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Best Twitter Analytics Tools To Use in 2021

Note – This post is updated on 19 Jan 2021. We added new tools and features to old tools.

On Twitter, every second, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted, which results in over 350,000 tweets per minute! Of course, some professional or business owners may track tweets for their brand awareness and competition check. But when it comes to analyzing tweets for strategic performance, it’s best to use the most potent tools for this job.

Many Twitter analytics tools in the market will help you gain followers and offer increased user engagement towards your Twitter handle. However, it’s hard to decide on a reliable analytics tool for your Twitter account with so many overwhelming market options.

This blog focuses on some popular analytics tools that you can undoubtedly trust for your Twitter account analytics. So Let’s dive deeper…

Twitter Analytics Tools 

Twitter Content Analysis

If you share website/blog links with your followers every day, then using these analytics tools can help understand which links are getting more attention, and at what time.

#1. Buffer 

With a sophisticated interface, Buffer can automate the timing of your social media posts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The tool allows adjusting posting frequency, setting a custom time for each post, and rearranging already scheduled posts.

Why you should use Buffer:

Buffer uses Tweroid’s statistics (a tool which we will be reviewing below) to find the best time to post a tweet when it can get the most likes or retweets. Rescheduling the posts is also incredibly easy since all you have to do is drag and drop, instead of changing the time of every post.


  • Suggests a suitable time for every post
  • Customized links help track how each post is doing, even if you are posting the same content more than once
  • Clicking on ‘Add to queue’ automatically schedules the post at a suitable time
  • Makes team collaboration easy


  • Link shortening is activated by default
  • Cannot analyze tweet impressions
  • Freemium version, which means there are limited free features

#2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a Twitter content analysis tool that helps you with scheduling posts and breaking down the information about the audience’s engagement and growth in their reports. This tool comes with a publishing calendar to schedule your tweets according to your content calendar. It also offers you an insight into the published posts including engagement and top posts.

Why you should use Agorapulse:

With an inbuilt INBOX feature, AgoraPulse enables close monitoring of replies and mentions. You can assign them to your team members. It also analyzes your fans and followers on different levels. who are engaged/ambassadors? Who are the top users who retweet your content most?


  • Intuitive user interface and easy navigation
  • Monitors all your tweets/DM’s and offer organized action items
  • Categorize followers into ambassadors and engaged users
  • Excellent customer service that offers assistance when you are stuck
  • Easy report generation and analysis


  • With the mobile version of AgoraPulse, the user-friendliness has dropped down.
  • Send too many emails to trial users.

#3. Twitter Analytics

Analytic apps for Twitter have been around for many years, but Twitter released its analytics dashboard only in 2015.

Why you should use Twitter Analytics:

Twitter Analytics is the only tool in this category that can show you the number of actual impressions per tweet. It also mentions the engagement rate, which can be drilled further to see what kind of engagement metrics was the most popular among users – retweets, likes, profile clicks, link clicks, and detail expands.


  • The monthly and tweet-wise summary makes it easy to analyze everything in one go
  • The ‘Audience’ tab helps compare your followers with other target audiences
  • The event tab lists out all the popular events in the coming month, which will garner traction
  • Perfect for individual users who have a small budget


  • There is no way to search through tweets
  • Difficult to pinpoint on a single tweet

Ileane Smith who is a popular social media influencer loves Twitter analytics.

 I love using Twitter’s built-in analytics tool to track the success of my Tweets and my efforts on Twitter. It’s very quick and easy to use. My favorite features to check are my “Top Followers” and “Top Tweets” for each month.

#4. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is very helpful to analyze the latest trends and conversations, you need to know your industry’s trending topics. Take up any keyword and enter it in the BuzzSumo console to see the most famous pieces of content and information on the Internet from the last 24 hours to 5 years old range.

This tool is useful when you want to tweet something on Twitter and address a trending topic from your domain. For instance, if you belong to the SEO industry, you can look up words like SEO tools or long-tailed and short-tailed keywords. As you enter such terms, you would be able to find the latest updates and trends.

Why you should use Buzzsumo

Apart from finding trending topics, you can find and track influencers who share your content in a well-organized way.


