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How To Find And Analyze Trending Instagram Hashtags

You’ve probably launched or seen a high converting hashtag campaign before. And if you are like most people, you are probably thinking of what made it go viral.

What’s the secret ingredient to a trendy Instagram post?

Granted, there are lots of factors that come into play — and one of which is hashtags.

Here are pretty cool stats to help you get the whole picture.

An Instagram post with a hashtag generates more engagement than a regular post.

That’s quite awesome!

You see, if you are in the business of growing a more thriving online presence, then hashtags are something you want to take seriously.

If you are not using hashtags, then you are probably shooting yourself in the foot.

But if you are like most brand owners, you are probably having some questions about finding trending Instagram hashtags and analyzing them for branding?

Well, in this guide, you will find answers to these questions and more.

Before diving into it, let’s explore how Instagram hashtags work.

Meanwhile, if you own a branded hashtag and you want to analyze it for Instagram check our Instagram hashtag analytics tool socialert

How to Find trending Instagram Hashtags and Analyze Them 

How To Find Trending Instagram Hashtags Using Instagram Search.

An Instagram search engine is pretty straightforward — users use it to browse or search for useful content. To get this content quickly, the user could search for keywords, account names, or hashtags — whatever works best for the user.

As a side note, you should know that Instagram doesn’t show trending hashtags like Twitter. But the user can search for the hashtag to see accounts that have content with such hashtags and keywords.

Most times, authors who publish on the Instagram platform use hashtags. This way, the content can be easily found on the platform.

Here’s how it works…

The user lands on Instagram navigates to the search bar, and inputs the hashtag or desired keyword, then hits the search icon.

Yes, it’s that simple!

You can pretty much get creative with your searches by using the search engine to look for new items like power bikes or the latest trends in the fashion industry.

The user lands on Instagram navigates to the search bar, and inputs the hashtag or desired keyword, then hits the search icon. You can see the popular account and trending hashtags with post count related to this keyword.

When a user searches for a hashtag, other related hashtag results would be displayed on the search result with the post count.

You can pretty much get creative with your searches by using the search engine to look for new items like power bikes or the latest trends in the fashion industry. this way you can find top trending Instagram hashtags for any industry.

Now you understand the Instagram search engine and how it works, you should have a good grasp of following Instagram hashtags.

How To Find Trending Instagram Hashtags Using Instagram Tracking Tools.

When we search Instagram with a given keyword, in the hashtags we just see the related hashtags with their count. However, you can analyze any of the trending hashtags and find all hashtags being used with the same using instagram hashtag tracking tools like socialert.

Socialert Instagram hashtag report also shows a keyword cloud for hashtag data which helps to understand the kind of content being used with this hashtag.

You would know more about instagram hashtag tracking later in this article.

How to Follow Instagram Hashtags

Let’s say you like NBA basketball; you can get utmost fun by following easy steps like navigating to the Explore page.

Here’s how to do just that. 

Using the Explore Page

The Explore Page is an integral piece of Instagram. It’s a recommendation channel that showcases the trending Instagram post for hashtags on the platform. The algorithm is built to show Instagram posts in the top post section which generated top engagement on Instagram.

Let’s first find a hashtag for the keyword “NBA Basketball”

On the tags page, you would find top trending posts on Instagram which you can check one by one.

If your content makes it to the Explore Page, then you are in for a treat. You would gain a wider reach and pretty much grow your audience base in no time.

To be featured on the Explore Page, you’ve got to understand how the Instagram algorithm works and play by the rules.

One of the factors that help you to get featured on the Explore Page is hashtags.

As a point of emphasis, you should understand that your post will be featured on the hashtag explorer if you’ve got high engagement on your Instagram post — there is no way around this.

The engagement could be in form of likes, comments, and clicks.

If you are new to the game or you are a veteran looking for ways to up your game, you can use the Socialert tool to generate a detailed Instagram hashtag analysis report. This way, you get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

You are one hashtag away from driving lots of eyeballs to your brand’s social media account.

Marketing on Trending Instagram Hashtags 

By now, you know that Instagram is not a mere photo-sharing app — a place where you go for some exciting visual content.

