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How To Follow Hashtag And Topics On Twitter

Have you a very active account on Twitter, or are you such a news freak or an information lover of trending topics about different sections of life ??? for example, information, news, and details of sections of lifestyle, fashion, education, skincare, politics, etc, Or are you a regular tweeter and follow hashtags on Twitter and really desire your posts or write-ups travel so far to reach multitudes of men, in such a way that you build a presence for yourself on the social media, then this blog is meant for you?

This is a write-up that will expose, educate and serve as an eye-opener to how to follow a hashtag on Twitter to reach the right audience. Just sit back and see how we help to increase your border-eye to how far you can reach with the use of hashtags on your social media platforms or Twitter accounts.

We would also explore how you can follow hashtags on Twitter and Twitter topics which is important for your business and extract the information which is of real use for your brand.

What Is Topic On Twitter 

This feature allows users to stay informed about the trend in which they are interested.

Once a user follows a topic then news tweets related to that topic will start showing up in their feed.

With Twitter Topics, you can find relevant topics as well as the target audience for your brand. By following twitter topic you can learn about how to interact with a large audience and how to create valuable content according to the trend and you can boost your online presence.

To access the Twitter Topic feature, go to your feed and click “More” on the sidebar to the left of your feed then you’ll see options including, “Topics” like 

What Are Hashtags 

Hashtags are words written with a # symbol on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and are used to index keywords or topics on the social media platform (i.e., on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).

Chris Messina started using hashtags in tweets.

Now focusing on the emphasis of the write-up, Twitter is an open social network, and anyone can see your public tweets, except you have set up your account to be completely private and your content to be withdrawn from the sight of others. But few people want to follow everyone in the world, and that’s why Twitter orchestrates these words called Hashtags, and these are words to which # are added to reflect them like Twitter hashtags. Twitter hashtag explorer allows people to easily follow topics or trending hashtags that they are interested in.

People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their tweets to categorize and help their contents to show more easily in Twitter news or to enhance reader’s search. These hashtag words are words which when clicked on or tapped in any message or content found on the platform show you other Tweets that include that hashtag.

Hashtags can be included anywhere in a Tweet and hashtagged words that become very popular are often trending Twitter hashtags in the world. Twitter has an in-depth article about how it trends hashtags or topics on Twitter.

And right here, we will also be introducing you to a very interesting Twitter app that will aid your Twitter account usage, the app called SOCIALERT (involving several aiding aspects like hashtag metrics, Twitter measurement, followers influencers, competitors trackers, and lots more to boost and help the feeds of your brand).

Why Are Hashtags Important?

Hashtags help us to discover Twitter users interested in the same conversations you like. Trending topics or discussion of events on the internet, are what hashtags give you easy access to, so you can share your heart with others, For example, people discuss the latest album of popular musicians and they express their minds about how motivating and how so heart-lifting it is, you use hashtags to find the discussion, engaging others too, and likewise getting to know those who are interested in that same discussion, while you guys explore the information together, you also get to build your presence more online with them.

TravelTuesday is the hashtag that got trending and canon started marketing on this trending hashtag to reach people who travel. These people would be obviously interested in capturing pictures during their travel.

Also, if you’re following a certain hashtag, you can tweet a question to others who are observing a particular conversation stream, engage other interested users in real-time, or find popular people to follow.

Madalyn does it usually and people who are part of this hashtag community respond and engage in such tweets. These people are certainly interested in this hashtag and certainly important for her brand.

 Another example, the #askmeanything hashtag, talking about a gathering of fans, where celebrities ask to throw out questions on Twitter, using hashtags of #askmeanything, and asking their fans to use the hashtags to easily throw out your own question, while others engage in your tweets or they get to retweet your post.

Here are some benefits of using hashtags on social media.

#1.  Likewise, when you want your opinion thrown out there with everyone else’s, you can use hashtags.

#2.  The hashtag makes it easier to discover posts around specific topics of choice because it helps aggregate all social media content with that same hashtags and can bring together other people’s tweets to your access and of others to yours too.

#3.  It is also a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme, or conversation.

#4. Hashtags aid the easy and fast trending of your tweets, as an individual, an influencer, a brand ambassador, and likewise an online presence seeker.

If you want to go into more details about hashtags check this blog post.

How To Follow A Hashtag On Twitter

Use Twitter Search To Follow Hashtags

If you want to know how to follow a hashtag on twitter Twitter search is the first way to check hashtag tweets

You can use this as access to the possible topics, well-used hashtags, or possible keywords attached to the info or possible data you are seeking. You can save the search to check the hashtag data as well.

You need to open Twitter every time and check the tweets and users using those hashtags. You can use Twitter search operators if you are looking for particular tweets and search tweets by users as well.