  • Twitter shares of content from the last 24 hours, to the last 5 years
  • Twitter shares of content from any country, as well as globally
  • A list of top sharers – ie. influential people on Twitter that have your shared content


  • So many services that are premium should have been offered for free.
  • There is more room for integration with other tools.

#5. Tweroid

Like Buffer, Tweriod too analyses the best time to tweet. Though it cannot help you schedule a tweet, for scheduling, it asks you to move your tweets to Buffer

Why you should use Tweroid:

Tweroid scans through your tweets and followers to find the most optimal time to post during the day. It can provide both daily and hourly optimal time graphs. As we mentioned before, Buffer uses Tweroid’s data to find a suitable for every post, but Buffer does not give you a choice when it comes to finding a suitable time.

If you want to do that, or you use some other scheduling tool apart from Buffer, Tweroid can come in handy.


  • Quick to connect and easy to understand graphs
  • Analyses post timings for every day of the week


  • Outdated interface
  • The free version is limited, and apart from follower timings, there isn’t much you can check

#6. SocialBakers

SocialBakers is another Twitter analytics tool that helps you gain insight into your Twitter handle’s social media strategy. It is one of the most holistic Twitter analytics tools that allow users to group multiple profiles and track their overall Twitter performance.

With this tool, it is easy to generate reports to see the impact of the marketing strategy. If you are marketing through advertisements, SocialBakers provides Ads Insights. You can use these Ad Insights to measure the performance of your advertising.


  •  The tool is easy to work with, as it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • It offers user activity by filters such as day of the week or even hour of the day. to analyze the most potential time to post on Twitter.
  • Offers Twitter hashtag data visualization for better research and understanding
  • Also, it helps you track the most potential audience in your network to improve the relationship for future brand advocates and influencer marketing campaigns.


  • The customer service is not very helpful when you are stuck with the tool
  • Sometimes, the deleted posts also get published on social media platform.


Twitter Hashtag Analysis

By analyzing trending hashtags and keywords, you can determine the right keywords to use in your tweets to get the maximum impressions, leading to more followers and engagement.

#7. Socialert

If you need to analyze the branded hashtags and keywords for your social media platforms, Socialert is your tool. The marketers use the branded hashtags in hashtag campaigns to increase their reach to the target audience.

Socialert shows you analytics on these branded hashtags. Using Socialert, you can analyze the tweets posted by multiple accounts using this hashtag. And as a marketer, the performance of those branded hashtags can prove to be of prime importance. It also provides a Twitter follower tracker which you can use to track followers of any public Twitter account


  •  Analysis of hashtags on Twitter in a real-time environment
  • It also analyzes Twitter accounts as well and generates useful metrics
  •  The graphic reports generated in Socialert are very easy to comprehend and analyze
  • Tweets and Twitter Followers can be exported in excel format
  • You can do a twitter audit of your twitter account using socialert


  • The detailed and in-depth analysis is possible only with a premium version.

#8. RiteTag

Hashtags are trending for a long time now, and you know that using the right hashtags can bring massive traffic and visibility to your account and tweets. To reach the relevant target audience, you can use RiteTag for great results.

RiteTag is a tool that lets you find the most relevant hashtags according to the type of post you want to put up on your Twitter handle. You can find out a set of various hashtags for both textual posts as well as pictorial posts. This can lead to generating tweets that can rake up maximum visits and reach.


  • RiteTag offers quick hashtag suggestions for content as well as images on any web and mobile.
  • RiteTag can enable you to craft, schedule, and publish remarkable posts with the auto Enhance button and other time-saving tools for your convenience.


  • It does not provide a detailed analysis of the hashtag
  • RiteTag sometimes does not match up to the latest trends in the market.

#9. Hashtagify 

Hashtagify is known as the best search engine for hashtags. To meet the Twitter marketing goals, you need the right hashtags that offer a lot of relevance. Using this tool, you can look for various popular hashtags to use in your Twitter posts.

It has an advanced hashtag discovery algorithm that can help you devise the most appropriate hashtags for your brand or campaign.


  • It offers a ten-day trial period to help you find out the right hashtags for your next marketing campaign.
  • The table mode in Hashtagify allows you to analyze the difference between the average and a great keyword to target the right audience.