Instagram is a marketing tool — and if used the right way, you can pretty much boost your overall Instagram impressions and reach, influence your audience’s buying decision, and acquire new customers.

It’s all shades of magic results!

If you are still skeptical of the growth of Instagram in the marketing industry, here is a plot that shows how Instagram has grown over the years.

Trending Instagram hashtags is an unending goldmine for those who want to dominate in the Instagram platform.

Whatever your passion is, you can get the best content or the most recent content by merely tracking the hashtag on instagram search.

Brand owners can take it a step further by trending posts on Instagram hashtags to boost their market share on the Instagram platform.

If you gain control over trending hashtags, then you are pretty much unstoppable on the platform.

If your brand has launched a branded hashtag or using trending hashtags in posts they should also analyze them

Instagram hashtag analysis for branded and trending hashtags

Tons of third-party platforms perform in-depth hashtag Instagram analysis — and one of such platforms is Socialert.

Socialert is not just like other social media reporting tools — it’s the ideal tool for folks who want to keep a close eye on their competitor instagram accounts as well.

As a business person or internet marketer, if you’ve ever been in doubt of how to monitor and track your hashtags, then the Socialert tool will help you to do just that.

Here’s how it works…

There is a free and paid model on the Socialert tool. The free stuff is cool but limited — you can only track up to few instagram posts analysis results.

With the paid one, your tracking is pretty much unlimited!

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the free trial. 

Fret not; you would get superb value for free.

But if you’ve got the budget for it, it’s much better to opt for the paid trial. This way, you will get more juicy benefits for a small initial investment.

Instagram metrics you get in hashtag report includes

—   Find Instagram Impressions and reach for users contributed.

—  Tracking Instagram influencers on basis of likes, comments

—  Download Instagram hashtag data including post caption

—  Instagram hashtag post count with analytics

Enough said!

If you want to analyze any hashtag  for Instagram check our Instagram hashtag analytics tool socialert

Now you’ve got a good grasp of what Socialert is and how you can use it, here are some useful tips to help you skyrocket your hashtag marketing in 2021.

How to use trending Instagram Hashtags in Your Posts

Finding and analyzing hashtags is good, but that’s not the full story — you’ve got to understand how to use these hashtags.

Here comes the big question — how many hashtags are enough, and when do you know that you’ve gone overboard?

Well, there is no straight answer to this. But there are some key points to help keep you in check.

In a nutshell, there is no one-size fit all answer to this. Some gurus would say 11 hashtags is the way to go, while others would recommend two hashtags.

Here’s the thing; the Instagram algorithm is not static. It changes every time, and it’s your responsibility to tweak, refine, and test to see what works for you.

Keep optimizing your strategy until you’ve hit a gold mine for your brand.

Other ways to get the most out of Instagram hashtags are

#1 Keep it relevant

Using trending hashtags is good, but if it’s not relevant to your brand, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

An Instagram algorithm is built to see irrelevant hashtags as spam.

Therefore, to avoid the penalty that comes to spammers, you’ve got to use relevant hashtags.

#2. Don’t use it excessively.

Yes, hashtags are good, but you risk being seen as a spammer on the platform when used in excess.

Just like everything in life, the key lies in moderation.

Be moderate on your use of hashtags.

#3. Have your list

Coming up with new hashtags for your posts may not be easy — it can be hectic. You can lessen the burden by having your list.

Create a list where you can easily copy your favorite hashtags for your Instagram post.

Even while creating a list, do not overuse the hashtags.

#4. The hashtags should be relevant to your niche.

Let’s say you are in the fitness industry; using the #Elections is of no use to you.

You would end up not driving enough engagement and pretty much getting fewer interactions than you would typically get.

To curb this, you’ve got to use niche relevant hashtags.

The hashtags should resonant with your audience and folks in your industry. This way, you would attract more eyeballs to your brand.

Conclusion — Boost Your Brand Relevance With Trending Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are much more than some stylish symbol — it’s a marketing model. And if you take advantage of it, you are in for a treat.

To get the most out of hashtags, you’ve got to understand how the Instagram algorithm works and how to find and analyze trending hashtags using third-party platforms like Socialert.

Now you understand how trending hashtags work, how to find them, and the importance of using Socialert; which trending Instagram hashtag will you be looking for?

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