10 Resourceful Ways to Easily Increase Twitter Engagement and Reach

How can you increase your Twitter engagement and reach to maximize ROIs?

Does that sound like something you’re dealing with―a Twitter marketing issue you want to solve? 

Whether you’re offering a service, driving web traffic, or acquiring new clients, you should use social media marketing channels. And Twitter is one of the best options for your business. Interestingly, more than 80% of B2B marketers used Twitter for content marketing over the last year.

Graphic source: CMI

From the illustration above, you can see that Twitter and Facebook got even numbers at 82%, respectively. LinkedIn is the only social networking site with the highest B2B content marketing concentration at 96%. 

Besides, further research indicates that more than half (59%) of Twitter users frequently get news from the platform. The statistics show why Twitter marketing should be part of your digital marketing plan. However, to make profits from the micro-blogging site, you need to increase your Twitter engagement and reach.

What is Twitter Engagement?

Twitter engagement implies the number of interactions your tweets get on the Twitter platform. That is to say, the number of times Twitter users engaged with your content. In this context, the interactions are all the clicks on the Tweets, which include the: 

  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Follows
  • Mentions
  • Hashtags
  • Link clicks
  • Profile photo, and more.

While these parameters count as engagement, it would be best to understand which content topics and posts entertain your followers. That way, you will create more content that improves your content marketing effort and Twitter engagement. Nevertheless, the top engaging tweets are those that get the most retweets.

Why Should You Care About Twitter Engagement? 

Engagement on Twitter is essential because it enables you to interact with other users and grow your follower counts. The interactions you have with people on the site help you build relationships. These bonds move them to follow you and multiply your Twitter audience base.

Remember, having more followers is a valuable asset as it portrays you as an expert and authority in your industry. Also, it reveals the relevance of your content and the number of Twitter users you can potentially reach. 

Thus, Twitter engagement is essential because more attention will help you:

  • Increase your audience numbers
  • Reach more people with your message
  • Increase your Twitter impressions
  • Generate more signals that will help your SEO.

Therefore, it is vital to continue working to boost engagement on Twitter and other social media sites for better ROIs. Also, Twitter is crucial to your business growth because it:

  1. Increases your brand exposure
  2. It has a vast audience base
  3. Promotes transparency and open communication
  4. Builds consumer and brand relationships 

Note that retweeting other users’ tweets and responding to comments are critical ways to start conversations on the platform. More on retweets and replies later in this article!r

How to Evaluate Twitter Engagement 

As with other social media networking platforms, Twitter engagement is the ratio of how users interact with your tweets. The interactions, as specified earlier, are added for each tweet and divided by the number of impressions.

Therefore, to measure your Twitter engagement rates, calculate the total engagements your tweet received. Then, divide that number by the number of impressions associated with the tweet. A considerable per cent of attention is evidence that your audience finds your content engaging.

Hence, to find your engagement data for evaluation, use the Twitter Analytics tools to get helpful reports about your marketing campaigns. Log into your Twitter profile and click the “More” tab on the left-hand side of the home page.

Next, scroll up a little in the drop-down menu and click the “Analytics.” It will take you to the Analytics home page. 

Click the “Tweets” tab, followed by the “Top Tweets.”

You will see your Twitter engagement reports for each tweet—impressions, engagement, and engagement rates. Thus, divide your interactions by impressions to get your engagement rates. Nonetheless, Twitter already did that for you. 

Besides using Twitter Analytics, you can also use a tool like Socialert to search twitter history. Socialert helps you monitor hashtags, keywords, mentions, and competitor accounts. From the report, you can see how your tweets are performing. The data gives you insights into the best content to post often to increase engagement and ROIs.

How to Optimize Engagement and Reach on Twitter 

Now that we’ve covered what engagement on Twitter means, its importance, and how to quantify it, let us consider a few practical steps that will enable you to boost your Twitter engagement and reach.

1. Use Twitter Analytics and Tracking Tools 

As mentioned above, the Twitter Analytics tool is ideal since it lets you determine what tweets are gaining traction and those not performing. The software is excellent for examining your content performance because it allows you to measure your engagement and understand how to make your tweets more effective. 

The examination gives you new ideas to boost the impact of your tweets. Nevertheless, making such progress won’t be easy without the right marketing tools. But if you want to go in-depth to find what your competitors are tweeting and how their marketing campaign is performing on Twitter, I suggest you use third-party tools. 

Here are some of the best tools for evaluating your Twitter marketing strategy. These tools will analyze your tweets and provide valuable data to help you post or tweet more relevant content your followers will find entertaining. And if your tweets connect with your audience, they will surely increase your engagement and reach on the platform.

2. Take Advantage of Twitter Influencers

Why should you care about working with Twitter influencers? Because working with influencers on Twitter can lead to more engagement and increased reach. Influencers in your niche already have the target market you want to impress to buy what you’re offering. 