Using Twitter Explorer To Find Hashtag Data

Twitter Hashtag Explorer gets you up on a scope of subjects, curated only for you. This is the place where Twitter shows you what’s going on, right now. Explore tabs may differ dependent on your area and settings. Normally, you’ll see these areas/tabs on the page:

For you: Popular hashtags, subjects, or updates that Twitter thinks you’ll appreciate generally, in view of monitoring your Twitter account activity movement. It also shows you hashtags and topics based on your location.

Moving news/trending: What’s occurring on the planet

News, Sports, Fun, Entertainment tabs: Other popular narratives or news identified with various subjects.

With the explore tab, you as a user or feed creator can likewise see what everyone is talking about right now. You can catch up on big stories and news, see what people are talking about in your area and check out trends related to what you care about.

The emphasis on the Explore tab lines up with Twitter’s more extensive move towards expanded importance for content postings, with points currently turning into a lot greater component inside its development plans. In the event that Twitter can improve its point postings, and feature more applicable substance to clients, that could go far in assisting it with improving the commitment of the users/ brands that are using the explore tabs more frequently.

Use Tweetdeck to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter

TweetDeck offers you a very convenient thing you can view multiple timelines in one interface. Actually, Tweetdeck was an independent app that Twitter acquired later. This website makes working with Twitter easy and more customizable.

Here’s how to follow a hashtag on Twitter  using Tweetdeck:

First of all open and log into your Twitter account.


On the right side you can see a list that includes currently hot searches and hashtags that you can review.

To generate a personalized hashtag column, click the “+” icon in the far-left vertical menu

In the menu options that appear, select “Search.” and type in your hashtag search and choose from the list or press “Enter.”

Check The Definition Of Existing Hashtags

If you come across a hashtag, but you’re not too sure about that means and If you want to check the definition or use of that hashtag you can use TagDef .

Example: enter the hashtag #twitetrsmarter, and you’ll see the meaning of the hashtag:

How To Follow A Hashtag on Twitter Using Socialert

Looking at the very content of the image displayed above, you can easily relate to the interesting app that is to be introduced to you for your ease in maximizing and exploring the Twitter platform. This interesting app is called SOCIALERT. This application is developed to help in tracking and follow hashtags and account tracking for Twitter and Instagram.

When you follow a hashtag on twitter using twitter hashtag search, Twitter hashtag explorer you can not do twitter archive search but socialert helps you to follow the hashtag by saving, search Twitter history and further analyzing that to grab

Socialert hashtag analytics presents every piece of information such as hashtag reach and impressions in a visual format. You can even export tweets in excel using socialert.

Here are few points about socialert that we provide in detail.

#1. Find Twitter hashtag followers and influencers (active users’ section in socialert hashtags tracker report): – Track all tweets of the hashtag for a brand crusade, occasion, Twitter chat, television live shows, sports, and twitter challenges.

Our Twitter tracker can be used to gauge hashtag reaches and measurements including impressions, estimations, viral substance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can also, find devotees and viral substance of any Twitter account.

#2.  Track different Twitter measurements of any Twitter handle like adherents, top hashtags, URLs’ and so on: – On Socialert, you can perform Twitter account history investigation, track hashtags, examine catchphrases, and accomplish such a great deal more. Figure out how your marked watchwords and brand makes reference to are being utilized by your crowd. With our twitter examination, you can find out about your crowd and their inclinations. Get moment investigation at whatever point your image and catchphrases are referenced.

#3. With our developed apps, you can track the advancement of your rivals by examining their Twitter record or following their Mentions, watchwords, and hashtags. Find their viral posts, associated influencers, dynamic adherents and uncover their procedure.

#4. Hashtag metrics socialert provide like hashtag reach, impressions, related hashtags you can easily discover. On the content of the website, you can have in-depth detail regarding hashtag impressions, active users, reach, and more. Possible result as illustrated in the historical data picture below and this is one of the advantages of exporting data from your Twitter account.

#5. Track Twitter Sentiments: – Become acquainted with clients who don’t specify your handle using our successful social listening stage. Our web-based media estimation application likewise, gives a consistent method to follow slants with respect to a catchphrase. Assisting you to play out a social investigation and recognize various types of clients.

Ø We also provide you with the most retweeted tweets for hashtags as well accounts.


What this blog has shown us, in summary, is simply the effective use and the massive harvest of results the use of the new and interesting application called SOCIALERT. This app is really one of the best instruments that can be implemented by Twitter users, especially brand influencers in getting to reach as many as possible, more impressions, tracking competitors to speed up with them, and lots more that socialert has offered for the people.

Someone once said and I quote “Socialert is an incredible method to acquire extra understanding on Twitter, beyond what Twitter Analytics offers. With Socialert you can separate Twitter discussions finding the most dynamic members, influencers, profile catchphrases and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. New highlights are being added routinely and the improvement group is extremely responsive.”

So, you don’t want to miss such an opportunity as this, visit our website today and let Twitter become your voice and reach tool to as many as beyond your eye.

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