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How to find your most successful social media posts

Whether you are a business owner, an influencer, or a content creator, you are always popping out lots of content online.

But the big question remains — are your content producing results? If yes, how can you find your most successful social media posts?

Identifying your most successful social media posts would go a long way to let you know what your audience is craving for.

This will, in turn, help you tailor your content to suit their needs.

Aside from the insights you get from knowing your most successful social media posts, you can show your superiors the results you’ve generated. This is especially true for social media managers who would report directly to their bosses and supervisors.

Okay, you are probably thinking about what makes a social media post successful, and how can you ascertain if a post is performing well.

Well, the answer is pretty simple!

There are a couple of engagement metrics that would help you figure out which posts are performing. Some of these engagements metrics include.

Hashtags and shares

If you take a walk into the land of social media, you’d see that highly shared posts usually generate engagement. 

A large number of hashtags and share shows that your content isn’t just relevant to your audience, but it’s worth broadcasting.

Let’s face it; people only share what’s valuable to them.


Most online marketers believe that likes are just vanity metrics — it doesn’t mean much and has no significant impact on a brand’s ROI.

Here’s the thing; likes pretty much shows that your audience enjoys your content.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be ruled out.

Posts with more likes are generally seen as more appealing. 

Followers count

Just like likes, followers count is also considered as vanity metrics. But when there is a surge in the number of new followers, you are doing something right.

To get a good grasp of what is going on, you’ve got to take a step back and look at your last post.

What made it so compelling? And how can you structure subsequent posts to look just like it?

This way, you get to generate lots of compelling posts on your social media platforms.

Replies and comments

By now, you probably know that conversations are what drive the most engagements online. And to generate a good conversation seems to be a hard nut to crack.

When you make a post and your audience strike up a conversation in the comment section, you can take it a step further by replying to their comments and identifying the magic ingredient in the original post.

What did you post about? Is it about a new product launch or a random fun question?

Whatever the case may be, you can use the comments on a post to get a glimpse of what your audience wants.

Link clicks

If you are serious about creating robust marketing channels, then you’ve got to pay close attention to link clicks — and how to track them.

This way, you get to know the exact social media platform that’s generating the most traffic.

Now that you understand the various engagement metrics let’s dive into how to find the most successful social media posts.

First off, you’ve got to understand that most social media platforms have in-built system analytics.

With system analytics, you get to generate an in-depth analysis of what’s working and what’s not.

If you are not satisfied with the information displayed on the in-built analytics, you can opt for third-party systems like the Socialert.

Fret not!

Let’s get into the various platforms in no time.


Identifying your most successful posts on Twitter is quite easy — by merely navigating through the analytics page, you’d be able to see a detailed report of how your posts are performing.

Twitter analytics provides excellent insight into how your posts are performing. You get to view your top tweets, mentions, and other relevant metrics.


Yes, Twitter analytics is pretty cool but it gives you information about your account only.

You can take it a step further by using a third-party analytic system like Socialert.

If you want to search for the @Nike account on Twitter, all you’ve got to do is click on the Twitter icon and also on the account option.

Next, input @Nike into the space and on next screen you would see the sample report for @nike account

Down the page, you get to see the timeline for the posts.

You get to have more juice by merely strolling down the more.


LinkedIn is quite straightforward — by merely navigating to the page admin, you’d pretty much see everything about your LinkedIn.

You get to have more juice by merely strolling down the more,

From the screenshot above, you’d see that the page is inactive — there has been zero activity in the last 30 days.


It’s an abandoned page. Maybe the moderators have left it to pursue other things.This is not to deter you from growing an audience on LinkedIn.Focus on your brand, publish engaging content, and watch your brand grow. And when in need of an in-depth report about your posts, head to the page admin section.


Facebook is the largest social media platform — and they are at the top for a reason.

Aside from the massive number of active users on the platform, Facebook is arguably the best platform to grow your brand.

To do that, you’ve got to consistently publish content — and monitor the top-performing ones.

To monitor the top-performing content, you’ve got to use the page insights.

Page insights help you to get a clear view of the big picture. It offers a comprehensive summary of your brand’s presence and helps you to identify your most engaging post.

Furthermore, you can select a specific time frame. For instance, you can choose to monitor posts for the last seven (or thirty) days.
Visiting the page insights is quite simple. Navigate to your Facebook page, click on the insights icon.


The screenshot above provides data for the last seven days. By adjusting the time frame, you can pretty much get the data for the previous 24 hours or 28 days.

Socialert provides a more robust feature.

By merely inserting the name of the account (let’s say Nike), you’d see relevant metrics like average post likes, average post comments, average post shares, and lots more.


Managing a brand on Instagram can be quite tricky. If you’ve got a vibrant brand on the platform, pinpointing your most-liked post won’t be easy.

That’s why you need a reliable system to analyze your metrics on the platform.

One of such systems is the Instagram Insights.

On the Insight page, you get to see lots of metrics like engagement, reach, and impressions.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of analyzing your Insight page, you can use the Socialert tool.

With Socialert, you get to see metrics like comments, engagement, and likes.



Pinterest is pretty much like Facebook — metrics of your posts are provided on a day-to-day basis.

This way, you get to have a feel for how your content is performing on the platform.

Moving on, if you’ve recognized your most successful social media posts, you should be able to identify a pattern — is it part of a bigger campaign like holiday sale? Or is it merely educational posts that provide value to your audience?

Conclusion — Grow your brand by identifying your most successful social media posts.

Finding your most successful social media post is not rocket science — by merely using the insight/analytic tool on each social media platform, you’d pretty much get a feel for your most performing social media post on each platform.

Furthermore, you can use the Socialert tool, a user-friendly platform to track all your posts and identify metrics like comment, engagement, and likes. 

By directly reaching out to the support team, you would get all your questions answered.

Now you know how to find your most successful social media posts, how would it influence your social media marketing strategy?

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