Given this, working with the perfect influencer will also boost your brand awareness, drive traction, and get you more targeted followers. Be reminded that the more targeted followers you have, the better your engagement and ROIs.

To further convince you to work with Twitter influencers, examine the following influencer marketing statistics:

Image credit

  • A survey revealed that 90% of digital marketers want to work with micro-influencers─a 10% increase from 80% in 2020.
  • As much as 71% of marketers would increase their influencer marketing budget in 2021. That is a 14% increase from last year, which recorded 57%.
  • Almost 60% of marketers activated 1-5 influencer marketing campaigns in 2020, with 20% of marketers completing 6-10 influencer campaigns. These figures show a 15% increase from 2019
  • 72% of marketers plan to work with macro-influencers in 2021, an 8% addition from 64% in 2020. 
  • 62% of marketers worked with more than 10 influencers on a single campaign in 2018. And 28% of respondents confirmed that they initiated marketing campaigns with over 25 influencers.

Hence, the numbers give evidence why you should leverage Twitter marketing influencers to generate more engagement, reach, and leads.

3. Interact With Your Audience via Retweets, Tags, and Responses

One of the best ways to boost traction on Twitter is to interact with your audience. As stated earlier, retweets are a fantastic way to start a conversation. By retweeting other users’ tweets, they get notified and may respond accordingly. 

Therefore, when users retweet your tweets, thank them and return the favor. Don’t forget to tag them in the tweets you post. That way, they’re sure to see and notice your effort. In other words, they will get notified and are more likely to take the interactions to further heights. 

Also, when people comment on your tweet or on a tweet that mentions you, respond to their comments. It increases their odds to follow you for more similar tweets. 

When you prioritize engaging your audience, they will be on the lookout for more of your tweets. And considering that several marketers do not have the time to interact with their followers, you stand a chance to gain more attention. As a result, you will increase your Twitter engagement and build your brand recognition.

4. Tweet Valuable Blog Content That Helps Your Followers

Your primary goal for using Twitter marketing strategy is to increase engagement, convert that traction into blog/website traffic, and leads. However, your objective may vary if you’re not a marketer.

Nevertheless, the best way to reach your Twitter marketing goal is to tweet helpful content to better your audience’s life. Bear in mind that while text-only content does well, tweets with images like infographics perform better

Research reveals that infographics get 3x more shares than other image types. So, the content you share should have accompanying images for maximum impact. Even if you’re sharing inspiring quotes, try to add a couple of photos. 

Some of us may not have the time to source photos for such content but don’t underestimate the power of images. Therefore, share value by tweeting appealing articles from your blog to direct users to your site. 

Note, the content you want Twitter users to read must be well researched, written persuasively, and adhere to the arrangements in writing. That said, infographics are excellent sources of valuable information, like this post by SEMrush:

Therefore, offer value to your audience by sharing valuable materials on the microblogging site. You can add value by tweeting:

  • Links to informative blog articles
  • Entertaining content
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Convincing reports
  • Case study, and more.

Whatever format you choose to engage your followers, remember that the value you give is a crucial factor for content marketing success.

5. Use Marketing Automation Tools to Save Time and Streamline Workflow

Why is using marketing automation tools essential? Automating your content creation, sales, and marketing processes allow you (and your team, if any) to have more time for other critical aspects of your business. According to a survey, 75% of markets use automation software to save time. 


It helps simplify your content creation, distribution, and promotion processes. Also, automation facilitates your sales funnel─making it easier to acquire leads and convert them into paying clients.

Furthermore, with the help of automation software apps, you can communicate effectively with your Twitter followers using marketing campaigns and recurring tweets. Please, have a look at a few more marketing automation statistics below to inspire your Twitter campaign:

Marketing automation statistics:

  1. 90% of marketers make use of more than one type of automation tools to drive ROIs
  2. Over 60% of respondents say they use automation software to attract more leads
  3. Almost 80% of businesses confirm that automating marketing processes is the top contributor to their marketing success.
  4. Brands that automate to simplify their marketing activities are 20% more productive.

Thus, automating your Twitter marketing has outstanding benefits. It helps you:

  • Stay competitive
  • Reduce costs and saves time
  • Boost consumer engagement and increase ROIs
  • Pinpoint promotions with better targets to your audience

Several tools can help you facilitate your Twitter marketing workflow. Examine this article for software apps you can use. You can also Google your desired software if you can’t find it in the post. The right automation software will help you increase engagement and reach.

6. Capitalize on Trending Conversations

Trending conversations can quickly go viral on social media, and you can jump in on relevant trending topics to establish your position. Trending discussions helps you improve your reach and drive engagement on your profile.

Twitter users who are yet to e-meet your acquaintance will notice your involvement in such conversations and follow as an expert. It opens the way to quickly grow your followers, increase engagement, and reach more people.

