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Charts for Twitter Data Visualization

Twitter is a major social networking platform, with more than 300 million active monthly users sharing numerous tweets daily. This massive data over Twitter is no good for your business or personal profile if you don’t understand it. The Twitter data need to be analyzed, interpreted, and presented in the proper and straightforward format for you to understand and use wisely.

But is this possible? Let’s find out.

This article will briefly explore how to collect Twitter data, how to generate charts of Twitter data, and how to use this data for the growth of your business or personal branding via Twitter.

What is Twitter Data Visualization?

Data visualization deals with the graphical representation of a massive stack of information and data. It uses vibrant visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps in a usually appealing format. Data visualization provides a convenient and straightforward way to see and understand the trends and patterns in data.

Twitter analytics use data visualization to represent a large amount of user account data in a simple, visually appealing format.

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics offers you a few basic account metrics in the form of charts and twitter graphic. These metrics give you a broad picture of your Twitter account history activities. It’ll help you understand your account’s engagement, pattern, and history, but the account’s analysis will be lacking. Also, Twitter analytics are strictly confined to your account and do not provide any information on other accounts for your reference.

If you are using a Twitter account for casual social networking, Twitter analytics might work. However, if you have a Twitter account aimed at business branding, Twitter Analytics will not be enough for you. That is why you will find many Twitter Analytics tools in the market to diagnose Twitter accounts with more critical metrics and features. One such popular Twitter analytics tool is Socialert, which has many distinguishing features that stand apart.

How to approach the Socialert chart data twitter ?

Now that you have understood what is Twitter graphic charts and why you need to look for more reliable Twitter analytics tools. Let’s see how to approach the Socialert chart data on twitter to analyze your twitter impressions and reach by tracking all relevant hashtags and accounts on this tool.

The first step to access Socialert chart data on twitter is searching in your web browser. When you land on the webpage of Socialert, you will see multiple options such as:

  • Hashtag
  • Twitter Account
  • Keyword, and
  • Mention

These features allow you to track all the precise information from Twitter.


Select the hashtag feature and enter a specific hashtag to track metrics. You will get a detailed metrics dashboard including tweets, reach, users, impressions, influencers, followers, and much more for any hashtag. These metrics will allow you to analyze your content and engagement to develop a better Twitter strategy.

Similarly, Socialert Twitter analysis gives you a detailed report of Chart data for Twitter accounts, not only of your personal account but also on any other active Twitter account.


With the keyword and mention search, you can successfully build Twitter mentions chart for brand mentions. These Socialert twitter chart data will identify the most influential and active users for you through a simple Twitter  visualization dashboard to increase your Twitter reach.

You can start a live tracking feature or analyze the account’s complete history by sharing or downloading the excel sheet for your convenience. The various filters allow you to get the most precise information without any hassle.

Twitter hashtag data visualization

Tweet Analytics

Suppose you wish to make a significant impact on Twitter using your personal or business account. In that case, it is crucial to measure your tweets’ engagement and analyze your hashtag’s performance. You must learn to make the most out of your Twitter account by using the information to shape your Twitter strategy.

Let’s understand how each metric can help you get a better insight on Twitter:

Tweet Activity Chart

Socialert provides the correct number of tweet reports shared by the account or used by a hashtag. You get a visually appealing twitter graphic with the total number of tweets, replies, and retweets. These metrics allow you to find when can your hashtag gets more tweets, retweets, and replies. Hence, it tells you when your hashtag users and Twitter followers were active.


The information is present in numerical and graphical or chart format. Anyone can access the information quickly based on their learning curve along with the active timings.

Twitter Reach and Impressions

After the marketing campaign or tweet series launch, the analysis of traffic, sentiment, and engagement in real-time is very important. The total number of followers or users your tweet reached and the number of times a user interacted with your Tweet in the form of retweets, replies, follows, likes, links, cards, hashtags, media, profile photo checks are crucial.


Social alert enables a simple reach and engagement twitter  graphic with active time slots that allow you to measure Twitter impressions and reach for a significant conclusion for your Tweeter campaign.

List of  Twitter hashtag chart

Finding impacting hashtags for your tweets is necessary to increase your reach. Let’s say you used a group of hashtags for your post, for, e.g., #influencer#twitterinfluencer, and #influence. Socialert will show you which hashtags have performed the best for your tweet with the top count. With this information, you can use only the useful hashtags in your next tweet and a few new hashtags that you want to test.



Top Links

Tweets include links for the users to explore your products, services, or the tweet’s source information. The clicks on these URLs or Card in the Tweet can tell you the interest of your followers or users. Socialert twitter data chart gives the total count of the links shared or viewed using a pie graph and table.


Top Hashtag Contributors

Your top users will be the one who shows sign of value or appreciation through constant retweets or engagement for all your posts. With Twitter Analytics tools, you can classify these top users into the following categories to seek further engagement.


Data Visualization For Twitter Accounts

Engagement Rate 

It would help if you synchronized with the tweeting habits of your target audience. Setting a proper schedule for tweeting can lead to the success or failure of your tweet engagement rate. Starting with the best days for average engagement per tweet, this metric can tell you the perfect days to target your audience’s attention. Similarly, you can also filter the Twitter engagement data on per hour basis to determine the more engaged audience timings.

These graphs will enable you to check your tweets’ engagement rate to decide the day of the week and timings for tweeting.

Followers and Following

Connecting with your followers and building a great relationship is an excellent way to grow your influence and create your brand’s authority. Socialert analyzes twitter followers and shows you the top followers of your account and the top influencers of the hashtags. You can easily segregate your account’s top followers for the current month to understand their field of interests and opinions.

Also, you can compare your competitor’s top followers and influencers with your account to understand the value created by your competitor in the industry. Analyze the top users with the highest follower count that you got in the particular month. Spotlight your top-performing tweets and the top follower’s engagement rate based on retweet count, comments, URLs, and more. You will get the idea of the tweet ideas that you need to know by follow hashtags.


Socialert shows all the top followers in the descending tabular form for ease of understanding. You will find the following categories of followers on your dashboard:

  • Most active followers
  • Recent followers
  • Follower countries

Check out all such categories to make a list of your devoted followers and increase engagement with these influencing personalities.

How to read Twitter charts data?

Twitter Data Visualization could be in numerous forms such as Pie-chart, graphs, line & bar graph, Histogram, scatter plot, etc. You might be slightly taken back by looking at such visuals, but it’s quite easy to follow.

You need to read out the X & Y-Axis (bottom horizontal and top vertical line) names of the graphs. These names will tell you the comparison factors of the metrics. If you see the lines are smooth, that means a steady growth or fall. But if you see a sharp peak and falls, that means a sudden change in less period. If you see an upward or downward trend, that means a positive or negative effect, respectively.

Twitter Data Graphs help a lot to make the understanding of data easier. You can easily compare your average tweet performance for a particular month with the previous month and quickly determine if your Twitter performance has improved or not.

Summing up

Twitter is playing and will be playing a very significant role in the coming years for the people to create personal or business brand awareness. And you cannot achieve this without effective Twitter analytics tools. We hope Socialert will help you get all the essential insights on your dominant hashtags, Twitter Accounts, keywords, and mentions.

Use this vital information in the most efficient way to draw a dominant strategy for your Twitter account. Keep following this space to gather more information on many such interesting tools and features that will help you build an influencing digital space.

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