you notice a hashtag is trending, you can quickly jump into the conversation.

If your timing is right, you get to have huge payoffs — you’d drive massive eyeballs to your brand.

However, you’ve got to be more careful with this strategy.

Before jumping into trending hashtags, you’d have to be familiar with the conversation and understand why it’s trending.

If you don’t have a good grasp of the trend, it’s better to keep off.

Holiday Hashtags

The holiday period can be times for massive exposure — if you know how to capitalize on it.

Holidays like Thanksgiving day, labor day, and independence day tend to generate more reactions from the public.

As a business or content manager, your goal is to know how to drive good engagements with holiday hashtags.

See how coca-cola is generating lots of vibes with the #HappyNewYear tweet.

Coca-cola lovers would love to have a taste of their favorite drink. After all, everyone wants a good drink in the new year.

Having a good grasp of these hashtags is good, but if you want to generate great results, you’ve got to understand how to implement them for your brand.

How to Implement Hashtag Marketing Strategy For your brand

First things first, you must research the hashtag.

Just like the regular keyword research, you’ve got to do thorough hashtag research to get a full grasp of the frequency and volume of posts using these hashtags.

If you’re on twitter, you should perform the hashtag research using the advanced search option.

Hashtag research is pretty easy on Instagram. By merely using the search bar, you’d be able to see the number of posts with a hashtag.

The posts are usually categorized as “Recent Posts” or “Top Posts.”

Also, you’ve got to listen more closely to your audience and competition.

Here’s the thing; you can’t always be confident of what’s happening in your industry.

A thorough industry analysis would go a long way to provide compelling content ideas.

You can also opt for tracking tools like socialert.

Socialert is a simple tool that pretty much helps you to track all your social media engagement.

Whether you’re searching for a way of tracking all twitter hashtags, Instagram insight, Facebook page, or other kinds of data online, the Socialert tool got you covered.

Socialert helps you monitor how your hashtags are performing. This way, you get to know what’s working and what’s not.

One more thing…

You’ve got to understand how to take advantage of influencer marketing.

If you have a thorough understanding of your ideal customer, then you’d pretty much know which influencer would likely get their attention.

For instance, if you sell sports items, then partnering with top influencers in the sports industry would boost your social media engagement and also help you to gain more followers.

Why you should track your hashtag marketing campaign

Hashtag marketing is pretty useless if you can’t track the results.

To get a feel for how your campaign is performing, you’ve got to track it and identify where to improve.

There are countless tools to help you track your hashtag marketing campaign.

Before using any tool, you’ve got to understand a couple of trackable metrics.

  1. Hashtag Reach And Impressions: Is the campaign driving enough impressions for your brand? Before launching a campaign, you should have a rough estimate of the number of impressions you’re getting. Compare the figure with the number of impression you generate during and after the campaign. Ideally, the number should increase.
  1. Hashtag Mentions: If hashtag marketing is done correctly, then you should have lots of mentions from your followers. Take a close look at your mention to know what your followers think of you. 
  1. Followers: If the number of your followers doesn’t increase during the campaign, then you’re doing something wrong. Relaunch the campaign, but this time, pick the right hashtag.

For instance, let’s say you want to use the #Holiday during Christmas, all you need to do is navigate to the socialert tool tracker and search for the hashtag #Holiday.

You’d see something like this…

#Holiday is a pretty good hashtag since it generates an impressive result of 100 posts, 93 users, 500k+ reach, and a staggering 556k+ impression.

Next, you’d look at the timeline.

The stats show 06:08 pm to 06:44 pm. That’s the time frame.

Quite impressive, right?

You can take it a step further by taking a look at the top influencers, top active users, and recent users.

If you’re comfortable with any of the influencers, reach out to them and take it up from there.

Lastly, you can take a quick look at the top mentions.

This way, you can easily travel into the mind of your audience and get to know what and how they think.

Here’s the thing; if you want better results, you’ve got to opt for the paid plan.

Fret not; it’s pretty cheap!

You get to start with as little as $24.95/month.

If you’re on a budget, you can also use the free plan, but the results are limited to 100 posts.


Hashtag marketing is pretty straightforward. And if done correctly, you get the opportunity to grow your brand awareness, increase your brand engagement, and generate more sales.

Whether you’re using branded hashtags, event hashtags, tweetchats, or you merely want to utilize the trending hashtag, all you need is an understanding of who your ideal customers are, then launch a compelling hashtag marketing to get their attention.

Also, you can use tools like socialert to monitor your campaigns and see how it is performing.

Now you have a good grasp of hashtag marketing, how would you launch your next campaign?

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