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21 Best Twitter Tracking Tools for Monitoring Brand, Content, Followers, Influencers and Keywords

Do you want to take your Twitter marketing from ground zero to sparkling heights?

If your answer is “yes”, then you need to walk an extra mile and take the assistance of various third-party Twitter tracking tools to level-up their marketing game.


It has been a while since I’m using several Twitter tools to add value to my social media marketing strategy. From content analysis to hashtag tracking, there are all kinds of twitter tracking tools that can help you on numerous occasions.

In this post, I will share my experience of using some of the best twitter tracking tools to help you become a marketing rockstar.

Content Marketing

Content is certainly the backbone of any marketing strategy. In order to have a foolproof content plan, you need to track the ongoing trends and know whether your published content is producing the desired results or not.

Track Viral Content related to your domain

#1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the best ways to discover trending topics related to any domain, hashtag or keyword. The tool can also help you identify key influencers related to your industry. Therefore, all you need to do is provide a relevant keyword to gain in-depth information related to it.


Price: The pro version starts at $79 a month

Key features

  • Provides a wide range of filters to track the most appropriate content
  • Stats related to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest share, etc. is provided for every article
  • Has a dedicated section to discover the trending topics
  • Advanced inbuilt tools like Facebook Analyzer, Content Analyzer, and Question Analyzer

Used by: Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, Ogilvy, HubSpot, Spotify, and more.

#2. ContentGems

As the name suggests, ContentGems is a dedicated content discovery search engine to identify all the trending topics and articles related to your domain. Besides blogs, it also tracks tweets and content from other social media sources. Just provide your keyword, set relevant filters, and always stay updated.


Price: Business plan costs $99 a month while the agency plan is for $199 a month

Key features

  • Real-time tracking of content on different platforms
  • Daily email reports and digests
  • Users can plug their content on different mediums like Buffer, Hootsuite, WordPress, etc.

Used by: Contently, Buffer, Razor Social, and more.

Note: In order to track trending content, you can also try Google Trends and SocialMention.

Analyze the performance of your published content

#3. Twitter Analytics

If you don’t wish to take the assistance of any third-party tool, then the native analytics section of twitter would be an ideal choice for you. It can help you get an instant access to all the vital information related to your Twitter account, your top content, impressions, engagement, and so much more.


Price: Freely available

Key features

  • Users can analyze the daily performance of their content
  • Metrics related to tweet’s impression, engagement, and engagement rate are listed
  • Users can separately quantify the reach of their top tweets or promoted contents
  • Twitter Analytics can also be used to know your audience, run event-oriented campaigns, and do a complete twitter audit.


Since it is a free to use native solution by Twitter, it is used by almost every smart marketer. You can also read our post on how to use Twitter Analytics in different ways.


#4. Buffer

Buffer is a complete social media management platform that has a dedicated section for analytics. I use it to schedule my posts on various mediums and quantify the reach of my posted content. In this way, I can learn how my content performed in the past, helping me work on the same lines for my upcoming campaigns.


Price: Its premium plans start from $99 a month. It also has a freely available plan for individuals.

Key features

  • Tracks the engagement of your posts on various platforms and compare their performance
  • It provides a complete overview of your trending content by tracking it on a real-time basis.
  • Users can also export its visually-appealing reports for further use
  • Buffer has a dedicated iOS and Android app to help you track your accounts on the go.

Used by: Business Insider, Shopify, Intercom,, and more.

Follower and User Analysis

Now when you know how to identify the trending topics or measure the reach of your content, it is important to manage and grow your twitter followers as well. Without having a loyal base of followers, you won’t be able to make the most of your marketing strategy. Give these tools a try to track and manage your followers.

Track and Search any Twitter account

#5. Twiangulate

Twiangulate is undoubtedly one of the best Twitter tracking tools out to search within any twitter account. Simply provide the relevant keyword and the username of the account you wish to track. The interface will yield a comprehensive result among following/followers of desired accounts in no time. This can be used to minimize noise and search influencer nodes as well.


Price: Freely available

Key features

  • Can search users on the basis of their followers, following, and more
  • It can be used to understand how various Twitter users are connected.
  • Marketers can get in touch with influencers and understand their network
  • Easy to use interface with the provision of email alerts

#6 TweepleSearch

If you wish to identify new users that are related to your domain, then this would be a highly useful tool. Within seconds, you can find target audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count related to your industry. It has various filters that can save your time and efforts while analyzing users on Twitter.


Price: Freely available (with 25 searches a day). The premium plans start from $10 a month.

