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How to Analyze Twitter Followers And Users To Grow Brand

One of the trending goals in social media nowadays is getting a significant amount of Twitter followers. With so many Twitter accounts all vying for the same attention, it’s a race to see who can grow the biggest follower base!

But the mistake many people make is focusing solely on getting more Twitter followers. The problem is, they don’t engage the followers they have because they’re so busy getting new ones.

If you are a Twitter expert, it’s important that you have the ability to analyze your followers. This will give you deep knowledge and understanding of who you work with.

If you don’t gain these twitter follower tracking insights before your competitors, you may lose your followers – and business – to them!

If you want to discover more about your followers, Twitter analytics and other additional third-party analytics tools provide important insights such as:

  • Do your followers match the interest of your brand.
  • What your followers tweet about.
  • What content performs best for your brand.
  • How your followers engage with your content.
  • When your followers are most active.
  • Which followers are important and which are fake.
  • Who are the top influencers engaging the audience in campaigns?
  • Find Twitter users who post more content on social media campaigns.

But before learning how to analyze your Twitter followers, you need to know some important indicators on Twitter.

Twitter KPIs

These are some of the key performance indicators on Twitter.

Likes – Likes was known before as “favorites” until 2015. Why do people want to get more likes for their tweets? It’s because more likes on a tweet get a better ranking on Twitter search.

Mentions – These are initiated by users who want to include you in discussions. If you get more mentions, it means you have a thriving influence.

Retweets– Your profile’s visibility extends to another person’s followers if somebody decides to retweet your tweet. Also, well-retweeted tweets have a huge advantage on the search rankings of Twitter.

Followers – You only need to worry about those who have a real interest to follow you.

Importance of Using the Right Tools

Browsing through your list of followers and reviewing it manually is tiring and time-consuming. Fortunately, some tools can help you track and analyze your Twitter followers.

#1. Twitter Analytics

A built-in data-tracking platform, Twitter analytics displays insights specific to your Twitter account and your activities. It’s fairly similar to Google analytics, Instagram analytics, or Facebook analytics, using reports and graphs to present necessary metrics.

Twitter analytics has been available for every account since 2014, from personal accounts with followers in the double-digits to business accounts with large followings. Analyzing your business using Twitter analytics is like obtaining a Twitter analytics report card every month.

Twitter amasses an easy-to-learn summary displaying metrics such as top follower, top tweet, top mention, profile visits, mentions, and Tweet impressions.

Also, Twitter has removed the audience tab recently and added twitter studio for audience insights, which does not provide as much information as was available earlier.

#2. Socialert

Third-party analytics tools like Socialert have all the features needed to monitor all public accounts, as well as the option to analyze Twitter hashtags.

You can measure the following twitter metrics through this tool for any public Twitter account.

    • Engagement along with tweet count
    • Retweet, hashtag, and mention count of other accounts
    • Top tweets
    • Engagement on weekdays and hour slot
    • Keywords, hashtags, and links used in tweets
    • Top followers and following

Tracking your competitors’ keywords and hashtags is also beneficial to know their Twitter strategy. It’s also beneficial if you want to identify their follower’s profiles and what content they are using to get more followers.

Buzzsumo and sparktoro are other tools you may use to analyze Twitter activity.

Now, since you know about the tools you may need, here’s how to analyze Twitter followers effectively.

How To Analyze Twitter Followers

#1. What is the location and Industry of your Twitter followers?

Twitter analytics is useful but limited now. It has been providing audience insights, which included the demographics of the followers.

Socialert analytics is quite different. Aside from the audience insight it provides, it analyzes your Twitter followers’ locations and profiles to identify:

* Which country they belong to

* Which industry they are related to

It helps you to know if the people following you on Twitter are aligned with your company’s target customer or not. For example, if your follower’s profiles are related to fashion or clothing, and your brand is related to the food industry, there’s a mismatch. Why waste your time and resources on mismatches?

Also, knowing your follower profile will help you craft better marketing campaigns targeted to specific people.

You can even download followers, following, and even tweets of any Twitter public account using socialert.

#2. What Your Twitter followers are tweeting about

Now, after knowing your follower’s profiles, you should also determine what content they’re tweeting about. You will be able to understand what type of topics your followers are most interested in. Creating content around your audience’s interests is the best way to get engagement.

Earlier, you could use Twitter’s analytics audience tab to find out the topics your audiences are interested in, but that tool is no longer available.