How to find trending conversations to join:

Log in to your Twitter account, and on the home page, click the “Explore” tab on the top left-hand side below.

On the next page, you will find various topics of discussion. Look for appropriate subjects that interest you and join the conversation. Twitter personalized the themes for you based on your interests and location.

However, you can join any topic that excites you. You can also find trending conversations by looking up the hashtags. Thus, scroll to discover more subject matters that may interest you. As a result, the more trending discussions you join, the more you increase your visibility, generate more engagement, and reach a broader audience.

7. Create Short Tweets to Boost Reach & Engagement

Marketers were excited when Twitter rolled out the 280 character limit─a boost from the 140 character display. We were excited because it provides additional room to add more content. However, a study shows that the best practice is not to use the entire space. 

When the 140 character limit was in use, the research revealed that tweets between 80 and 110 characters get about 17% better engagement. Why? Because using fewer than the proposed character limit, you leave room for your audience to add their remarks and tweet or retweet the content.

But when you use all characters, it makes your tweets longer—making it a challenge for users to add comments and retweet you. The same principle applies to the 280 character limit. Make your tweets shorter to avoid using all 280 character space and make room for users to add text, hashtags and refer you.

8. Ask Users to Retweet Your Content

One unique marketing strategy that gets results for all industries is “call-to-action (CTA).” 

Studies indicate that over 90% of consumers who read a title went ahead and read the call-to-action content.

Further research points out that a single CTA in emails can increase clicks by over 370% and drive sales by more than 1617%. These stats underscore the power of CTAs in your marketing campaigns. 

An ideal CTA in your Twitter marketing content will drive significant results. But in this context, your CTA is to ask other users to retweet your content. In other words, your audience can increase your reach and engagement if you ask them to do so. 

Image credit: Janice Wald.

Given this, add a phrase like” Please Retweet” in your tweet. Those two words tell users what they need to do after interacting with your tweets. The “please retweet” call to action can increase your retweets 4x more than those without the CTA.

Image Source: HubSpot.

However, you can also use the “Please RT” phrase or “RT.” But as the survey indicates, those with “Please Retweet” got 3x more retweets than those with “Please RT.” Thus, asking people to retweet your content by adding these two words in your tweets can go a long way to drive engagement and reach.

9. Salvage Top-Performing Content to Increase Reach & Engagement

From analyzing your tweets, you will find those that attracted the most engagement. The fact that the content performed well is not the end of it. Thus, you need to salvage the post and tweet it again for more traction.

Consequently, search for those tweets and reuse them to get more eyeballs on your content. It may be posts that link to your blog, products or services page or landing page. The more eyeballs you get, the better your reach and engagement. 

For example, some of your followers may have missed the post the first time you tweeted it. So, giving it a second chance increases their odds of seeing and engaging with the content. To prove the effectiveness of this Twitter marketing strategy, Buffer experimented and came out with exciting results.

Image credit: Buffer.

As reported by Buffer, the retweeted tweets generated on average: 

  • 122% more impressions
  • Almost 90% (87%) extra engagement
  • 90% more link clicks, with
  • 92% average video views

These numbers confirm why salvaging our top tweets is crucial. Also, you can recover best-performing posts and recycle them into other content types, such as videos, infographics, and more. It can be a game-changer when you reuse tweets that did well the first time.

10. Use Twitter Promoted Ads for Optimal Engagement & Reach

Twitter reach is related to engagement; without a decent spread, you won’t get the desired attention on your tweets. Hence, a unique way to get quick engagement is to use Twitter Promoted Ads or Twitter Ads.

Twitter Promoted Ads are an excellent option for increasing engagement and reach, particularly if you don’t have many followers. Taction, as highlighted earlier, is getting more people to interact with your content. But if you do not have an audience who engages with your tweets, Twitter Ads is your best option for achieving your goal.

Therefore, to create a Twitter Ad, follow the same process of using Twitter Analytics above. Go to your Twitter home page and click the “More” tab on the left-hand side of your profile.

Scroll up a little to locate “Twitter Ads.” Then follow the directives to create your first Ad campaign.

Wrap Up

You have several options for optimizing your tweets for increased reach and engagement. But It would be best to determine what Twitter Marketing tactics work best with your audience persona. Therefore, experiment with the Twitter tips above and test your results. 

Then, make adjustments where necessary to boost performance. Keep testing your results for a better outcome. Would you like to add more helpful pointers for our readers? Please, we will appreciate your remarks in the comments section below!

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Moss Clement is an expert business writer, founder of Moss Media, and blogger at Writers Per Hour. He works closely with B2B marketers, helping small & medium-size businesses build their online presence and brand reputation by consistently delivering quality content that converts. Reach out to him if you need help with content writing!