  • A little more expensive compared to other similar tools in the league.
  • Provide access to very limited features.

Twitter Competitor Account Analysis   

#10. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool that can help you analyze your Twitter account and your competitors as well. But it’s the most powerful when you analyze hashtags.

Why you should use Twitonomy

Twitonomy makes it possible to create a real-time stream of every keyword, hashtag, or user, and monitor it all through a single screen. It also gives users the flexibility to drag and drop the modules around the screen. This is especially helpful for users who do not want to constantly switch from one screen to another for an analytics report.


  • Analyze your own Twitter profile or other users
  • Tweets using selected keywords/hashtags can be seen in real-time
  • Adding multiple feeds makes Twitonomy versatile since you don’t need to go from one screen to another
  • It does a complete twitter audit for any twitter account and followers.


  • While you can see live tweets, there is no analytics data (impressions, engagement rates, or link clicks)
  • Twitonomy does provide some of the same features as Socialert but it’s limited, and the interface is so outdated that it is difficult to understand


#11. Socialert

As A Twitter Analytics Tool Socialert helps analyze Twitter account as well Twitter mentions Its highly intuitive when it comes to finding retweeters and influencer for any Twitter account.

Why you should use Socialert

Socialert provides a very quick way to view Twitter stats and for every Twitter account, it can provide tweet count of the day, sentiment, top mentions, top active users, top influencers, URLs shared with that keyword, and country-wise distribution.With the help of socialert you can search twitter history for any public account.


  • A real-time search is created for every account/Twitter handle
  • User-friendly graphic reports
  • As compared to other tools Socialert generates the most comprehensive report
  • The free version allows you to analyze over 100 tweets and 10 followers.


  • A full analysis is only possible with a paid version
  • Historical tweet analysis is available in the full version.

#12. SEMRush

SEMRush is an SEO tool but they have also included social media scheduling and analytics features for Twitter. they also analyze Twitter data and provide excellent analytics features.

Why you should use Semrush for competitor analysis

For Twitter, SEMRush social media tracker provides valuable analytics and benchmarks for you and your competitors, helping you to assess where you stand in relation to them in terms of post-performance and audience information.

The ‘Mentioners’ and ‘Mentions’ reports allow you to easily monitor your reputation and find influencers who are talking about you, see what is being said about you online.


  • It helps you schedule and publish posts, create drafts, and set up Twitter content for publishing.
  • Offers hashtag performance report helps you to understand the kind of hashtags you shall use.
  • It provides a chrome extension that you can use to schedule content including even retweets.


  • With SEMRush, you miss out on the local twitter trends and analysis.
  • It needs to improve the segmentation of the generated analysis reports.

Twitter Brand Keywords Analytics Tools


Brand24 is a tool that helps you with media monitoring. The tool lets you research keywords across various platforms, including Twitter. This can leverage your marketing strategies on a whole new level.

Brand24 researches and analyzes keywords using AI, which performs sentiment analysis. This offers you an insight into the reputation and performance of the brand on digital platforms. With such information, you can improvise the brand reputation and set up new marketing goals.


  • Tracks your brand and helps you to understand the users’ perception of your brand.
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface.
  • Excellent assistance and support team to help you if you run into problems.


  •  It does not offer CRM related features.
  • Brand24 is an expensive tool to use, and not all businesses would be able to afford it.

Twitter Influencer Analysis Tools

By finding influencers in your industry, you can not only identify the kind of content they are posting, but you can also find a way to initiate the conversation with them to get more traction.

#14. Klear 

Formally, known as Twtrland, Klear provides a bunch of free tools for social media listening and finding influencers.

Why you should use Klear:

The tool does not just analyze the Twitter account of influencers; it also identifies their other social media profiles to make it easy for you to determine their total reach.


  • Determines engagement level for each social media profile
  • Analyses their audience demographics
  • Checks what website links they share the most and which users are most mentioned


  • You can only see an overview of each influencer’s profile, rest of everything is locked and can only be viewed by paid users
  • At $249 per month, Klear is clearly one of the most expensive tools on the list

#15. Kred

Kred might be a newcomer, in front of Klout, which has been around for over 9 years, but we like the transparency Kred provides by sharing how it ranks the users

Why you should use Kred:

Kred gives points to a user every time they interact with other users through content, the more influential the connection, the more points users get.


