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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Tools To Shout Success in 2018

Best Influencer Marketing Tools

The last few years has seen the rise of Influencer Marketing in rapid scale. With the marketing form maturing as an industry, more and more individuals and brands have adopted its strategy to build successful marketing campaigns.

Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Leveraging the potential of influencing people online to reach their marketing goals is by all means a no-brainer for firms. But if done wrong, the entire campaign can be a drastic failure; leading to loss of time, effort and money. No one wants that, right?

Following influencer marketing tools bridge the gap between you and the influencers online. It gives you the opportunity to reap the benefits that this strategy boasts. Let’s hop in

#1. FollowerWonk To Find Twitter Influencers Using Profile Keywords

FollowerWonk  allows you to search for influencers on basis of  keywords in Twitter user bios and sort profiles to find those with the largest reach and most authority in your business niche.

followerwonk-track someone else's twitter followers tool

Key Features

  • Ability to compare the followers of up to three different Twitter accounts.
  • Identify influencers who are following your competitors but aren’t following you.
  • You can analyze followers as well following of any account.

Unique Feature – FollowerWonk enables you to sort followers of any profile and enables you to download in excel sheet.

Network Support – Twitter

Pricing – Free to $79 per month

#2. SociAlert To Find Influencers on Industry Keywords And Branded Hashtags

Socialert allows you to search for Twitter influencers on basis of industry keywords and hashtag campaigns to find those with the reach and retweets on their tweets.

Key Features

  • Ability to calculate total tweets posted by influencer
  • Calculate reach and impressions for the influencer’s contribution.

Unique Feature –  Socialert enables you to sort followers of any Twitter profile and download report in excel sheet.

Network Support – Twitter, Instagram And Facebook

Pricing – $9.95  to $99.95 per month

#3. BuzzSumo To Find Influencers On Any Viral Content

It provides an easy to use interface that can help you to find an influencer on based of profile keywords as well viral content they shared. You just need to provide target keywords and domain of competitor.


The tool can also help you identify key influencers related to your industry. Therefore, all you need to do is provide a relevant keyword to gain in-depth information related to it.

Key features

  • Provides a wide range of filters like keywords, domains to track the most appropriate content
  • Stats related to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest share, etc. is provided for every article
  • Has a dedicated section to discover the trending topics
  • Advanced inbuilt tools like Facebook Analyzer, Content Analyzer, and Question Analyzer
  • You can view links influencer have shared with graphical distribution.
Unique Feature – You can search through their database of influencers and sort by number of Twitter followers, Average Retweet, Reply Ratio And Retweet Ratio.
Network Support – Twitter, Facebook And Others

Price: The pro version starts at $79 a month

#4. To Discover Influencer Information on Gmail, Twitter And LinkedIn is a Chrome extension that enables you to find  connection information through your existing contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn & Twitter. This way you can instantly follow new and relevant accounts  of your social influencer connections, saving time and energy and increasing efficiency as a result.


Key Features –

  • Discover recent relevant tweets, instantly discover detailed information as you browse, and gain insights by connecting with profiles across different networks.
  • It also Works with Boomerang, Rapportive, Hubspot, Buffer, Hunter, Yesware & Right Inbox.

Unique Feature – You are able to see to see mutual connections on a vast-array of networks.

Pricing – Free

#5. Klout To Find Influencers on A Topic With Authority Score 

Klout finds influencers with your topic of interest and provide a klout score for the topic you searched for.


Key Features

  • Suggests shareable content on industry topics
  • Has a designated mobile application
  • it generates your influence based on the data from various social media channels, recommends users on the basis of your topic of interest.

Unique Feature –Their scoring system is based on comments, the number of shares and the number of followers a blog or post gathers across major social networking channels.

Network Support – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram and others.

Pricing – Free

#6. Kred To Find Influencer On Topic With Engagements On Different Networks  

Much like Klout, Kred provides a scoring outlook to your online influence and helps strengthen your marketability. Unlike the former, it provide one of the most transparent influencer metric as it drills down each and every one of your engagement on social media platforms.

Key features

  • You can view why your Kred score changed and how it affected your online influence,
  • Drag and Drop option for customizing Profile, Discover influencers based on your taste and preference.

Unique Feature – It’s influencer metric is completely transparent.

Network Support – Twitter, Facebook

Pricing – Individual tool is free, whereas marketing platform is $999 to $10,000 per month.

#7. Ninja Outreach To ReachOut Influencers on Basis of Industry Keywords.

NinjaOutreach finds right kind of influencers for your industry keywords. Additionally, you can run outreach campaigns right from its dedicated dashboard by connecting your email accounts. You can add email templates that you can use to outreach influencers on a single click.


Key features

  • Can be used to automatically get in touch with relevant influencers
  • Thousands of influencers to pick from related to your domain
  • Manage your network and organize campaigns in one place

Unique Feature – Ninja Outreach Provides pre built email templates to outreach for different use cases which you can use directly to reach right people.

Network Support – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others.

Pricing – Start From $69 Per Month

#8. MailShake To OutReach Influencers Using Gmail

Mailshake is what completes your overall influencer marketing strategy. Through MailShake you are able to find and identify new influencers to help you polish your outreach efforts. It enables scheduling outreach mails, sent through your Google email account


Key Features –

  • Schedule outreach mails with sending filters like blocking weekends, set hours of the day, and set spacing rules.
  • Automated follow-up mails on actions like link clicks, reply and detecting unsubscribe from list
  • Customized email messages using merge fields. Preview every single email and make edits efficiently

Unique Features – Their stats and graph help to detect leads by reply, open count etc. 

Network Support – Gmail And Others.

Price – $9 to $66 per month

#9. BuzzStream To Build Relationships And Get Links From Bloggers

BuzzStream helps marketers build effective relationship with influencers in their niche market by auto researching influencers and allowing direct mailing options. You can add contacts using their easy to use chrome plugin.

Key Features –

  • BuzzStream also tracks your email conversations with your contacts, and puts them all in one profile as above.
  • You can check your email as well twitter communication with influencer inside buzzstream dashboard.
  •  You can also sort contacts by number of Twitter followers, alongside metrics like Domain Authority and how often they publish content.
Unique Feature – You can search through their database of influencers and sort by number of Twitter followers, category, and when they last published an article.

Network Support – Twitter, Facebook

Pricing – $24 to $999 per month

 #10. Traackr To Manage Influencers and Communication With Them At Single Place

Getting in touch with right influencers is easier than ever with Traackr. Apart from communicating with various influencers, you can manage your influencer campaigns and track conversations in no time. They claim to uncover the right moments to connect with influencer with respect to your needs and maintain a long-term relationship with them.


Price: Variable

Key features

  • It provides a seamless way for identifying influencers and measuring their reach with respect to your audience.
  • Pick influencers on the basis of your requirements, budget, their skills, audience, and more.
  • An easy to use interface with a dedicated section for managing one’s network of influencers

Unique Feature – You are able to see to add all influencers and send them messages inside dashboard for particular campaign.

Pricing – Free


The need for influencer marketing tools cannot be stressed enough. To identify potential and relevant influencers you need these tools at your disposal, not to mention reaching out to them. Your influencer marketing campaign will succumb under the wheels of failure if you don’t find relevant influencers, who share the same target audience as yours; and these tools are just what you need to achieve your marketing goals.

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