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How To Do Brand Monitoring on Social Media in 2018


Probably, one of the most important tools available online, Brand Monitoring helps you keep yourself updated about what is happening and being said about your brand.

It not only monitors activities concerning your brand but also helps you reach out to your target audience by expanding your overall reach in a targeted manner.


To extract some of the unparalleled benefits related to Brand Monitoring, we must dive deep into its key differentiators and factors.

The following guide on social media brand monitoring holds the key behind your brand’s Social Media presence with its Step by Step presentation.

What we can Monitor?

This is the first step in the process of brand monitoring on social media. It is very important for you to know what exactly is worthwhile to monitor. Here are some of the rather more popular and important ideas that you might want to begin with.

#1. Brand mentions and Hashtags:  Your brand name is your unique identity in the corporate world.

It is important to monitor following brand related information

A. Variations in the name of your brand, they should be actively and visibly used without any potential misspellings.

B. Mentions of your catchphrase or your slogan, or hashtags along with your tagline are perhaps some of the most important topics that can be monitored about your brand; as they provide statistics to improve your overall social media marketing.

McDonald’s surely knows how to keep track of its name on social media and capitalize on the same. See the below image as a perfect example.


#2. Competitor social media accounts: Almost each and every company has its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page and, so do you and your rivals. Using  some tactics and tools you can now track each and every movement of your competitor’s brand.

In this way, you will now know

A. What content is working for your industry audience.

B.Who is reacting on content and what is going viral.

Facebook page tracking, Twitter account tracking, Instagram hashtag tracking are some of the most popular means to make a thorough but quick understanding of the current scenario. And, as always, you can learn from your competitors – not only from their success, but also from their failures and shortcomings.

#3. Competitor hashtags, mentions and keywords: Hashtags are one of those things that will teach you how to manipulate people into a direction that is not apparent. And, speaking of hashtags that are used by your competitor brands, you can  understand their target audience, infleuncers, customers and even find sales opportunity. 

Take a page out of this below example, wherein a competitor brand may take advantage of the negative mentions pointed at hootsuite and reached out to them in order to turn them into potential customers!



#3. Event hashtags: As important as your brand name is, mentions of specific events of certain campaigns that your brand is actively running or supporting, are destined to bring in more mentions and tags from all over social media.

Event hashtags go viral in the matter of seconds; hence, if properly used, it can be one of the most lethal weapons for your social performance. Social media examiner annual conference with the #SMMW18 tweets and posts are a popular example.


#4. Product or Services: Just like your events and campaigns, your products and/or services are equally important to be monitored. And only through thorough monitoring of tags or mentions of your products and/or services,  you will be able to understand your target audience better and deliver more values to customer efficiently.

After all, in all probability, the main purpose of your brand is to deliver your services or products to your clients or customers. Hence, get them reviewed by your clients to best understand where your shortcomings lie, and how you can improve them. 

Check this tweet by a user and reply by hootsuite.

#5. Industry keywords: There has to be some certain keywords that best describes your industry, your niche of operation, or your interest. These keywords will provide you new influencers, track new industry trends and also find leads.

At SociAlert, we track industry keywords like social listening, hashtag tracking, social media analytics to get us informed, what’s your way?

Check this tweet for the proof.

Social Media Monitoring Tools that Matters

Having a clear-cut idea about why you are entering the domain of social media monitoring and the words which you will want to monitor will help you understand the social media monitoring tools for the better, some of the most important of which are listed below.

#1. Google Alerts:  Nothing can beat Google in almost all of the domains that it has focused on, and what better way to constantly monitor and track your tags and mentions than through the use of Google alerts. You can also get alerts for industry keywords and competitor keywords, to grab a better idea of your surroundings. And, it’s totally free, accurate, reliable, efficient, and notifies you directly in your inbox.


#2. SociAlert : SociAlert is our tool that helps you track branded hashtags,  industry keywords, brand mentions and even social accounts including twitter and facebook pages. Along with this, it will provide you a live analysis of your brand performance and graphical reports, which provides data concerning what your viral posts, your top influencers and URLs are.

This includes real-time performance analysis, instant reacts, and instant updates. Account tracking is also one of the most critical features that come with SociAlert. 

#3. Mention.com : If you need to track brand keywords on social media as well web mention is great solution. branded keywords are very important to be monitored and work similar to the other tools. It allows you to add the exact keyword and variations to check out the results you receive. 

It can monitor search results, news, blogs, and even social media channels, and it can directly provide email alerts and keep you updated on all the recent changes. It has an ‘anti-noise technology’ which automatically does not show the results that the user has previously deleted

#4. Twitter Search: Your Twitter account alone can provide you with so many number of ways to receive insights and intelligent data about your brand from just a few simple queries and searches. One of the most important tricks is to create and save Twitter searches involving major industry keywords and hashtags. Another very important yet an underrated feature of Twitter are the Twitter list.

You can create Twitter lists for important influences and big personalities, and NU sources in your industry or domain. Twitter lists can also be used for landing out on important and specific industry related topics. One must also not forget to create a Twitter list comprising the number of fans of your products and services.

Also, it is important to monitor Twitter chats that are related to your industry or domain in order to best understand questions in people’s minds and also receive potential ideas for social media monitoring and marketing.


Here is an article about brand monitoring tools that have tools for specific purpose. It is not possible to describe all tools that you can use for specific purpose.

Utilizing Insights to your Advantage

In case you are a beginner in the field of brand monitoring, and you have just begun to see the results of your constant searches and monitoring, you will surely be able to refine your searches more now than ever before. This will help in gaining better and desired results for your brand. You should not be afraid to experiment with alternative keywords and searches to make them focused more on certain aspect. This will make your monitoring process much more seamless and efficient.

#1. Content Marketing: The results that you achieve through social media monitoring will provide you a great way to come up with different sorts of content to share with your desired audience.

You will be able to find  engaging content  you can market on your social media for your target audience.

Some of the best tools to find  the same include twitter search and buzzsumo.  Using both you can find top sharing content for your industry keywords.



#2. Leads: The insights from tools like mention will enable you to understand and manipulate the sentiment of your target audience, and help you to reach out to potential people. mention gives you insights about every mention of your brand online. by using anti noise filter technology this can be used to turn potential leads and expand one’s customer base.

Here is a nice tutorial how you can use mention to find direct leads for your business.

#3. Customer Support: One of the most important motto and mission of your brand is, in all probability, to provide genuine support and assistance to your customers or potential clients. Twitter search tool can be immensely helpful to search complaints or grievances against your brand, and solve their problems thereafter. Consequently, you will be able to improve and work upon the weaker sections.

#4. Competitor Analysis: brand monitoring helps you keep on top of what your competitors are doing. You can track twitter account and facebook pages of your competitors to find

A. Their social media post which is going viral.

B. Influencers who are engaging with them on social media.

C. When they more post on social media and what resonates among their audience.

You can use socialert to analyze them. this information will help you for your content strategy as well social media scheduling plan for growth.

Final Words

The above step by step guide will make sure that you handle brand monitoring with optimal efficiency in the following ways:

#1. Constant monitoring and tracking of your brand online is a quintessential segment of the job of an efficient marketer. This will give you a head start with respect to any crises that may occur.

#2. You will receive real-time statistical tracking of how your customers and clients feel about your services and products.

#3. This will provide you with new and reliable content to share for future use.

Finally, since the same methodologies and tactics that you employ for tracking your own company and brand online can be applied to tracking your competitor brands, you can now constantly track each and every move of your competitors and make sure that you stay ahead of them in the corporate race.

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