  • Kred calculates an influence score for each user
  • You can check each user’s social mentions and 30-day follower graph


  • When you log in to your Twitter account, it requires access to your direct messages as well
  • Not a free tool

Twitter Follower Analytics tools 

When you understand your follower demographic and what kind of content they really like, it gives you a better, sharper idea about what kind of content you can post on Twitter to get their attention.

#16. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is an all-in-one Twitter analytics tool that lets you manage and gather insights about your followers. You can also schedule posts and find trending content to post about.

Why you should use ManageFlitter:

It provides an easy way to quickly de-clutter through your follower list and helps create more engaging content by recommending what topics you could tweet about.


  • Unfollowers can be identified
  • You can search other users and check their follower and unfollower ratio


  • Many of the features are only available for paid users
  • No way to search through Twitter lists

#17. is a tool which lets you stay on top of all Twitter conversations without spending too much time on Twitter itself.

Why you should use

The tool takes your entire follower list and divides it into influencers and supporters. You can also view tweets from important followers that you might have missed.


  • Easy to identify your most important followers
  • You can check all the top actions or tweets that you might have missed
  • The tool recommends users that you might like to follow


  • By default, sends ‘thanks for following me’ messages to all your new followers
  • Free users can only check report of up to 3 days


#18. Tweepi

Tweepi is a great way of researching through your followers, learn what they are interested in, and analyze their personal data

Why you should use Tweepi:

With Tweepi, you can find new users to follow based on a keyword, or copy some other user’s followers. This is especially useful for brands who are looking to target their competitor’s audiences.


  • You can check who followed or unfollowed you
  • You copy and follow other user’s followers
  • Lists can be created from right within the tool


  • You can only search and follow users based on a keyword if you are a paid user
  • If you follow too many people too quickly, Twitter might think you are a robot

#19. Socialrank

A visually stimulating and easy to use the tool, Socialrank helps you find your most engaged followers who live in a particular location or follow a particular topic.

Why you should use Socialrank:

It can list your followers in the order of their influence. So, on the top, you will find followers with verified accounts and the most number of follows. You can also find the most used keywords and hashtags for that particular follower.


  • Followers can be sorted by ‘most valued,’ ‘most engaged,’ ‘most followed,’ and much more
  • You can send multiple DMs to your followers at the same time
  • Twitter lists can be compared as well


  • You can only research people who have followed you

Twitter Account Analysis Tools

Competitor analysis is a very important aspect, not just for brands, but also for influencers who are trying to increase their research. By learning what your competitors are posting and their audience demographic, you can easily devise a content plan to attract their audience and even copy their followers.

#20. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a useful tool by Moz which lets you analyze information about any Twitter user. It can help widen your audience and identify trending topics.

Why you should use Followerwonk:

With Followerwonk, you can search through bios and filter it according to the location, making it easy for you to find potential competitors. It also allows tracking follower growth for up to 120 days.


  • Provides in-depth competitive analysis
  • Compares up to three users at a time
  • User bios can be searched according to keywords


  • The user compare report could be more descriptive
  • Track and sort followers option is only available for paid users

#21. Social Bearing

With Social Bearing you can analyze any Twitter account, hashtags, keywords, websites, or perform twitter geographic analytics for users in a particular geographical location.

Why you should use Social Bearing:

Social Bearing’s advanced search toolbar allows users to filter results according to dates, language, and users. You can also exclude certain keywords or only see tweets from one user to the other.


  • You can skim through all the tweets of a user and discover its impressions, sentiment, and engagement rate
  • Tweets searched by keywords or hashtags can be further filtered
  • Followers of a Twitter user can also be analyzed


  • The tool pulls only 200 tweets at a time
  • No way to compare users


Twitter can prove to be a very efficient platform if you want to run a marketing campaign. And you can achieve this using the above-given tools. There are so many Twitter analytics tools available for individual marketers and business owners that can be channelized for significant benefits as per your marketing goals.

You can also tweak the tools’ selection or combine one or more to reap the maximum benefits out of it. Targeting the right keywords and hashtags can help you reach a wider audience. It also maximizes your business’s reach among your followers.

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