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7 Winning Strategies To Generate Leads With Instagram

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Once upon a time, when compared to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram was often overlooked. However, it’s an entirely different story today. Did you know 71 percent of US businesses today use Instagram? Not just that, but 80 percent of users follow a business on Instagram.

With countless lead generation ideas out there, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily for you, not only is Instagram easy-to-use, it’s also one of the best platforms to reach out to a new audience and generate new leads. In fact, it has actually become one of the best channels to draw in new leads.

So, how exactly do you attract new prospects and generate high-quality leads through Instagram? Well, here are the best strategies to get you started:

1. Humanize Your Brand

One of the most significant selling points Instagram offers is its ability to be candid. With unlimited in-your-face advertising, customers are tired of the same old tactics. That’s why humanizing your brand and portrayed real, and genuine interactions help customers build relationships with your brand. Instagram provides you the platform to personalize your communication with your customers and allow them to see as more than just a brand.

Humanizing your brand is perhaps the best way to gain the trust of potential customers and convert them into leads. Not just that, but you can also improve the relationship with your existing followers and customers. Don’t just post about your products; allow your customers to see the team behind who makes them, too. Make your brand more approachable by allowing people to know the people behind your brand.

2. Use Pictures To Tell A Story

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Perhaps what makes Instagram so compelling is its ability to tell stories with pictures. If you want visitors to become customers, you need to engage them with a captivating story of your brand. How can you add value to their lives? What exactly are your offering?

Think of the questions your potential customers might have and answer them with every post. Just because it’s visual, doesn’t mean you should ignore text altogether. While the visuals capture attention, the text actually determines whether they’ll stick around or not.

Inconsistent branding, over-the-top filters, and irrelevant images are only going to turn people away. Your posts must be subtly connected and prompt them to want to know more about you.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

It never hurts to know what your competitors are up to. You should track twitter competitors and figure out what’s working for them and what isn’t. Or, you can take a completely different route and offer something they’re not even close to offering.

Go into detail and see who’s following them and who they’re following. Keep an eye out for influencers or people with a large number of followers. If you do manage to identify such people, try to reach out and get them to do the same for your brand.

4. Don’t Forget Sales

Let’s be real; every business aims to increase sale, and Instagram promotion is no different. When you’re seeking to sell online, there are many ways for you to improve sales directly through Instagram without appearing too forward or greedy.

You should consider creating an Instagram-exclusive sale that customers can avail using a promo code. This should be done with an engaging post and a well-written copy. However, ensure you’re not doing it on a regular basis.

Instagram ads are also an excellent option to expand your reach. It’s definitely worth the investment since you can easily get the results at a low price.

Just like Facebook, Instagram allows you to filter your audience, leading to more refined targeting for leads with your ideal interests and tastes.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

use relevant hashtags instagram

If you don’t know how useful hashtags are on Instagram, you have a lot of catching up to do. It’s quite obvious, actually; hashtags are to Instagram what keywords are to SEO.

Just like keywords, though, there’s a way you can use hashtags. Just because they’re important, it doesn’t mean you stuff in as many hashtags as possible. However, that also doesn’t mean you don’t include any hashtags at all.

The key to using them is to include a good variety and include them enough so your brand can be discovered. If you’re considering using abbreviations, ensure you look them up in advance, so you know what they mean in your industry. Apart from that, you should always determine what hashtags are doing well in your industry and niche. For instance, many food bloggers choose to use the hashtag #foodporn instead of just #dinner or #lunch.

6. Use Live Video & Instagram Stories

These two, relatively new, tools are the perfect ways to attract and convert potential customers. Use them strategically to draw in customers and humanize your brand by promoting new products, posting teasers, behind the scenes processes, providing look-ins to live events, and making announcements.

7. Run Contests

Instagram is a great platform to run contests. When the primary goal aims to encourage leads through the conversion process, a competition that asks followers to share your posts and tag a few of their friends is incredibly useful. Not only does it expand your reach, but it also provides free advertising, too.

You can also take the contest up a notch by including user-generated content. By asking followers to share their content in exchange for a chance to win a reward, you’re getting the free content that you can promote later on while increasing your exposure at the same time.

There are countless ways to attract high-quality leads Instagram and I’ve just highlighted seven of them. Now, you have a solid number of tools in your arsenal that you can use to attract new customers and push them to drive sales. You can easily re-target this audience for your ads and convert them to high-quality leads at a low cost.

In addition to this, you can add a human touch to the way you interact with your fans and use the platform to tell stories about customers who were able to benefit from your product, building trust along the way. All these tactics, used in combination with each other, have the potential to boost your Instagram presence to new heights.

If you run your contest on a hashtag I would recommend you to try our Instagram hashtag analytics tool as well to measure its success


Have you tried any of these strategies before? What about any other strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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