Now you have two ways of creating an analysis. First, you can hover through every follower’s timeline and take note of their interests, which is tedious.


You can use a Twitter follower analytics tool like socialert to do the following:

  • Analyze the mentions of your brand’s Twitter handle.
  • Analyze your branded hashtags and keywords.
  • Find top followers of any public account using socialert and analyze follower profiles.

It would help you to find what your audience/followers post on Twitter. You can find top hashtags, keywords, links, Twitter handles they use in their tweets.

If you use these hashtags, keywords, and topics in your upcoming tweets, you’ll increase your chances of being discovered by the audience who is searching Twitter for the same keywords/hashtags/topics.

Remember, if your followers retweet your tweets, it means they like your content and are interested in your brand. 70 % of brand followers retweet because they like the brand’s content.

#3. Track follower growth and fix issues

Now, Twitter lets you monitor the growth of your followers. Twitter analytics allows you to track how many followers you have as compared to the previous period.

If you see issues with your follower growth over time, it’s necessary to revisit your Twitter activity in those timelines and check if you can discover something from it.

#1. How frequently were you posting and what content were you tweeting about?

#2.  Were you also taking the time to get back to your followers if they retweet or mention you?

Answering these kinds of questions can help you answer why you got these errors, and prevent the same mistakes moving forward.

According to research by beevolve if you post quality content often, you may gain more followers.


Also, using other third-party analytics tools can help you learn more about the content features that Twitter Analytics won’t provide you as stated earlier.  You may probably use them to identify follower growth issues as well.

#4. What type of content generates engagement from your followers?

Once you know what your followers are Tweeting about, you can easily generate content ideas.

However, you can also find out exactly what type of content is resonating with your followers by analyzing your past Tweets.

Here, our goal is to find the topics and kind of Tweets you’re sharing that are driving the most engagement. The quickest way to do this is to look at your sent Tweets history. There is an analytics icon which will give you information about each tweet.

Twitter’s analytics lets you analyze how many clicks, impressions, and total engagement your Tweets are getting.

You can also check the tweets tab in Twitter analytics to find the best tweets.

It is not possible to analyze competitor Twitter accounts using Twitter analytics to check what kind of content generates more engagement for them. You can use socialert to analyze their top tweets which generated engagement for competitors as well.

According to Rival IQ research, the median engagement rate across all industries is 0.048% —. So, most of your followers would not click, like, retweet, and comment on your tweets. That’s why it’s important to use the right tools to clearly identify the kind of content that is most likely to get you those clicks, likes, and shares!

#5. When are your followers most active?

It’s already been accepted that Twitter is most likely considered the noisiest social network. Getting hundreds of new Tweets can fill up your Twitter feed easily. As an outcome, a few people see your Tweets and you get less engagement.

To correct this, study the tweeting behavior of your audiences. Tweeting when most of your followers are active raises the probability of getting your tweets seen.

So how can you analyze when is the best time to post your content on Twitter?

First, you can search through your posts on Twitter that acquired the most engagement and record the time that they were sent. However, it may not happen right away and takes more time.

You would need to look at hundreds of Tweets to get the right amount of data to spot a trend. Additionally, this strategy is only efficient if your Tweets are already acquiring more engagement.

The Twitter studio provides audience insights for your account which discover the weekday and time when your audience is most engaged.

If you are looking to analyze any other Twitter public account, Twitter audience insights will not help you.

Socialert has a unique feature that helps here. It analyzes tweets and discovers the weekdays and times when the tweets generated engagement for any public account.

You can use this information to analyze when your competitor accounts get maximum engagement as well.

#6. Which followers engage the most

Influencers aren’t the only important followers that matter. If your followers are frequently mentioning and engaging with you on Twitter, the worst thing you can do is ignore them.

Here is one survey that shows that replying and being quiet can be bad for your brand. 

Here are some ways to identify users who mention your brand.

  • Check Twitter analytics to identify the top tweets mentioning your brand handle.
  • Check twitter notification if someone retweet, like, or mention you in tweets.
  • Search your domain on buzzsumo to find users who share your content on social media.
  • Use socialert to pick your key followers  (who have the highest followers or verified followers)
  • Analyze branded hashtags, Twitter handles to find influencers and key users who use your hashtags.

Once you find these users, you should further engage with them for marketing opportunities by one of the following tactics:

  • Thank them for retweeting or sharing content.
  • Mention them in your tweets.
  • Retweet or like their tweets.
  • Feature them in your blog posts and tweet the same.

