Hashtag Tracking

How To Use Facebook Hashtags And Track Them


With so many social media platforms available today, it is challenging for people to organize and track social media messages. That is not only because of the number of platforms but also because of the significant amount of content shared every day by different people and businesses.


Businesses have been developing several content marketing strategies to promote their brand and gain increased exposure to it. Because of this dire need to stand out on the internet, SEO techniques and keywords are the new tools for businesses in the online world. Hashtags have also been one of how popularity can be achieved by different businesses and movements.

Understanding Hashtags

Although hashtags were thought to be popular on Twitter specifically, the use of them also found its way on Facebook. Hashtags are social tools for tagging a particular post that relates to a popular trend or subject. The tag has a pound sign (#) at the beginning which helps marketers or other people to click on them and find the different mentions of the same topic. Commonly discussed topics include a marketing campaign, social movements, and popular events or brands.

Check this #shareacoke campaign by coca cola on their facebook page (Public Post)

Best wishes to the team for their first match. Cheers! #ShareACokeIndia

Posted by Coca-Cola on Sunday, April 8, 2018


Creation of Hashtags

Anyone using a social networking platform can use hashtags. However, since the power of hashtags is only determined by the number of people using them, it is not necessary that every hashtag created turns into a popular trend. Many people use hashtags to share how they feel about a particular event or particular situation in their lives. More and more people are also using this technique to give out recommendations to other people. Hence, if you were to type #MustWatch, you might get numerous opinions about movies or shows that are strongly recommendable.

This new song proves that MJ lives on! #MustWatch

Posted by Movified Bollywood on Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Use of Hashtags

The use of hashtags on facebook is becoming increasingly popular amongst marketers. This is because hashtags have introduced a unique way of increasing exposure to a particular business. Moreover, hashtags can be used to induce greater customer engagement by giving birth to a unique trend.

Facebook tries to provide the best experience for their user, so if your account has been blocked for security reasons, something about your account or activity has caught the attention of the Facebook Community. If you want to out of Facebook jail you have to wait for 24hours and don’t violate Facebook community standards again.

With the use of hashtags, many businesses have been able to create a sense of curiosity amongst the audience, and this practice has later developed into a higher return on investment of the marketing efforts. You can see hashtags as playing an essential role in giving support to different digital marketing techniques used by businesses all over the world.

Check this post by user mentioning #mybreak hashtag for kitkat. Kitkat social team likes and engage those who use it.

Can you just imagine the crowd when Idina Menzel starts singing Let It Go?😆🎶🎤 Thank you KitKat for #MyBreak #ConcertBreak

Posted by googly gooeys on Sunday, June 7, 2015

However, gaining higher exposure is not the only use of hashtags. People also use hashtags to organize their messages. The need for discipline and organization has greatly increased in social media messages. Standing out in the clutter requires excellent content and purpose. Through hashtags, people can organize their posts according to the principles behind them.

Hashtag Tracking

Content creation has become relatively easier with the passage of time. It has become possible due to the introduction of analytics. Analytics have made businesses able to understand their target audience in a much deeper manner. Determining the success of your digital marketing efforts is now an easy task thanks to the world of analytics.

Similarly, hashtags can also be tracked through specific tools like socialert to keep an eye on what the popular trends are. Through hashtag tracking, businesses can identify the current subjects of interest and can create content accordingly. Content creation is one aspect of digital marketing that has benefitted the most from hashtag tracking.

We Provide customized solution for hashtag tracking on socialert too. However you can analyze any facebook page activity and track how they use hashtag here using account option.

Understanding the Use of Hashtag on Facebook

Facebook, like Twitter, uses a unique URL for hashtags. Some awesome tools such as one provided by Socialert helps marketers get access to Facebook page analytics that can be used to gain knowledge about different strategies that can be used to increase exposure of your message.

Socialert Facebook analytics can also help you stay ahead of the competition by giving you information about how the competitors are performing on the platform. With the help of such beneficial tools, businesses can now come up ideal strategies that they can implement to capture the attention of the target audience.

Importance of Hashtag Tracking

So, why do we say hashtag tracking has a significant role in developing your social media strategy? For one, the whole process of finding out what content to create become a lot more easier with the help of tools such as the one by Socialert. Other than that, there are also many other benefits that one can associate with the use of hashtag tracking.

#1. In-depth Understanding

Hashtag tracking can help you better understand how the customers react to your marketing efforts. Social networks users can also use it as a means to determine the health of your brand. By recording these trends, businesses can identify the problems that exist within the current practices. Also, by using competitive analysis, new strategies can be made by keeping in mind what has worked for the competition.

#2. Designing the Campaign

Through understanding the results of your marketing efforts, you can easily come up with campaigns in the future while keeping in mind the interests of your target audience. Extensive observation of the prevailing trends in the hashtag world can help you understand how exactly you need to implement your ideas in the marketing campaign.

#3. Increasing Customer Engagement

With the advent of social media platforms, customer engagement has become fairly easier. However, retaining the interest of your customers and keeping them engaged is a challenge that is faced by many businesses today. Through hashtags, you can create a revolution that can bring drastic changes to your business.

However, getting the right response is critical to the success of your overall effort. Thus, a lot of work should go into developing a strategy for creating a hashtag trend. Moreover, customers are more likely to feel positive about a business if they feel valued by it.

By creating hashtags that support different causes can make the customers see the businesses is a different light. Also, customers have a chance to become a part of something bigger by becoming loyal to your brand – something which is more difficult to create by using other methods of marketing.

Some Tips for Creating Effective Hashtags

As mentioned earlier, it is vital that your hashtag receives the right amount of attention. To do this, you need to make sure that your hashtag is not just another in the clutter. To make a unique and eye-catchy hashtag, use the following tips:

  • Bring out your creative side and think outside the box. Hashtags that are creative and witty are sure to grasp the significant amount of attention.
  • While creating hashtags, make sure that you take a few opinions and make sure that the hashtag you are creating is easily understandable. A hashtag that is difficult to understand can result in a massive failure.
  • Make it short. People lose focus easily these days. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to keep your message short and sweet.
  • Relevance. Do not talk about cars when your brand is all about food. People should be able to think of your brand when they see the hashtag on their newsfeed.

Bottom Line

In today’s digitally competitive world, making a name for your brand has become extremely difficult. While analytics have made the job of marketers a lot easier, different social media platforms have flooded the customers with too much information. Using hashtags is an excellent way for brands to create a unique identity for themselves and stand out. By using analytics tools such as this one provided by Socialert, you can make your task easier and much more creative.

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