Key features

  • Compare different Twitter accounts on the basis of various parameters  to see they have in common and how they differ
  • Find powerful Twitter influencers based on keywords in popular content they share
  • Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns
  • It can also search for Twitter bios based on  keyword or domain instantly, hashtags, influencers, URLs, and more

Analyze the activity of any Twitter account

#7 Followerwonk

Followerwonk can be used to track the followers of any Twitter account (including your own). Simply provide the username you wish to track and gain access to insights like geography, active hours,  follower count, authority score with respect to their followers or the accounts they follow.

followerwonk-track someone else's twitter followers tool

Price: Freely available with the premium plans starting from $29 a month

Key features

  • Analyze the followers and following of any Twitter account
  • Compare different Twitter accounts on the basis of various parameters
  • Track and sort your own followers
  • Search users with respect to their Twitter bio

Used by: Xerox, SkullCandy, Rhapsody, IMAX, and more

#8. Bird Song Analytics

Bird Song Analytics would be an ideal Twitter monitoring tool If you need pdf or excel report for followers of any account. From providing metrics like ideal time to tweet by analyzing your followers to providing results related to their preferences, it will certainly help you make the most of your audience on Twitter.


Price: Monthly plans start at $29.99 a month

Key features

  • It can be used to analyze your followers in an extensive manner (30 key metrics).
  • After analyzing, you can get information related to their preferences, the best time to tweet, geography, and more.
  • Besides Twitter, the tool can also provide analytics related to other popular social media networks.
  • Its reports can be easily downloaded or edited.

#9. Socialbearing

Socialbearing is another popular Twitter tracking tool that can help you analyze your follower’s metrics particularly Tweets per day, friend/follower ratio, top followers on basis of follower count. Not just your own Twitter account, you can attain all the needed information related to any other public Twitter profile as well.


Price: Freely available

Key features

  • Find crucial information related to followers of any Twitter account
  • It automatically segregated followers into top influencers, contributors, and more.
  • Furthermore, you can filter followers on the basis of language, location, etc.
  • View top keywords used in the bio and filter your search on the basis of keywords

Brand Monitoring

In order to learn how to perform Twitter monitoring, you need to start by monitoring the presence of your own brand on this vast platform. There could be plenty of noise on Twitter and you should take the assistance of a few dedicated tools to know how your brand is performing.

Monitor your Brand handle, keywords, and hashtags on Twitter

#10. Twilert

Twilert functions quite similar to Google Alert. Though, it is specific to Twitter and can be used to monitor any keyword on a real-time basis. Their boolean search operators narrow down your results to just the tweets you want to see.From your own hashtags to competitor names, the tool will send you email alerts to track activities without being active on it all the time.


Price: Plans start from $9 a month (with a 30-day free trial)

Key features

  • Supports Boolean operations while setting up an alert
  • It also sends scheduled alert emails real-time, daily, and hourly alerts
  • Can also be used to monitor customer queries on Twitter
  • Their group and team management feature helps to monitor multiple brand accounts or searches simultaneously.

Used by: PayPal, Amazon, Paramount, NBC, Deloitte, and more

# 11. Mention

Mention is an effective tool to perform brand monitoring not only on Twitter but also other social media platforms and blogs. I like mentions because everything important is visible when you first log in, starting with your most recent social mentions. 

It is recommended for its exceptional customer service Whenever you need support, you have a name, email, and phone number for your account manager, and you can speak directly with them for as long as you need. 


Price: Plans start at $29 a month

Key features

  • Provides a real-time monitoring  as well audience engagement platform for  keywords and hashtags of your choice
  • It can also be used to identify influencers and even reaching out them inside the tool.
  • Users can track their competitor’s performance like demographics, language, and other insights to know how their own brand is getting perceived.

Used by: Adobe, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Hired, and more

Influencer Monitoring and Outreach

If you wish to learn how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign, then you need to start by identifying industry-specific influencers. This can be done by using these helpful tools.

Finding Influencers Related to your Domain

#12. Traackr

Getting in touch with right influencers is easier than ever with Traackr. Apart from communicating with various influencers, you can manage your influencer campaigns and track conversations in no time. They claim to uncover the right moments to connect with influencer with respect to your needs and maintain a long-term relationship with them.


Price: Variable

Key features

  • It provides a seamless way for identifying influencers and measuring their reach with respect to your audience.
  • Pick influencers on the basis of your requirements, budget, their skills, audience, and more.
  • An easy to use interface with a dedicated section for managing one’s network of influencers

Used by: Google, Microsoft, Orange, Forbes, Garmin, and more

#13. Klout

When one thinks of influencer marketing, Klout is probably the first tool that comes to their mind. It provides a unique score (Klout score) to social media users, which can be used to measure their overall influence and reach. It also helps you to identify influencers based on a topic not only on twitter but also on other social media networks.


Price: Freely available

Key features

  • Identify influencers related to any domain or keyword in seconds
  • Compare different social media users on the basis of their Klout score
  • Track the impact of any keyword on social media over time
  • Explore new topics through its interactive interface

Influencer Outreach and Marketing

#14. Buzzstream

In addition to tracking all of your Twitter conversations, BuzzStream also tracks email conversations with your contacts and puts them all in one profile. Below is an example profile. You can see what emails we’ve exchanged with her, and track all of our Twitter interactions. If you want to reach out to her for a guest post, webinar, or help with content promotion, I know exactly what we spoke about last.