#7.  Which influencers are following me?

If your industry’s top influencers follow your brand, it is valuable. However, Twitter doesn’t send a notification to let you know which influencer started following you.

You’ll get a regular notification like you would with any other user. So it’s up to you to analyze your Twitter follower stats and spot the VIPs.

You may have an idea of the more well-known influencers in your industry, but what about the people who aren’t as well-known but have a significant Twitter following? Instead of checking Twitter manually each time you receive a notification about a new follower, you can try one of the following:

#1. Use Buzzsumo to find which influencers are sharing your content. They may or may not follow you, but you can engage with them.

#2.  socialert helps to analyze your account and see users with the highest following who follow you. You should engage with them by retweeting, quoting, or sharing their content.

You can also export tweets and these users in an excel sheet as well. We would also learn to track Twitter followers who influence your audience and follow the twitter hashtag for your brand later in this blog.

#8. Identify fake followers who do not create value for your brand

If you rely on followers count as a measure of potential influence and reach, you could be completely wrong.

In research done by sparktoro, 5-30% of followers of any Twitter account are fake. They’re either bots, spam accounts, inactive users, or other users who generate no engagement.

This tool does a twitter audit of random followers for any given account and generates a report of fake followers.

#9. Track Twitter followers who Influence the audience

Influencers are much more than regular Twitter followers with a social media presence. They can influence the purchasing decision of others.


They have established a good relationship with their audience and are pretty much authority figures in the industry.

Imagine having an influencer who is a loyal customer. If such an influencer promotes your product (or service), you are sure to make a killing.

Socialert helps you in Twitter follower tracking to find twitter influencers who are generating twitter engagement in terms of impressions or retweets. If you would track any branded hashtag using socialert you will find such twitter followers 

A. Hashtag Influencers With Most Impressions

These are users who made the most impressions by their tweets and then retweets by other users. we rank such influencers from highest Twitter impressions to lowest twitter impressions.

B. Hashtag Influencers With Most Retweets

These are users whose tweets are popular and retweeted by other participants in the hashtag campaign. total count of retweets on their tweets rank such influencers. they make a total impact on the hashtag campaign.

C. Most Mentioned Influencers in a hashtag campaign

Socialert report also tracks users which are mentioned by other users in tweets. Users which are mentioned more are ranked accordingly. It is a very good user metric that helps to know users who influence the brand campaign.

#10. Find active Twitter users on the hashtag

Socialert hashtag report also helps you to track Twitter users who contribute most to your brand hashtag campaign. Top active users are regular folks with the most use of the hashtag. They post maximum tweets and retweets on hashtags. We also show users with the maximum Twitter following.

A. Top Hashtag Users 

These are users who post more tweets in hashtag campaigns. These user ranking shows which users are more active then others in terms of posting original tweets.

B. Top Hashtags Retweeters

These Twitter users’ ranking is for retweeters who make more retweets than other users. we also show the number of retweets posted by these users.

C. Most Followed Users

Users who are more followers than other users are ranked as per their follower count in this list. It is important to identify these users since they have more reach than other users.

#11. Track Twitter users who mention, retweet, and reply to your brand

Socialert is not just a mere Twitter tracking tool. The platform offers comprehensive reports on various metrics like Twitter follower countkeywords, hashtags, and reports on other social media platforms like Instagram.

To track a third party’s Twitter followers, all you’ve got to do is search for the account name using Socialert, and relevant metrics (including the follower count) will be showcased on your screen.

Furthermore, Soicalert would help you identify who shares your Twitter account content. You also get to know your retweeters, influencers, and the time your followers are most active on the platform.

A. Twitter Mentions Count And Ranking

Socialert helps you to track Twitter users who are mentioned mostly in tweets of the particular Twitter user. It helps you to understand who are people this account has the most engagement with. They can be their brand ambassadors or key customers.

B. Find users most retweeted by a particular account  

Socialert also ranks users who are most retweeted by a particular account you want to track. Such users are important for this account since their tweets are important for them. They can be brand influencers for that particular account.

C. Find users most replied by this account

Socialert also finds users which are replied more often as compared to other followers or target audience. they can be their customers or audience involved with the brand.

Start Analyzing Followers

Now you know how Twitter followers can be analyzed. Start using socialert Twitter follower tracker tool to find the follower metrics you may need to improve your marketing efforts.


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