Price: Plans start at $99 a month

Key features 

  • Sort contacts by the number of Twitter followers, alongside metrics like Domain Authority and how often they publish content.
  • Search their database of influencers and sort by the Twitter follower count, category, and when they last published an articleContent discovery, readily available templates, and more
  • You can also see their Network, which means who they tend to retweet and reply to on Twitter (in green), and who tends to retweet and reply to them on Twitter (in blue).

Used by: Razorfish, Blueclaw, HomeAway, Clearlink, and more

#15. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach would be a perfect tool to handpick right kind of influencers for your campaigns. Additionally, you can manage your network and run outreach campaigns right from its dedicated dashboard by connecting your email accounts. You can add email templates that you can use to outreach influencers on a single click.


Price: $69 a month

Key features

  • Automatic influencer outreach program
  • Thousands of influencers to pick from related to your domain
  • Manage your network and organize campaigns in one place
  • Can be used to automatically get in touch with relevant influencers

#16. Inkybee

Inkybee would be your one-stop solution for every marketing outreach need of yours. The tool can be used to perform an ongoing discovery of content and influencers related to your domain. It has an intelligent influencer discovery segment that can help you automate your marketing plan.


Price: Plans start at $79 a month (14-day free trial)

Key features

  • Powerful search engine to look for influencers
  • Save your results and manage your network of influencers
  • Can also be used to gain your Twitter following and get in touch with leading experts
  • Track, monitor, and measure – all under one roof

Used by: Zoetica, Moxie, Volumenine, AnvilMedia, and more

Hashtag Discovery and Twitter Tracking

If you wish to have a prominent presence on Twitter, then you need come up with a unique hashtag and market it accordingly. One of the most evident mistakes to avoid while running a hashtag campaign is coming up with a forgettable hashtag. I have listed some expert tools to discover new hashtags and track their reach.

#17. Hashtagify

Used by leading marketers and experts, Hashtagify can help you search hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, it has a collection of more than 70 million hashtags, which makes it a unique hashtag encyclopedia. Users can browse hashtags in    38 different languages for different time frames: monthly, weekly and breaking out right now. It also provide email alerts.


Price: Plans start from $9 a month (14-day free trial)

Key features

  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Provides an easy way to bookmark hashtags
  • It also provides the ranking of popular hashtags
  • Easy to use dashboard with ready-to-download reports

#18. RiteTag

Are you finding it hard to come up with the right hashtag for your social media marketing? If your answer is “yes”, then RiteTag would be a perfect tool for you. It has an advanced hashtag discovery and suggestion algorithm that can help you devise the most appropriate hashtag for your brand or campaign.


Price: $49 per year (7-day free trial)

Key features

  • The tool provides instant suggestions for hashtags
  • Detail stats related to hashtags used on different social media platforms
  • Provides hashtag suggestions for text as well as pictures
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices

Used by: Spotify, Nestle, Semrush, KitKat, and more

#19. Twitter Advanced Search

Just like customer support or analytics, Twitter also has a native tool to look for keywords, hashtags, and more. You can simply go to its Advanced Search page and provide relevant hashtags and keywords that you need to search for. Needless to say, you won’t get several metrics or visually-appealing reports this way.


Price: Freely available

Key features

  • Easy to use interface with a seamless way to look for certain hashtags and keywords
  • Users can apply various filters on the basis of location, people, date, words, and more

#20. Socialert

If you wish to know how far your hashtag has reached, then you can use Socialert as an advanced twitter tracking tool. Making keyword analysis and brand monitoring simpler, it provides a real-time tracking of hashtags with ready-to-download reports as well.


Price: Plans start from as less as $9.95 a month (free trial available)

Key features

  • Easy to use dashboard, which provides a real-time tracking of hashtags
  • Features several filters to identify your top content
  • Automatic influencer analysis, top user identification, and more
  • Profile keyword analysis, sentiment analysis, and keyword monitoring
  • Visually appealing reports

Used by: Madalyn Sklar (#TwitterSmarter), Cisco, Indian Political Agencies


Monitor Customer Queries on Twitter

#21. Twitter Customer Support

A while back, Twitter started its native service regarding customer support. Now, any firm can set up its customer support page on Twitter and interact with its customers in a better way. You can get to know more about it right here  to set up your Twitter customer support.


Price: Freely available (Twitter’s native service)

Key features

  • Customers can communicate with their brands via Direct Message easily
  • Brands can customize the time for their support
  • Can be integrated with your Twitter business profile

After getting to know about these tracking tools for Twitter, you would certainly be able to come up with an engaging twitter campaign. Furthermore, you can get to know about some of the best hashtag monitoring and tracking tools on our blog as well.

By taking the assistance of these Twitter tracking tools, you would be able to redefine your marketing strategy for sure. Is your favorite Twitter tracking tool not included in the post? Why not let our readers know about it in the comments below.


  1. Hi Pankaj, wow, what a list of Twitter tracking tools. Some are quite expensive today for small businesses or bloggers. I love the Twitter analytics – it provides so much info for FREE.
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    I did not see Brand24, I love their tool to monitor all that is said about you or your company and your competitors. Very good tool!
    Thanks for sharing all of these. So many to choose from today!

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